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    Dragon Blaze Rings in the New Year with Two New Transcended Allies

    By Dacey on 0

    Bodens, get ready to celebrate! Dragon Blaze has received major updates just in time to ring in the New Year. With the update comes the addition of two highly anticipated Transcended Allies to expand the already dynamic roster of playable characters. Transcended Helios – A natural-born leader, Helios commands the Titans into battle. Due to her ability to absorb heavy damage, Helios will be in the forefronts of combat with a wide array of buffs that will increase the attack and recovery Read More »

    Dragon Blaze Update Adds Fearsome Gigantes

    By shaylynsun on 0

    The gods of war are not to be trifled with. Dragon Blaze’s latest update features the powerful Gigantes. The update builds on the most recent one with the Titans; Gigantes Atlas and Gigantes Tethys will be creatable once a player obtains the necessary materials. Other features include new quests and an ally cap increase; players will be able to now have up to 140 allies at a time. Gigantes Atlas: With fists of flame that can destroy stars and crimson eyes that can penetrate through Read More »

    Dragon Blaze's Latest Update Adds Titans

    By shaylynsun on 0

    The Titans have joined the fray. Dragon Blaze’s latest update has included the formidable Titans to aid players. Titans are the newest category of allies that players can deify using certain material heroes. Accompanying the Titans are a new type of essence called Titan essence.   Striking Atlas: The seemingly simple and exuberant young girl Atlas is actually one of the most powerful Titans. Her power is so great that when her golden fists sparkle, the number of stars in the sky rise Read More »

    Dragon Blaze Kicks off Pre-registration for Chapter 4 Update

    By shaylynsun on 0

    The mobile RPG Dragon Blaze will receive a huge update on December 6, introducing a new land and new awakening characters. Along with the announcement, Gamevil held an event to reward gamers who pre-register the game with 2 SSS Allies.   NEW FEATURES New Region – This land is a floating island that was formed from the aftermath of the halted worldwide invasion.  The earth was shattered and fragmented which left one fragment floated away upwards. Now players will need to journey into Read More »

    GAMEVIL's Dragon Blaze Unleashes Ragnarok

    By Dacey on 0

    Experience the epic culmination of Flint’s Dragon Blaze: Chapter 3 in the ongoing Dragon Blaze saga. Assemble your party of allies and prepare to storm the Shadow Castle as you face off against the mighty Judge Shadow Howl.  Launching today, the update will introduce players to an increased level cap, new region, and a plethora of new allies to collect. Additional update details include: Level Cap Increased: The level cap has been increased from 88 to 90. New Region: Shadow Castle: Prepare to Read More »

    GAMEVIL Celebrates Dragon Blaze One Year Anniversary With Special Rewards

    By Aaron on 0

    One year after introducing audiences to the enjoyable fantasy world of Dragon Blaze, GAMEVIL and Flint are giving back to the community with the Dragon Blaze One Year Anniversary event.  In celebration of the milestone, players will be rewarded with special in-game items daily. Just by logging in, they can receive premium items such as gold, SSS allies, and high-quality gems.  Additionally, several one year anniversary community events will also be taking place throughout the week which Read More »

    Dragon Blaze Unveiled the First Three Dragon Busters

    By emma on 0

    In the latest content update to Dragon Blaze, players will be able to call upon the assistance of the legendary Dragon Busters. In celebration, a new seven day GM event will be added and will give players exclusive rewards for logging in after the update such as rubies, shoes, tickets and even SSS allies. In total, there are seven Dragon Busters weapons with the update introducing the first three, Pluto (warrior), Epsilon (priest), and Stigma (rogue). Ancient artifacts which have been long forgotten, Dragon Read More »

    Dragon Blaze’s New Patch Introduces First Batch of Dragon Busters

    By Aaron on 0

    Gamevil keeps adding new contents to their popular free-to-play RPG Dragon Blaze, and this time is a big one named Dragon Buster. Dragon Busters are ultimate allies created to fight against the God. Players need to create Dragon Buster keys with the help of Dracos, Archangeli and Bodens, and summon the Dragon Busters. You can check out the abilities of these three Dragon Busters below. Pluto - Class: Warrior - Allies needed to create Buster Key:  Draco Deathcrown, Gaela the Fallen, and Storm Read More »

    Dragon Blaze Introduces New World Boss Shariet

    By Natalie Kuhn on 0

    With the latest update to Dragon Blaze, Shariet, the new world boss encounter which will be introduced. Shariet, the third world boss unleashed in Dragon Blaze, armed with a massive spiked tail, and employing powerful fire based attacks. Shariet will look to test the endurance of players by rewarding more points, the longer you can survive. Dragon Blaze will be adding a new recruitable pet, 4v4 Guild Battles, as well as battle menu UI adjustments. Guild Battle Adjustments Recruit three of your guild Read More »

    Dragon Blaze New Patch Brings Myth Mode, Hero Allies and More

    By Aaron on 0

    Gamevil has just released a brand-new patch for its side-scrolling mobile RPG Dragon Blaze, introducing new myth mode, new max level(Level 55), as well as two powerful hero allies (Brightspark, Belle Snow). Besides, Limit Break is now upgraded to MAX +4, which is able to increase hero power by 40%.   Check out some screenshots of the new patch below, and you can download Dragon Blaze on App Store and Google Play.  Patch Notes: Added Myth Mode Increased Max Level to 55 Added Hero Read More »

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