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    Players' Choices Can Affect the World of EverQuest Next

    By Ancol Lin on 0

    Today, EverQuest Next dev team talked about the gameplay and world view of the game. The next-generation MMO will give players a brand new game experience. In the game, players more like being a part of the world rather than being a hero to save the world. Each choice you made could lead the world towards the different situation. Player actions can trigger rallying calls, which are gigantic, world-changing events, Danuser says. The bloody Kithicor rallying call brings players together Read More »

    EverQuest Next Round Table Response #37: New Characters

    By AngryNarwhal on 0

    Today over on Everquest Nexts YouTube Channel, Sony Online Entertainment Posted EQN Round Table Response #37: New Characters. The question asked in this weeks installment is: What characters from EQNs short stories would you like to learn more about? Omeed Dariani and Steve Danuser answer the question and respond to the poll from the round table discussions page, found here. All the E-Books being created for EQN can be accessed here Without further adieu, here is the video Read More »

    Everquest Next: Can They Pull it Off?

    By AngryNarwhal on 0

    The MMO Market is ripe for change. Everquest arguably created the 3D MMORPG. It revolutionized the scattered Graphical Multi-User Interface Dungeon (What a mouthful) market and gave us all the ability to create a character who wed come to know and love. We then could, for the first time, run around a beautiful, fantastical, world rendered in all three dimensions. However, weve now experienced this so many times that it has become dull, drab, and antiquated. Its time we Read More »

    There will be Open World Buildings in Everquest Next

    By Fury116 on 0

    In the latest EQ Next round table, creative director Jeff Butler weighed in and shared his views on public buildings in Everquest Next. The plan is, according to Butler, you can build open world buildings in certain areas and you are going to have certain freedom on what and how you can build. However, you won't build in EQ Next exactly as you can do in Landmark because Everquest Next is about fantasy massive multiplayer online gameplay experience like character progression, quests, and combat. Read More »

    EQN Dev Says Gamers Should Want All MMOs to Be Free-to-play

    By EdwardsLin on 0

    “ I think that free-to-play is the way that gamers should want their MMOs." Obviously, it has prompted a long discussion that the controversy between free-to-play game supporters and pay-to-play game supporters. Recently, EverQuest franchise development director David Georgeson has spoken out in defense of the free-to-play business model for MMOs. In an interview with IGN, he expressed that all MMOs converting to free-to-play can encourage developers to do their best to make sure their MMOs are Read More »

    SOE All Access Delayed to April 16

    By EdwardsLin on 0

    SOE All Access, an all-in-one recurring plan which offers the firm's MMO PC players a single subscription model, granting access to certain title for $14.99 per month, will launch April 16, instead of the original release date April 2, according to what SOE President John Smedley said on Twitter. SOE All Access is availablefor thePC version of many MMO titles including EverQuest, EverQuest II, DC Universe Online, PlanetSide 2 and the upcoming EverQuest Next and EverQuest Read More »

    EverQuest Next Landmark New Trailer Displays Desert Environments

    By EdwardsLin on 0

    Recently, Sony Online Entertainment released a new trailer for its latest installment in the EverQuest franchise, known as EverQuest Next Landmark. The "Build Blocks" trailer showed off the desert environment. As we know, EverQuest Next Landmark is a creation tool for MMORPG EverQuest Next. It allows players to use all kinds of EverQuest Next building techniques, crafting and claims to create a world of their own. As you see from the video, a character is logging, mining and building something in the desert Read More »

    John Smedley: SOE’s Next Game Is Not a New Star Wars Title

    By EdwardsLin on 0

    Previously, in an AMAA post of Reddit, Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley said SOE's next game is "dedicated to" Star Wars: Galaxy fans. Today, Smedley clarified on his personal twitter that the unannounced MMO is "not a new Star Wars game at all." "Just to clarify a point I made in my AMAA - we have a new game that I think SWG vets will like," He said. Star Wars license belongs to EA currently. EA had cooperated with SOE to develop Star Wars Galaxies for the Japanese Read More »

    John Smedley: EverQuest Next Will Absolutely Come To PS4

    By cerberus on 0

    SOE president John Smedley confirmed at his Reddit AMAA that they will be absolutely bringing EverQuest Next to PlayStation 4. For now SOE is focusing on EQN and EQNL on PC so there's no further information about EQN PS4 version. Smedley talked about the art of EQN and he said it's "the right art style to convey the emotion we want on the players faces in particular ... I will say it's amazing when you actually see it in game. I admit the screenshots don't do it justice." Speaking Read More »

    Should One Character Be Able To Learn All Craftings In EverQuest Next?

    By Wei on 0

    The latest EverQuest Next Round Table discusses whether one character should be able to learn all types of crafting. Do you want to have the ability to master any crafting skill in one character or do you prefer to focus on one specific line for one character and other lines for alts? You can vote and discuss with the community at the game's forum. Read More »

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