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    MU Legend Open Beta Postponed to November

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    Scheduled to start during the summer, MU Legend's global Open Beta was postponed by Webzen to September. Back then, Webzen mentioned that the dev team needs a bit more time to polish the game, in order to add more features than it was previously thought. Today, on game's official Facebook page, it's written "MU Legend Open Beta moved to November". Pierre Vanderbroucke, MU Legend's producer from Webzen Dublin explains why the game's OBT was once again postponed. With the MU Read More »

    Looks Like Peria Chronicles Won't Be Coming out in 2017

    By Wei on 0

    Nexon has released the Q2 2017 financial results, registering a strong growth in revenue (up 23% y-o-y) and net income (up 157% y-o-y), which exceeds the company's expectation. The agrresive strategy in mobile gaming market is the key to the growth, and the investment in mobile gaming will continue in Q3 2017. The lineup for Q3 2017 and onward is also revealed, and it includes several anticipated mobile titles: Durango: Wild Lands, Final Fantasy XI Mobile, and Mabinogi Mobile. The PC lineup includes Read More »

    Star Citizen Changes to Amazon's Lumberyard Engine and Won't Be Delayed

    By Blake Lau on 0

    Star Citizen is no longer powered by CryEngine 3, and the game changed the engine to Amazon's Lumberyard with the release of Alpha Version 2.6. "We've been working with Amazon for more than a year," the game's creator Chris Roberts said. "Lumberyard provides ground breaking technology features for online games, including deep back-end cloud integration on AWS and its social component with Twitch that enables us to easily and instantly connect to millions of global gamers." Read More »

    Unreal Engine 4 Title Starfall Tactics Pre-Alpha Faction War Test Postponed

    By ProtosX on 0

    Starfall Tactics is a real-time online space strategy game from SnorForge. The game is powered by Unreal Engine 4, and its Pre-Alpha Faction War test is previously scheduled to start today on November 10th. However it was posponed to November 17th, according to the developer. Please visit this LINK for more information about this announcement. Starfall Tactics is a half wargame, half RTS, and the game primarily focuses on the tactical elements of combat, where the action Read More »

    Revelation Announced Closed Beta Delay Compensations

    By ProtosX on 0

    Revelation Online CBT1 was delayed and rescheduled for November 3rd — it was indeed unexpected, but it is for the betterment of the game and with a promise of compensation! Today, My.com announced the details of compensation along with more information about Premium accounts and CBT2. Due to the 9 days delay of CBT1, players who purchased the Founders pack before October 25th will get an additional of 9 days Premium Status when Open Beta Test starts. This also confirms that on OBT, there Read More »

    Revelation Online First Closed Beta Delayed to Early November

    By ProtosX on 0

    Revelation Online first closed beta was previously announced to start on October 25th. However, today My.com announced that the CBT1 start date will be moved to the 3rd of November. Good news is you can now start to Download the Revelation Online CBT1 Client if you are eligible for the beta test. Another Good News, quoted from the announcement itself: As a token of gratitude for your understanding and in an attempt to rub off the bitter memory of 25th of October 2016, we'll Read More »

    Lineage Eternal is Playing With Our Patience

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    Lineage Eternal, the upcoming MMORPG project developed by NCsoft has been the subject of many delays. The latest information regarding this heroic action MMORPG from the Lineage series were indicating a possible release of the game on both PC and mobile during this fall. Apparently, this release plan is no longer viable. Some sources from Korea are indicating that the first Lineage Eternal closed beta test will be performed in November. Based on this new information, it is unlikely to witness a release Read More »

    No Man's Sky New Trailer Shows How Trade and Resource Collecting Works

    By cindyhio on 0

    In No Man's Sky, players will explore, trade, survive and battle through 18 quintillion planets. The new trailer released lately shows how resource gathering, upgrading and trade works in the game. No Man's Sky is supposed to launch on PC and PS4 simultaneously on August 9th but those waiting for the PC version may have to wait another 3 days as the official website quietly changed the worldwide release date to August 12th while NA PS4 players can still get their hands on the game on August 9th Read More »

    Black Desert Online Siege Postponed Again Due to Unsolved Issues

    By JoeLW on 0

    Western players will need to wait who-knows-how-long for Black Desert's siege content. Daum confirmed at the game's forum that new bugs were detected and they had to postpone the siege again until problems were solved.   Greetings Adventurers,   With the first week of Siege Rehearsal almost complete we would like to thank all of you that have been participating and reporting the various problems as well as sharing your feedback.  Unfortunately the two most recent bugs have proven Read More »

    No Man's Sky Creator Received Death Threat Because of the Game Delay

    By cerberus on 0

    Now I know better than before how much the community is anticipating for No Man's Sky. After the game confirmed to delay until August, the game's creator Sean Murray received numerous death threats. Sean Murray was not alone, and at about the same time, Kotaku's editor Jason Schreier who reported the delay of the game also received death threats. That's quite a crazy community No Man's Sky has.   Fortunately, both Sean Murray and Jason Schreier confirmed they were quite safe Read More »
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    Sack of Gems (2500 Gems)


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    Bag of Gems (1200 Gems)


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