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    Black Desert Korean and Russian Cash Shop Got Snow White Costumes - Video

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    While Black Desert is still surrounded by the Winter atmosphere, Pearl Abyss has added more winter elements to the game's Pearl Shop. The latest update introduced in a Winter Snow Costume and a horse armor set. You can see both these new items in the videos bellow. Move to the Russian server. The latest update for the Russian version brought in a lot of new content, including new cash shop items, class and monster fixes and balances, and new items, etc. Just like the Korean version Read More »

    ​Soul Worker (JP): Take a Look at the New Costumes

    By hanthienhai on 0

    NHN Hangame Japan and Liongames Korea just released new update for Soul Worker (JP), adding new character Iris Yuma, classes balance changes, new costumes and more. The new female character wields a very large hammer that can also shoot projectiles at a decent range.     New Costumes   Read More »

    Monster Hunter Online Is Adding Spartan Style Costumes and Weapon Skins

    By Wei on 0

    Monster Hunter Online (CN) is getting a new set of Spartan style costumes and weapon skins. They are brought in by merchants of the game from the remote kingdom. There 2 costumes: Spartan Warrior and Spartan Champion, and 3 Spartan weapon skins: dagger, spear, and one-handed sword & shield. See the gallery below. If you are interested in playing the Chinese version, learn how to register and download here.   These new costumes and weapon skins are added to celebrate the Chinese national day on October Read More »

    SoulWorker Online (JP) Gets Sexy Bunny Outfits

    By Sr Yamamoto on 0

    Lion Games Korea and NHN Hangame Japan just released a new trailer featuring the new Sexy Bunny outfits for all playable characters in SoulWorker Japanese version. Like other special outfits you will be able to do exclusive emotes while wearing these outfits. You can see the emotes below. Read More »

    Black Desert: Some Beautiful New Premium Outfits from Korean Version

    By cerberus on 0

    Black Desert has put some new premium costumes/outfits to the item store in the Korean server. Youtube user rendermax made a demonstration video showing some of the new clothes. It's worth mentioning that some clothes are also available in the western server now.   The western version of Black Desert allows players to sell premium items such as outfits, pets and other stuff in Marketplace for in-game credits. It caused a lot of complains before and then the publisher Kakao Games made some adjustments Read More »

    TERA's New Underwear Is Weird but Makes You Look Cute and Sexy

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    TERA's new underwear is now available. EnMasse just uploaded into the cash-shop its new Signature series. Those interested in becoming cool can pay a visit to the TERA Store and choose one of the following boxes: - Empowered Inner Armor Box - Fitness Inner Armor Box - Fortified Inner Armor Box - Insulated Inner Armor Box - Performance Inner Armor Box. Each of this boxes contains a semi-enigmatic scroll and a chance to receive a piece of Black or Signature inner armor.  Before watching Read More »

    This Could Be Overwatch Heroes' Casual Life on the Normal Days

    By Aaron on 0

    Blizzard sets Overwatch in the sci-fi universe with distinctive character designs. You may have been familiar with those characters’ style in game, but could you image what those characters look like when they meet street fashion? Recently ydh2101 posted a series of street style fan art featuring Overwatch’s characters in notable fashion moments. Let’s take a look. Pictures courtesy of 양도(YD) @ydh2101 on Twitter. More Related Articles: >>>Cosplay: The Cutest Read More »

    ​Stay Cool in League of Angels II this Summer with Bold New Fashion!

    By Dacey on 0

    As Sapphire enters the sweltering summer season, heavy suits of armor seem like a rather impractical choice for warriors! In League of Angels II, a new refreshing and certainly eye-pleasing suit, Ocean’s Heart, is on the way to keep you cool while providing a bold, attractive look. 【Attractive and Powerful】 As its name implies, Ocean’s Heart represents the vastness of the seas with its brilliant azure colors. The glimmering wings are like condensed ocean waves, capable of washing enemies Read More »

    [Gallery] Blade & Soul (KR): New Sexy Summer Costumes

    By Natalie Kuhn on 0

    Lately, Blade & Soul(KR) unveiled a new series of summer fashion as well as 2 new fashion promotion trailer. According to insider, this series of summer fashion will also grant users new slot space for new weapon and headwear. In addition, new swimming suit will grant each player one extra emot. Let's take a look at this cool summer fashion.         Read More »

    Blade & Sould: Sexy Beachwear and New Dance Emotes for the Summer

    By shaylynsun on 0

    Summer has already come to Blade & Soul. Today, the official team uploaded a video on YouTube, featuring sexy beachwears and new dance emotes. The swimsuits are introduced to Hongmoon store for a limited time to celebrate the Tidal Treasures.   According to the official announcement, players will be able to buy different, limited-time special bundle each weekend during the Tidal Treasures. Check the video below. <br /> &amp Read More »

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