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    Looks Like Peria Chronicles Won't Be Coming out in 2017

    By Wei on 0

    Nexon has released the Q2 2017 financial results, registering a strong growth in revenue (up 23% y-o-y) and net income (up 157% y-o-y), which exceeds the company's expectation. The agrresive strategy in mobile gaming market is the key to the growth, and the investment in mobile gaming will continue in Q3 2017. The lineup for Q3 2017 and onward is also revealed, and it includes several anticipated mobile titles: Durango: Wild Lands, Final Fantasy XI Mobile, and Mabinogi Mobile. The PC lineup includes Read More »

    Tencent Games Q1 2017 Revenue Nearly Twice as Much as Activision Blizzard's

    By censeo91 on 0

    The Chinese video game giant has reported $3.3 billion revenue in Q1 2017, which is about twice as much as Activision Blizzard's revenue, which was $1.73 billion. Tencent's financial report indicated that the video game revenue increased 55% y-o-y. Mobile games in particular, recorded a $1.87 billion revenue in Q1, marking 8 consecutive quarters of growth. Popular mobile games like Strike of Kings, Dragon Nest Mobile, and CrossFire Mobile showed agressive growth. You can see Tencent Read More »

    NetEase Continues Strong Momentum and Robust Growth in the First Quarter 2017

    By Wei on 0

    NetEase, Inc. today announced its unaudited financial results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2017. The leading Chinese game company continue to lead the industry with stunning results in the first quarter with total net revenues of US$2 billion, an increase of 72.3% compared with the same period last year. With a diverse and robust mobile game portfolio that delivers excellent results, net revenues for online games reached US$1.6 billion, an increase of 78.5% compared to the same period last year Read More »

    Activision Blizzard Had an Explosive Revenue in Q1, Thanks to Overwatch

    By Sr Yamamoto on 0

    Activision Blizzard just reported the most profitable quarter in the company's history with  record-breaking $1.73 billion GAAP net revenues for the first quarter of 2017. The CEO of Activision Blizzard Bobby Kotick says the success is largely owed to Overwatch, the team-based shooter with more than 30 million players worldwide. Some interesting numbers for Q1 inclue: Blizzard games have hit 41 million monthly active users, up 58% y-o-y Blizzard’s revenues from in‐game content Read More »

    Com2us Announces Record 2016 Financial Results

    By shaylynsun on 0

    Com2us announced its 2016 financial results, beating expectations with a record breaking 515 billion KRW in sales.   The company recorded 515 billion KRW in sales, 193 billion KRW in operating profit, and 150 billion KRW in net profit, setting new records across all categories.   These result generated Com2us' highest sales, operating profit, net profit ever, reflecting growths of 19%, 17%, and 20% YoY, respectively. Moreover, the company’s FY2016 Q4 results also set record sales, hitting Read More »

    Nexon Announces Third Quarter 2016 Financial Results

    By shaylynsun on 0

    NEXON, a worldwide leader in free-to-play online and mobile games, announced financial results for its third quarter ended September 30, 2016.   "We are pleased with our third quarter performance, which exceeded our outlook, driven by strong performance in our PC online game business in China and Korea. We also are seeing positive early performance from many of our new mobile titles, and look forward to exhibiting some of our most highly anticipated titles at the upcoming G-STAR*, including Dungeon Read More »

    Activision Blizzard Profit Surges in Q3, Thanks to Overwatch

    By shaylynsun on 0

    Due to the great success of World of Warcraft: Legion and Overwatch, Activision Blizzard generated incredible earnings for Q3 2016. The non-GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles) revenues for the third quarter are $1.57 billion, up 58 percent from $990 million a year earlier. Non-GAAP earnings per share are up 145 percent from a year earlier.   Overwatch, which after only about four months had already reached over 20 million players and has incredible player engagement.   World of Read More »

    China's Largest Internet Company Tencent Earns Over $55 Million a Day in 2016

    By shaylynsun on 0

    According to Tencent’s Q2 2016 and interim financial report released recently, the operating profit for Q2 2016 was USD2,161 million, an increase of 43% over the first year of 2015 (“YoY”).    Tencent has nailed the $8.6 billion Supercell acquisition in June, expanding the upstream presence in the global gaming market and bringing it closer to hundreds of millions of gamers globally. Supercell’s founding team will continue to manage the company independently, enhancing Read More »

    Ncsoft Announces Lineage Eternal New Beta Schedule

    By Noki Kim on 0

    Today, NCsoft announced its results for the second quarter ended June 30th, 2016. Second quarter reported net income was $219 million. Second quarter operating net income and underlying net income were $78 million and $43 million, respectively. Besides the number in the Financial Report, there is more important information for us. According to NCsoft's CEO, some much anticipated mobile titles such as Lineage: Red Knight, Lineage M will be launched gradually in Korea in the second half of 2016. The Read More »

    NCsoft Q1 2016 Financial Result Shows WildStar Is Nearly Dead

    By Blake Lau on 0

    Wildstar is never a profitable title for NCsoft, not at all. In 2015 the revenue came from Wildstar just made up 0.6% of NCsoft's total revenue. It went worse in Q1 2016, as the game's revenue dropped to the lowest point since 2015. While Lineage and Blade & Soul hit $67 million and $46 million in sales, Wildstar got merely $1.1 million in Q1 2016. Obviously, Wildstar is not doing well, and it's not exaggerated to say the game is nearly dead. Carbine Studios' layoff in March and Read More »

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