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    Take a Look at Bless Online Remake's New Character Customization System

    By JoeLW on 0

    Part of the things the Bless Online rebuild project will focus on is the character customization system, as the developer Neowiz believes that characters need to be felt different. So in the Rebuild server, the new character customization provides more options and freedom for players to make their characters. Take a look at what's change below. It's worth noting that the images shown below don't represent the final look of the game.   The original Bless Online's characters are designed Read More »

    Black Desert Online: See How You Can Customize the New Mystic Class

    By Fury116 on 0

    Mystic, the female kung fu master class, will be coming to Black Desert Online KR server soon and Western server in the near future. Pearl Abyss has allowed selective KR players to try the character creation first. Take a look at the videos below for an early look at the customizations of the new class.   Mystic is fast in combat and skilled in high kicks and superfast punches. The shoulder charge allows her to force her way through enemy ranks. You can learn more about the new class here. Read More »

    Black Desert Online: Watch the Character Creation of New Striker Class

    By censeo91 on 0

    Black Desert Online's new kungfu master class Striker will be available in the Korean server on April 20, but its pre-creation has opened today. Some of those playing in Korean server provided curious gamers a look at the character creation. Striker abilities Key combat abilities (working name): Adamantine: This shoulder charge melee attack focuses on the enemy’s torso Knee Hammer: This forward charged knee kick raises your opponent up in the air and can be chained into a combo Read More »

    Dark and Light Details Character Customization

    By shaylynsun on 0

    Snail Games’ upcoming fantasy survival sandbox PRG, Dark and Light (DNL), offers players a high degree of freedom in terms of exploring, skill development, and crafting. Today, Snail Games unveiled the delicate character creation system for DNL, providing players with infinite possibilities for their character appearance. Customize nearly every feature of their character's appearance, far beyond standard allowances for hair and eye color. The character creation process allows players Read More »

    Here Are Peria Chronicles Terraforming and Character Creation Gameplay Videos

    By cerberus on 0

    Peria Chronicles offers 2 playable demos at G-STAR 2016, a terraforming demo and an open world gameplay demo which includes character creation, open world exploration and interaction. Take a look at the gameplay footage below. Related: Peria Chronicles G-STAR 2016 Official Trailer & Features!   The terraforming demo has simple tools since the whole system is still in development.   Character creation system has pretty lot of options already.   The 2 open world gameplay Read More »

    MU Legend Lore Introduction and Character Creation Preview (Global CBT)

    By ProtosX on 0

    MU is one of the very first 3D MMORPG that was released way back 2003. In 2004 the first rumors of a MU2 being developed first surfaced but not until 2009 was the game development really started. On 2011 the very first trailer of the MU2 was showcased, the game is based on Unreal Engine and shares many familiar features with the first MU. Last year, MU2 was renamed to MU Legend and last 3 days ago, October 25th, was the start of its Closed Beta Test (Global). Lore Introduction: After logging in and selecting Read More »

    Sword Art Online MMORPG Releases Character Creation Screenshots

    By Sr Yamamoto on 0

    First of all let's briefly go through the timeline of the project. Indie developer Awakened Studio announced in August 2014 that a MMORPG based on popular anime Sword Art Online was in development. In July of 2015 they made a trailer showing the progress of the game. The game won't be called Sword Art Online when it launches. 2015- Update Trailer 2016 UPDATES:  Now, we know the game is still in development. What's more, the developer posts new stuff Read More »

    Dogma: Eternal Night — Watch the Character Creation of Male/Female Vampire

    By Blake Lau on 0

    Dogma: Eternal Night developer Prelude Games Factory just released 2 character creation videos showing the options to customize male/female vampire characters.     Dogma: Eternal Night is inspired by CCP's cancelled MMO World of Darkness. The game uses single megaserver, and the combat will be a combination of traditional MMORPG control and zoomed in 3rd person shooting. What's more, your actions will bring certain consequences as the world reacts to your behavors. You also need to always Read More »

    Black Desert: Player Creates Characters Based on Emma Watson and Megan Fox

    By Baako on 0

    We posted some Black Desert character creations when the game launched in the western market. The community continues to make impressive characters based on real world celebrities, and a player called quonix on Reddit has just managed to make Emma Watson and Megan Fox with the character creation tool.     Quonix shares the template files on Reddit for those who like the characters. You can find the files at the link below. Source: Reddit Related articles: Black Desert Online: The Read More »

    NEXON Unveiled Unannounced Unreal Engine 4-powered MMO Titile Project A1

    By Natalie Kuhn on 0

    NEXON unveiled its unannounced new title Project A1 today at NDC 16(NEOXN DEVELOPER CONFERENCE 2016). Project A1 is NEXON'S NEW IP. Project A1 Character Animation Video Using Unreal Engine 4, Project A1 is aimed to provide players with AAA quarlity graphics. On the first day of NDC 16, the developer made a speech about Project A1's AAA character rendering technology and unleash some images from Project A1 for the first time. In order to render character's hair, skin, cloth and metal more Read More »

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