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    Look, Ragnarok Mobile Just Got an Fanmade English Patch

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    Ragnarok Mobile has been one of the most popular mobile RPG at 2P forum although the game has no official English language support. But things are changed now, as a team of enthusiastic gamers have translated most of the texts into English.  For now, the English patch is compatible only with the Android version of the game. The devoted fans have even created a patcher that runs on Android and will patch the client files for you. All Ragnarok fans can download the English patch here. Steparu got Read More »

    Blade&Soul: 9th Class Soul Fighter Arriving in English Servers on June 22

    By Aaron on 0

    Blade & Soul Producer Nico Coutant offers a look at the current game and upcoming content. First of all, the 9th class Soul Fighter will be arriving in the North America and Europe servers on June 22. As a hybrid of the Kung Fu Master and Force Master, the Soul Fighter can deal explosive damage from a melee and ranged distance, as well as heal allies from across an arena. The Soul Fighter is only available for the Gon and Kun races. In addition, NCSoft also revealed more upcoming content in Read More »

    Monster Hunter Online English Patch Lives Now!

    By cindyhio on 0

    Greetings all hunters! The long-awaited English patch for Tencent Game's Monster Hunter Online is finally released now! The English patch is made by Team HD so it's not the official patch. Still, it will be very useful for western MHO fans who probably have a lot of problems with the Chinese UI. >>> English patch download link: http://kogath.com/TeamHD/ Note: THIS IS A BETA PATCH, not a full one, so don't expect it to be 100%. There's no ip block for Monster Hunter Online Read More »

    There Is Likely No IP Block for Kritika Online English Version (SEA Server)

    By Aaron on 0

    Playpark has recently announced on the Facebook Page its anime action MMORPG Kritika Online will roll out the English version on June 8. Kritika Online was firstly released in Japan and South Korea several years ago, then Playpark launched it in Thailand. With the coming English version, English speaking players is wondering that is it IP blocked.  According to Steparu, the English version is most likely no IP Block since they can play the previous English beta from USA, but there is a possible Read More »

    Monster Hunter Online English Patch Delayed to June 1st, Here's the FAQ

    By cindyhio on 0

    Days ago, we are excited to share the English patch news for all the western Monster Hunter Online fans. The unofficial English patch was made by Team HD and was scheduled to go live on May 30th. However, due to the official game update, which is either around May 31st or even 1st of June, the English patch will delay to that time after the update. Aslind Samure posted a FAQ for the unofficial English patch as following, which I think those who are waiting for the release of the patch should read beforehand Read More »

    Monster Hunter Online English Patch Coming out on May 30!

    By cindyhio on 0

    Monster Hunter Online has been released in China for a while but since it's a China-exclusive title, all UI is in Chinese, which is really frustrating for western players. But here's a great news for Monster Hunter Online fans! No more cry for English patch anymore as Team Hunter's Destiny (Team HD) has made their own version the unofficial English patch, coming very soon on May 30th! Kudos to them! Good news is there's no ip block for Monster Hunter Online. If you'd love to play the game Read More »

    Monster Hunter Online New English Patch Translates Quest Descriptions

    By Sacharin on 0

    Monster Hunter Online fans released a new English patch (patch_2016_03_09_10_39) ver014. The patch has translated the quest descriptions. If you want to play Monster Hunter Online (which is in open beta in China), check out the registration and download guide. More info about MHO, please head to our Monster Hunter Online Hub. Download: Patch link formica_english ver 014 (9.03.2016) How to use: make backup IIPSFileList.lst (clear file at patch archive \clear\IIPSFileList.lst Read More »

    Bless Online KR English Patch Guide

    By GCG on 0

    Patch #1 Majority of the English translations. *After every game update they apply, in case you have the latest patch version, use force patch button!* Instructions : No needed. I think the patch is easy enough to understand. A personal request from me to you, Bless-Source community. Please try to understand and donate if you can for my efforts of developing the patch and translating the game. Plus, it does costs money to maintain the file server. Hope you will understand. Download Link Read More »

    Tencent Not Working with Third Party on Monster Hunter Online English Patch

    By cindyhio on 0

    Monster Hunter Online Chinese open beta will soon start on December 17 (Dec 18 in most western time zones) and it has no ip block, no beta key is requested, which means everyone can get in the game and do some huntings. However, this is a China exclusively game so many players are asking about potential English patch. Tencent's MHO team told 2P.com earlier today that currently they are not working with any third party group on the English patch. We won't see the model Tree of Savior international Read More »

    Tree of Savior English Version is On Steam Greenlight as a Global Preparation

    By Olivia on 0

    According to an announcement of Tree of Savior Service Team, they submitted TOS into Steam Greenlight as a preparation for publishing it abroad in English. Although the exact schedule has not been confirmed, once it is launched through Steam, it will block the access and will not apply the language packs from the countries like Korea and China. Tree of Savior is an upcoming MMORPG developed by the "Father of Korean Online Games", Kim Hakkyu under his company, imcGAMES in Korea. Tree of Savior Read More »

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