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    Riot Game Employees Cosplay Game of Thrones This Halloween

    By EdwardsLin on 0

    Anuual Halloween festival in western country has come.As is known to all,Halloween has special significance for Foreigners.Foreigners attach great importance to the Halloween festival,basically every foreign game will not miss the Halloween theme. In the traditional Halloween gala night,punkins,scarecrows,ghosts,witches and zombies are everywhere in the street.With the popularity of cosplay in recent years,many companies will organize cosplay events on Halloween.Riot Games,the developer of LOL,which is good Read More »

    Tokyo Game Show Booth Babes and Cosplays Never Disappoint You

    By Fury116 on 0

    Tokyo Game Show 2017 has good video games and it has beautiful booth babes and gorgeous cosplays as well. Take a look at Famitsu's capture of the best booth babes and cosplays at TGS 2017.   Capcom Monster Hunter: World War Thunder Let It Die Yakuza Kiwami 2   Code Vein Hokuto ga Gotoku Monster Energy World of Tanks Chun Li Bullet Girls Phantasia Source: Famitsu Read More »

    Spiral Cats' New Sexy Cosplay Is About a Mobile Game Called Darklord Rise

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    One of the best way to promote a new game is to work with cosplayers and in the case of South Korean market, to work with Spiral Cats, the pro-cosplay group that has built their reputation through some classic cosplays. Recently they brought to live 2 sexy characters from a Korean mobile game called Darklord Rise, which was just launched. This time Tasha took the Archer role, and Doremi was the Wizard. You can see the gallery bellow. Source: naver     Read More »

    Best Overwatch Cosplay at PAX West 2017

    By Aaron on 0

    PAX West (formerly PAX Prime) is still ongoing at the Washington State Convention Center, in Seattle. Except for those exciting announcements and game’s hands-on opportunities, PAX West is also a "heaven" for cosplayers. The show floor at PAX West 2017 was packed with awesome cosplayers and Gamespot recently posted a series of incredible Overwatch cosplay. Let’s take a look. More Cosplays: >>>Overwatch: Check out this Awesome Mercy Cosplay >>>The Frost Lich Read More »

    I Just Realized That Mobile Game Cosplay Can Also Be Super Hot

    By Baako on 0

    If you didn't hear of SINoALICE, the game is a Japanese mobile game developed by Pokelabo and Square Enix and created by Yokoo Taro, director of NieR:Automata. SINoALICE is released in Japan in June 2016 and remains a popular JRPG. The main protagonist Alice becomes a well-known character in Asian game community. Recently Chinese cosplayer "贤儿sherry" has released a batch of cosplay photos features the sexy character Alice. Source: Facebook Related: SINoALICE Review: A Mobile Read More »

    Overwatch: Check out this Awesome Mercy Cosplay

    By Aaron on 0

    Nowadays Overwatch is probably the most Cosplayer-chosen video games of all time. With the beautiful wings and white shining armor, Mercy is definitely the most popular hero in Overwatch’s adorable female character lineup. Recently, famous Chinese cosplayer “美歪” presents us a series of impressive Mercy cosplay, featuring vivid costumes, beautiful blonde hair as well as eloquent expression. Let’s enjoy it. More Related Articles: >>>The Frost Lich Jaina Cosplay By Read More »

    The Frost Lich Jaina Cosplay By Narga and Aoki is Incredible

    By Aaron on 0

    With the release of Hearthstone's Frozen Throne expansion, we have a chance to see what Frost Lich Jaina looks like. As the most popular character in WoW, Jaina Proudmoore is always the first choice for cosplayers. Recently famous cosplayers Narga and Aoki team up with Blizzard to present us a series of incredible Frost Lich Jaina cosplay. Let's take a look! You can also check out Narga and Aoki's Facebook for more cosplay images. Always remember that power is a double-edged blade. One Read More »

    Persona 5 Cosplay: Sexy Takamaki Ann Ready for Battle

    By joyce on 0

    Persona 5 has been released worldwide for a while and it's certainly one of the best RPGs for 2017. The game is also released in South Korea and able to snatch a lot of fans there, including cosplayers. Take a look at Korean girl RUMI's attempt on cosplaying Takamaki Ann, aka Panther, one of the main protagonists in the game.   Model: RUMI Photographer: SIJUN Source: inven Read More »

    Check out Some of the Best Cosplays at Colossalcon 2017

    By Aaron on 0

    Earlier this month, the annual cosplay convention Colossalcon was held in Sandusky, Ohio, featuring video games, cosplay and art galleries. After the event, a Youtube user named mamuro5254 posted a video which highlights those best cosplay pics from the event, including Overwatch, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Nier: Automata and more. Please Check them out.             Read More »

    The Most Astounding Cosplays from Role Play Convention 2017

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    Role Play Convention (RPC) is Europe's largest exhibition dedicated to role-playing games, and it has been taken place in Cologne, Germany since 2007. This year's event attracted more than 250 exhibitors from all around the world. The most eye-catching part of the event is cosplay. Take a look at the small gallery below to see the most astounding cosplays we select. Source: official site & Facebook       Read More »

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