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    First Western Blade & Soul Tournament to Kick Off at ESL On February 7th

    By Aaron on 0

    Korean fantasy martial-arts MMO Blade & Soul is much more action-based than typical MMO and NCSoft is heavily supporting the PvP aspect with a large yearly tournament replete with cash prizes. This official annual world championship will open to west, before that we will see another Blade & Soul tournament at ESL on February 7th.                        Check out Blade & Soul hub for more guides  This Blade & Soul&rsquo Read More »

    Bettings Statistics for ESL One New York

    By Skulz on 0

    In this article I’m going to show different statistics for every team that will participate to ESL One New York. Generally, they take into consideration the period of time from July 1st to today, but when possible I have included and given priority to what happened during September. You won’t find purely their win rate but also some secondary stats really interesting for betters: First Bloods, First Roshan and First 10 Kills. To obtain some of this info I had to do a manual work, everything Read More »

    ESL One New York Teams preview: EG and CDEC debut after The International

    By TurboBule on 0

    ESL One New York is just a few days away. This weekend the world's top teams will meet in New York LAN finals, trying to take the prestigious ESL one title, thus proving that they made the right moves in post-TI roster reshuffle. Also, Valve has recently introduced 6.85 patch and the teams will have to adapt to it very quickly in order to achieve decent result and possibly outplay their opponents. In the following analysis I will try to provide insights on each team´s strengths and weaknesses Read More »

    EHOME withdraw from ESL One New York due to Visa issues

    By TurboBule on 0

    Sadly, the Visa issues strike again. This time, EHOME were unable to obtain US Visas for their new trio Wang 'old chicken' Zhiyong, Ren 'eLeVeN' Yangwei and Hu 'KaKa' Liangzhi. Due to their players being unable to travel to the US, EHOME will have to give up on ESL One New York. After great performances in ESL One Chinese Qualifiers EHOME managed to grab a slot at New York. They played exceptionally well and defeated iG with a 3-1. It is really sad that they didn´t manage Read More »

    ESL One: Team Secret and Fnatic opening New York Super Week

    By TurboBule on 0

    Schedule and bracket for ESL One New York has been announced. The 4 invited teams will face off 4 qualified teams on the first day of the tournament(October 3rd). This will be the first real test for all the participating teams, as ESL is known for its merciless format where the losing team gets eliminated immediately. First on the schedule, trying to keep their tournament hopes alive, will be Team Secret and Fnatic. Both of these teams are yet to play against some of the top world teams and this will Read More »

    EHOME secure last slot at ESL One New York LAN Finals

    By TurboBule on 0

    EHOME have just taken the last slot at ESL One New York LAN Finals. They were the stronger side in matchup against iG from the very beginning, despite their loss in game 1. To get to the finals, both teams had to defeat some of the strongest Chinese teams like Newbee, Vici Gaming and LGD. The final score of final BO5 series was 3-1 in favor of EHOME who have shown more desire and overall better teamplay and drafting than iG. It seems that the roster changes didn´t affect EHOME all that much, as Read More »

    Vega top ESL One EU qualifier with 3-1 victory over NiP

    By PatrickBateman on 0

    Vega Squadron have just beaten Ninjas in Pyjamas to qualify for the European spot at ESL One New York in November. Vega showed that they were the stronger team, working really well together throughout the series. Barring a slight hiccup in game 3, the CIS team truly earned their place in New York. The first two games were very convincing from Vega Squadron, as they asserted their dominance in draft and execution over the Swedish team. This was no mean feat, as NiP had previously triumphed over previous Read More »

    Fnatic take 3-2 victory over MVP.Phoenix, securing spot at ESL One NYC

    By PatrickBateman on 0

    After a very close series in the best of 5 SEA qualifier final for ESL One New York, the new roster for Fnatic managed to triumph over TI5 wildcard success team MVP.Phoenix. The new addition of Dominik 'Black^' Reitmeier in the Fnatic carry role proved successful, as the series saw some classic hard carry play from him, winning games on Medusa as well as is patented Anti Mage. The Koreans started off strongly by taking the first game of the favourites of the region and even managed to Read More »

    Virtus.pro received the 2nd invite to ESL One New York

    By Skulz on 0

    Following Team Secret also Virtus.pro received a direct invite for the next ESL tournament. The team performed outstandingly at The International 5 achieving the 5-6th position and defeating Team Secret with a score of 2-1. The post TI shuffle has not hit the CIS team which has a stable roster since April 2015. In the previous ESL One Frankfurt they won a slot through the European Qualifiers and reached the 3rd-4th position losing against Evil Geniuses. Virtus Pro Roster: Ilya "Illidan Read More »

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