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    Wild West Online Released New Concept Art for Biomes

    By censeo91 on 0

    Wild West Online got unprecedented attention because of the similarity it shares with Red Dead Redemption 2. Regardless of the Red Dead Redemption elements, the west-themed MMO looks promising with the gameplay features at launch. Red Dead Redemption 2 has just released a batch of new screenshot, and Wild West Online developer 612 Games also released several pieces of concept art for the biomes. Take a look below. Wild West Online has 3 huge and beautiful areas to explore at launch, and Read More »

    Black Desert Online: Dark Elf & Kamisilvia Region Preview

    By hanthienhai on 0

    Japanese media Game Watch has released some new information regarding Black Desert Online the new Dark Elf race and their homeworld Kamisilvia region.   The Dark Elf is an agile race and the female Dark Elf in the concept below wields a large sword. According to report she can also use dark magic to damage the enemy from a distance. With a smart combination of the physical and magic abilities, players can do some interesting and powerful combos.     The Dark Elf and Kamisilvia Read More »

    Overwatch Project Titan Concept Art and Potential New Characters

    By Aaron on 0

    There's still some time before the official launch of the new heroes and competitive mode in Blizzard team-based shooter Overwatch, so let’s take a look at some potential new characters and concept art from project Titan, which includes some concepts that would eventually evolve into Genji, Hanzo, Reaper, and Tracer. Potential New Characters Sombra: First up is Sombra who appears in Soldier 76’s files, and might possibly be a rival to Agent 76. Doomfists: In Numbani map a poster shoes Read More »

    Check out the New Weapons and Concept Art in Escape from Tarkov New Trailer

    By Blake Lau on 0

    Escape from Tarkov is one of the most anticipated MMOFPS with realistic graphics, weapons, and environment interactions. The developer Battlestate Games released a new trailer recently, showing new weapon gameplay and concept arts.     Escape from Tarkov is a half open-world MMOFPS (like Destiny) with large maps and raids. There are safe zone for players to trade and form a group. The game will be released later this year.   Related articles: Hardcore Online Shooter Escape Read More »

    Tencent Games Has an Open World Shooting MMORPG to Announce Soon

    By Wei on 0

    Chinese leading MMO developer and publisher Tencent Games has some new MMOs in store. One of them is likely an open world shooting MMORPG sets in the post-apocalyptic world. The game will be formally announced at Tencent UP 2016 expo and now it has some concept arts for the public.   There's a leaked trailer that shows vehicle play, some character moves like rolling, TPS shooting, and group PvE combat. Video source: mmoculture Read More »

    Riot Announces New Dragon Champion to Replace Long-Awaited Ao Shin

    By Aaron on 0

    Do you still remember the concept art for League of Legends dragon champion which revealed during the Chinese qualifiers? The character was named Ao Shin and Riot has barely revealed more details about this champion. After years of silence, Riot has finally spoken up about Ao Shin. According to Riot message boards, Ao Shin is no longer in development. Riot revealed various problems during the creation of Ao Shin, including issues creating a kit, group of abilities, passive powers and more. However Read More »

    Order & Chaos 2: Redemption Concept Art Shows off Amazing Character Design

    By Aaron on 0

    After four years of delivering World of Warcraft clone MMORPG Order & Chaos, Gameloft has announced the sequel to its popular mobile MMORPG, Order & Chaos 2: Redemption. Now the game is in development and will be coming soon, and you can take a sneak peek at the concept art and trailer below. If you fancy this game, you can pre-register at its official website to unlock rewards that will be available once the game launches.   Temple of the Primal Heart Sunken Hollows – Home Read More »

    Kunlun Games Revealed The Mobile Version of Elsword At ChinaJoy 2015

    By Tracyfan on 0

    In ChinaJoy 2015, Chinese popular developer and publisher Kunlun Games today announced a brand new mobile 3D action RPG Elword, which is adapted from the same name PC MMORPG. The mobile game keeps the all elements of the original work, included art design, story and gameplay. Meanwhile, it is also added some popular systems inn mobile games, like Raising and Fashion Systems. Besides, the operating system will be optimized for Smartphone. The mobile version of Elsword is going to begin 1st CBT. Players who Read More »

    New Mobile MOBA Transcendent Master Looks Like The Coalition of LoL And HotS

    By exist on 0

    Today, Chinese developer Kongzhong Corp revealed a set of concept arts of their upcoming mobile MOBA named Transcendent Master. Except for 1v1 and 3v3 real-time combats, the game also has an adventure mode, just like other action RPG. Besides, the Voice system allows players to talk with their friends. All these features would make the game be an outstanding product. But…seen from the revealing concept arts, the game’s art design would likely be inspired by League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm Read More »

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