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    ACE sets March 15 as deadline for Chinese roster shuffle

    By TrebleMaker on 0

    China's governing body for eSports, ACE, formed by an alliance of team managers has given an ultimatum to Chinese teams to complete their team rosters. According to sgamer, ACE has set a deadline of March 15, 2015 for teams to finalize their rosters. In the aftermath of Dota 2 Asia Championship and combined with the Chinese New Year; a period where Chinese teams generally undergo roster shuffle, Dota 2 teams from China have been absent from participating in tournaments. While there have been some Read More »

    What does Chinese Dota 2 really need?

    By TrebleMaker on 0

      The great reshuffle in China is underway and there is a rather blurred scenario to look at when it comes to the roster prediction. While there are only few things that emerge as a clear picture, the rest is nothing but an unclear collage of pictures. The clearest scenario in this case would be only two things, 1) Zhilei ‘BurNing’ Xu making his return to the competitive scene with Invictus Gaming and 2) EHOME expanding its brand to SEA revolving around returning home star Yee Fung &lsquo Read More »

    Chinese Dota Rumor Mill: Most of BG Out Of Retirement, New iG Leaked?

    By JLB on 0

    D2AC is behaving appropriately in terms of massive TI events - its end has immediately spawned a whole net of rumors and hints at the imminent changes within Chinese Dota. We were approaching roster shuffle season to begin with, but now, we have a much clearer picture, in good part thanks to the players themselves (and the helpful people on Reddit who translated and sourced the statements).   Photo by StarLadder. The main contributor to the rumor effort was none other than Xu 'BurNIng Read More »

    D2AC Main Event Grand Finals Recap

    By JLB on 0

    The Dota 2 Asia Championships came to a close this day, with the East versus West matchup fans were hoping for. ViCi Gaming went up against Evil Geniuses - the two best teams of the event. Where Secret fell to teams that learned too much from the group stage to be fooled again, and where the Big Gods dissipated back into retirement, there were only the modern day giants... as well as the ancient legends in the form of EHOME and LGD v.2010, replaying the game that defined a generation (although two players Read More »

    D2AC Player Profiles

    By Skulz on 0

    Photomash by GosuGamers. Hey guys, Skulz here. After the Group Stage, I have collected tons of stuff on heroes, drafts, records and all that. This time around, I've preferred to focus on the players. These stats include both the Group Stage and the Playoffs. Most of the players here belong to the top GPM chart of the tournament. Some of them don’t have a hero in the respective table because either they didn’t shine with anything in particular or because they didn’t play enough Read More »

    D2AC - New Bloom Event Trailer

    By JLB on 0

    Aside from the battle of the giants (EG and VG), and the clash of ancient legends (EHOME vs LGD), the final day of the competition brought us something more substantial: what seems to be an official trailer of this year's New Bloom Event. Featuring a Crystal Maiden that is actually capable of moving her legs (and spotting an unidentified Arcana, just barely visible, at around 0:53 into the video), and what looks to be a glimpse of the forthcoming Winter Wyvern, this video is not labeled as having Read More »

    Coffee w/ Toffees 2/8/15 - The D2AC Salt - Guests: Nahaz and WhatisHip

    By Toffees on 0

    Twitch VOD This time on Coffee w/ Toffees, a prolonged, constructive, critical, and not very discussion on the state of things in the behind-the-scenes tournament meta. Includes copious amounts of the viscous Gerg Salt. Timestamps: 1:35 - Team Fire     3:26 - "I think that it was only a matter of time before they ended up parting ways with Mike" - Nahaz 4:30 - Black^ and VG 6:45 - D2AC games so far, biggest surprises, biggest letdowns. 10:25 - C9 - throws and bouncing back Read More »

    D2AC Main Event Day 4 Recap

    By JLB on 0

    The Dota 2 Asian Championships near the end this day, with the Grand Finalists decided at the very end. The stadium grows ever thicker, and each match brings us closer to the indubitably bombastic conclusion. While things with recent roster changes may have changed less than they could have by the looks of it, it certainly seems fine the way it is. Evil Geniuses vs ViCi Gaming - Beginning of the End   Photo by GosuGamers. The first series of the day was to decide the first Grand Finalist Read More »

    Mushi Wins D2AC Solo Mid Championship

    By JLB on 0

    Ongoing throughout the tournament was the 1v1 Solo Mid Championship, where chosen players from the attending teams were fighting for the prize of their own. Competing there were Luo 'Ferrari_430' Feichi, Chai 'Mushi' Yee Fung, Ludwig 'zai' Wahlberg, Gustav 's4' Magnusson, Sumail 'Suma1L' Hassan, Danil 'Dendi' Ishutin,  Andrey 'Afoninje' Afonin, Yao 'Yao' Zhengzheng. With a break inbetween the main brackets and the Grand Final Read More »

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