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    Mobile Game Review: Forsaken World Mobile

    By MFGLife on 0

    Just releasing an expanion, Forsaken World is an Open World MMORPG that focuses on Team Questing, Guild PVP battles, and individual leveling. There isn't any real customization when it comes to combat, but it's a step in the right direction in Mobile MMO evolution. Gameplay You're thrown into an alternate universe where you have a choice between 5 classes. You are initially giving all of your powers, as you begin the tutorial which is actually fun to play. Completing the full Tutorial Read More »

    Forsaken World Mobile: the Epic Dungeon Goes Online! WindWalker Code Giveaway

    By 2P.com Admin on 0

    Fedeen Games announced that new expansion Forsaken World Mobile: the Epic Dungeon will be online on March 24th. Fedeen Games will take their fans into one of the most exciting new additions in the upcoming expansion. In celebration of this new expansion, 2P.com teamed up with Fedeen Games to giveaway WindWalker Code with sweet items to 2P community. Code content Time seed*1 Feather of Time*1 Mercenary Order*1 Wheel of Fate*2 Statuette of Mercury*1 Extension Scroll*30 Instant Revival Scroll Read More »

    Forsaken World Mobile Epic Dungeons is a Major Part of Next Expansion

    By Sacharin on 0

    This week, Fedeen Games takes their fans into one of the most exciting new additions in the upcoming expansion for Forsaken World Mobile: the Epic Dungeon. In a thrilling new video showcasing the new challenge, Fedeen has provided players with an in-depth look at just how these Dungeons will work - and what's to be found inside. Epic Dungeons are massive server-wide events that will call upon all players on a single server to unite together as one gigantic team. And they're no walk in the park Read More »

    [Update] 3V3 Arena and Faerie Expansion Coming to Forsaken World Mobile

    By Sacharin on 0

    For fans of Forsaken World Mobile, the good news keeps on rolling in. In another announcement regarding the upcoming expansion for the hit mobile MMORPG, Fedeen Games revealed a monumental shift in the role each player's Faerie character will play in the overall gaming experience. Additionally, Fedeen has also provided even more information about the exciting new 3V3 Arena. In Forsaken World Mobile, players may retreat to their individual Dreamscapes, a safe refuge and home to each player's personal Read More »

    New Skills, Talents & More Coming in Forsaken World Mobile

    By Sacharin on 0

    Following up on their huge announcement earlier this month, Fedeen Games have released more information regarding the hotly anticipated expansion for Forsaken World Mobile. In addition to the Epic Dungeons and 3V3 Arena previously announced, Fedeen have included a ton of new Passive, Defensive Skills and Talents with which players can increasingly customize and power up their characters. All five character classes will be able to access the new Talents and Skills from level 80. Talents determine how a Read More »

    Fedeen Games Revealed New Forsaken World Mobile Gameplay

    By Sacharin on 0

    Fedeen Games is set to make this a truly exciting Q4 for fans for Forsaken World Mobile. Having already announced the hotly anticipated Babel Ascending update, Fedeen has followed through this with this exciting first look at the new content. For more information, please check our hub. Babel Ascending brings several new challenges to players of Forsaken World Mobile. With 100 action-packed floors to ascend, the new Babel dungeon is sure to make an impact. It's filled with legions of Read More »

    Forsaken World Mobile Gets Babel Ascending Expansion and New Trailer

    By Sacharin on 0

    The next few months just got a whole lot more exciting for fans of Forsaken World Mobile! Publisher Fedeen Games has announced that Forsaken World Mobile will be expanding soon with Babel Ascending. It's a feature-filled update that’s bursting with content. For more information, please check our hub. Chief among the new additions is the brand-new Babel dungeon. This imposing tower includes 100 action-packed floors ready to challenge players like never before. With loads of loot and Read More »

    Forsaken World Mobile Surpassed One Million Downloads on Google Play

    By Aaron on 0

    Fedeen Games’ latest free-to-play fantasy MMOPRG Forsaken World Mobile was released globally on July 23 and has already been downloaded over a million times through Google Play. Forsaken World Mobile is recognized as one of featured games which are the latest honor from Google Play. “I’m heartened to see so many players across the world enjoying our game,” said Fedeen CEO Heaven Wu. “A vibrant community is essential to the immersive MMORPG experience we aim to provide Read More »

    Frashart's First Impression for the Best Mobile MMORPG Forsaken World Mobile

    By frashart on 0

    Fedeen Games’ fantasy mobile MMORPG Forsaken World Mobile has been launched worldwide on iOS and Andriod on July 23rd. Wondering how this game performs in mobile platform? Below is an interesting cartoon style review made by Frashart and it has been described as the "best mobile MMORPG." To celebrate the official launch of Forsaken World Mobile, we teamed up with Fedeen Games to distribute Mob Buster Pack which contains 35 sweet items for all classes. If you want Read More »

    Forsaken World Mobile Tutorials: Enhance Your Gear

    By Aaron on 0

    Forsaken World Mobile has officially launched on iOS and Android devices across 92 countries on July 23. Forsaken World Mobile is a massive open world MMORPG which allowing players to customize characters and completing quests scattered around the map. Today we will show you a Item enhancement tutorial video made by a fan. You have to find the Blacksmith Ranus Bronzehammer to enhance your gear.     How to enhance gear:   1. Select Gear Enhancement 2. Select the Gear to enhance in the Read More »

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