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    MU Legend Cosplay - A Deadly and Sexy Whisperer

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    Famous South Korean pro cosplay group Team CSL presented MU Legend's Whisperer classe. Graceful in movement but deadly in execution, Whisperer posses a particular set of special skills that makes her infamous on the battlefield. See the gallery below a fully armored elf who wields a long bow. You can find some close up details of the armors at the second page. Source: naver     Read More »

    Take a First Look at Rebellious Million Arthur, the First MMO in the Franchise

    By Sr Yamamoto on 0

    Netease Games and Square Enix are working on a new mobile RPG based on the Million Arthur IP. In case you don't know, Million Arthur is a very popular card game franchise in Japan in China, and Netease's new title Rebellious Million Arthur is the first RPG in the franchise. Netease has just released the first actual gameplay screenshots for the game. The card game franchise has turned into a full-fledged MMORPG with an open world. Additionally, Netease Games also confirmed there Read More »

    Guild Wars 2 Second Expansion Has Leaked Online - Tons of Images

    By Fury116 on 0

    Guild Wars 2 is getting the second massive expansion coming on the way. ArenaNet hasn't announced it but they have to seriously deal with the massive leak on Reddit now. Tons of images regarding the new maps, new mounts, new weapons and abilities for existing classes and more. Take a look.   You can see all images at imgur. Read More »

    Take a Look at the Fantasy Bestiaries in Rend

    By censeo91 on 0

    Frostkeep Studios' multiplayer survival RPG Rend continues to invite new players to the alpha and on the other hand it keeps disclosing new gameplay details. The developer has posted at the forum some new screenshots captured in the alpha, showing various in-game creatures. You will see: -    cave bears . These formidable animals gladly tear your character to pieces; -    boars . Do not underestimate these adversaries, as they may impose on you their tusks; - Read More »

    Indulge Your Eyes with a Fine Selection of the Cosplays from Chicago Comic

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo – also known as C2E2 – is a comic book and pop culture convention spanning the latest and greatest from the world of comics, movies, television, toys, anime, manga and video games. Held last month, this year edition, was the meeting point for a large number fans but also for many cosplay. We gather in this gallery a fine section with the hottest and sexiest cosplay that attended at the event. Source: Facebook   Read More »

    Take a Tour in the World of Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Before It Releases

    By censeo91 on 0

    Stormblood, the upcomming expansion of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will release on June 20 and the developer Square Enix flies you through the beautiful new world you will be able to explore this summer. In Stormblood you can expect - Brand new main story and lots of new quests; of course new level cap to 70 - Visit a new city and fight new enemies - 2 new jobs: Samurai and Red Mage - Swimming feature finally allows you to explore the underwater worlds. - New equipment will be added, new achievements Read More »

    ​League of Legends Cosplay: Cold and Sexy Ahri

    By hanthienhai on 0

    As one of the sexiest League of Legends female champions, Ahri is loved by many cosplyers all around the world. Today, I will present you an excellent work of Ahri cosplay, by Vietnamese-American cosplayer Hana Bunny.    Cosplay by Hana Bunny. Photo by RenArt.   Cosplay by Hana Bunny. Photo by RenArt.   Cosplay by Hana Bunny. Photo by RenArt.   Cosplay by Hana Bunny. Photo by RenArt. Watch more Hana Bunny cosplay on her Facebook Read More »

    Soul Worker Boss Character Cosplay Features the Sexiest Korean Cosplayer ​Tasha

    By hanthienhai on 0

    After doing the Iris Yuma and Stella Unibell cosplay, South Korean cosplay team Spiral Cat has released another Soul Worker cosplay by Tasha, featuring Poison, a boss character in the game.     Poison in SoulWoker. As usual, Tasha's cosplay represents sexy and high quality. Enjoy!   For those that are waiting for the game's western version, the publisher Gameforge is still working on localizing the game. Below are what they siad on Facebook recently.  Read More »

    20 Beautiful Nier Automata Cosplay Pictures

    By FifthSin on 0

    Nier Automata is a game that has yet to be released n the West and it only recently came out in the East, however the hype for it is HUGE and that can be seen from all the fan arts and cosplay of the game's protagonist 2B that are currently all over the Internet. 2B is an android who was designed to fight alien invaders and if you're wondering about the cloth on her eyes, it is supposedly a tactical visor. Today, we have for you 20 pictures of the Best 2B cosplays currently in existence. Enjoy Read More »

    ​Overwatch: Check out the Icy Mei Cosplay

    By hanthienhai on 0

    In Overwatch, Mei’s weather-altering devices slow opponents and protect locations. Her Endothermic Blaster unleashes damaging icicles and frost streams, and she can Cryo-Freeze herself to guard against counterattacks, or obstruct the opposing team's movements with an Ice Wall.   The South Korean cosplayer Sasha (샤샤) and cosplay team RZ Cos have released gorgeous Mei cosplay. Enjoy!     You can also check out the other beautiful and sexy Mei cosplays here and here.   Read More »

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