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    Rend Is a New Survival MMO from Former Blizzard and Riot Games Developer

    By censeo91 on 0

    Rend tries to bring some changes to the survival genre, with the hybrid survival game features. The game is developed by Frostkeep Studios, which is composed of MMO industry veterans from Blizzard and Riot Games, etc. You may not call the game an MMO depending on how you define the term "MMORPG". The game has 3 factions, an open world, a server wipe mechanism, and plans to host about 100 players in each server. You must strategically team up with other players and friends to battle enemy creatures Read More »

    Snail Games Debuts Zombie Survival MMO Moonlights

    By Wei on 0

    Snail Games now has great passion in making sandbox survival games. They have several sandbox MMOs already including Ark: Survival Evolved Online, PixArk, Dark and Light, Age of Wushu 2, and now they have another one: Moonlights.   Moonlights is a zombie survival game, and with it Snail Games is finally able to cover fantasy (Dark and Light), martial arts (Age of Wushu 2), sci-fi (Ark: Survival Evolved Online), pixel (PixArk), and post-apocalyptic genres in 2017.   For now we only know the Read More »

    Snail Games Announced PixArk, a MineCraft Style Ark: Survival Evolved Game

    By Wei on 0

    Studio Wildcard has licensed Snail Games to develop a new game based on Ark: Survival Evolved. Called PixArk, the MineCraft style sandbox survival game aims at a global launch in the first half of 2017.   Similar to Ark: Survival Evolved, PixArk allows you to explore the air, ground and underwater, gather resources, craft things, hunt wild lives, construct, do researches and tame dinosaurs — it's almost a pixel Ark: Survival Evolved game, and it's free to play..   You can Read More »

    Breaking: Snail Games Announced Dark and Light Mobile MMORPG

    By Wei on 0

    Snail Games has again surprised us with a special holiday gift: the Dark and Light mobile MMORPG will be coming in 2017. The mobile version of Dark and Light will have a 14,950,000 square meters' seamless open world, dynamic events, day and night shift.     Unlike the PC MMO which is developed with Unreal Engine 4, Dark and Light mobile MMORPG is powered by the Snail Games' 3rd generation FLexi Engine, and the game features dynamic lights, Unity Ragdoll, and other visual technologies Read More »

    NetEase Debuts PC Card Battler Realm of Duels, Showcasing Impressive Trailer

    By shaylynsun on 0

    NetEase will hold the Annual Ceremony for Game Lovers on December 28. During the event, a dozen of new games will be unveiled. Ahead of the event, I found they secretly published the official site for the upcoming PC card battler called Realm of Duels. Along with the teaser site, we can see an impressive cinematic trailer. Check it below: It won’t be a mmo game, nor will it be a turn-based game. Players will be able to build a deck with different creatures, spells and weapons. To some degree Read More »

    Gaijin Debuts Enlisted, a Massive Squad Based FPS with Destructible Landscapes

    By Sr Yamamoto on 0

    Darkflow Software and Gaijin Entertainment today announced Enlisted, a first-person shooter focused on online multiplayer experience. The game is a squad based shooter sets in the senarios in World War II features "large scale battles with a 100 combatants spread over a massive and richly detailed battlefield complete with destructible landscapes." What's different between Enlisted and other competitive FPS? According to Gaijin, Enlisted is not just a FPS played in the WWII maps, but Read More »

    Ashes of Creation: A New Sandbox MMORPG from Ex-Daybreak Developers

    By Sr Yamamoto on 0

    Founded in 2015, Intrepid Studios is an indie developer consists of a small group of ex-Daybreak Games' developers. They are working on 2 new games, and one of them is Ashes of Creation, an Unreal Engine 4 sandbox MMORPG trying to answer a simple question: what is the main attraction of an MMO?  The developer says they believe in choice, organic events, player narratives and massive communities. And with these principles in mind they are quite ambitious with Ashes of Creation. The Read More »

    World of Dragon Nest Debuts - Is the Franchise Going Open-World?

    By Wei on 0

    Eyedentity Games, the creator of Dragon Nest series, debutted a new Dragon Nest game called World of Dragon Nest. There was no other information except the video clip below recorded by camera. The video showed more players in the same group, suspectedly larger map (not sure whether it was dungeon map or open world map), and more importantly, a message: Bigger world, more friends. So according to that I guess the game could be an open world MMORPG. What do you think? Currently another Dragon Nest Read More »

    Exosphere Is an Unreal Engine 4 Gundam Style Mobile Action Shooter

    By Sr Yamamoto on 0

    South Korean studio Perple Lab is working on Exosphere, a new Unreal Engine 4 mech battle RPG for mobile platform. The game looks stunning with Gundam style mechs, a combat system combines action and shooting experience, and extensive mech customization system.  You will be able to customize your mech's weapons, armors, pattents and much more. The developer is confident of the visual quality and they offer an in-game camera (which is usually found in 3A console games), allowing you to Read More »

    Hi-Rez Studios Announces New SMITE Game, SMITE Tactics

    By hanthienhai on 0

    Hi-Rez Studios, developer of SMITE and Paladins, has announced new strategy game SMITE Tactics which sets in the universe of SMITE and features the gods from SMITE.   Players will carefully choose which minions to deploy on the battlefield and which gods will lead them since every unit has unique abilities that could make your strategies unique. Players have to build their armies prior to battle with collectible cards. They can compete in 1v1 ranked mode or experience various adventure Read More »

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