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    CryEngine 3 MMO God Slayer Actual Gameplay Looks Not Bad At All

    By Wei on 0

    Chinese developer ChangYou has started closed beta for their CryEngine 3 MMORPG God Slayer in China. The game is said to have Ninja Gaiden style of combat as it invites Tomonobu Itagaki to be the adviser and design the actions of the game. God Slayer’s actual combat doesn’t disappoint, according to a dungeon gameplay video from the beta test. Take a look and tell us what you think about the combat.        The game is definitely an ACT, and it’s unlike other action MMOs Read More »

    Open World + Real ACT: God Slayer Could Be the Hope of Action MMORPG

    By Wei on 0

    You may have heard of ChangYou's CryEngine 3 Action MMO God Slayer, a project started in 2011. Even Tomonobu Itagaki, creator of Ninja Gaiden series, played the advisor role in this project. God Slayer's combat feels like Devil May Cry, and that means it's difficult to make. After years work, the game finally started first alpha in China in May 2017.   Unlike Twilight Spirit, God Slayer is an open world MMORPG, and it's powered by CryEngine 3 which provides dynamic weather, realistic Read More »

    Project VR-RPG Is ChangYou's Unreal Engine 4 VR Game with Brutal Combat

    By Wei on 0

    Chinese MMO developer and publisher ChangYou is now working on a VR game called VR-RPG at present. According to ChangYou, the game, sets in medieval Europe and takes the first-person point of view, is about fighting in various scenes such as the arena, village, and dungeons.   Other important features include realistic physics in combat, non-linear adventure, roguelike elements, sandbox style random dungeons, and an integrated progression system.   Since the game is developed for VR experience Read More »

    Kingdom Under Fire 2 (CN) Closed Beta Account Giveaway

    By 2P.com Admin on 0

    Update on May 27 Really sorry for the trouble the account has caused. ChangYou has confirmed to us that these accounts require real name verification. Therefore, we write a new guide to help you verify your account.   If you've activated your beta account, jump to 2. How to verify your beta account; If you haven't activated your account, read from 1. How to activate beta account. Update on May 25 We'll send out the beta accounts today. There's some issues for the accounts but we Read More »

    CryEngine 3 Action MMORPG God Slayer: Fight with the 5 Elements of the Nature

    By Wei on 0

    ChangYou's upcoming CryEngine 3 action MMORPG God Slayer will soon first start beta test in China next month. The game isn't very unique in terms of the non-target combat system, but it's interesting that it utilizes the 5 elements of the nature in Chinese philosophy: metal, wood, water, fire, earth, as the base of character skill system. You can focus on one element, or you can choose to develop multiple ones.   As you level up, you get new element points to add to your basic ability Read More »

    Devil May Cry Style Action MMORPG God Slayer Reveals New Healer Class

    By Wei on 0

    God Slayer is a CryEngine 3 action MMORPG developed by Chinese MMO company ChangYou. The game features action style and flashy air combos inspired by Devil May Cry. Besides, the game is joined by ex-Ninja Gaiden developer Tomonobu Itagaki.   Recently ChangYou revealed a new healer class which is easy to play and designed for new players. She uses music as weapon and gets 5 abilities, 4 of which are healing skills. You can see some of the abilities of the female character below.    Read More »

    God Slayer Unveils Five Elements Talent System Details

    By Noki Kim on 0

    Using CE3 engine, God Slayer from Changyou.com is scheduled to enter first closed beta test in the first half of 2015. Today, the official unveiled the detailed info about Five Elements Talent System, with which players are able to combine hundreds of attack skills freely to cope with different opponents or combat situations. In God Slayer, Five Elements Talent System is able to improve the freedom of battle freely. Players could collocate their talent point with freedom and change characters' attribute Read More »

    First Look at ChangYou's New CryEngine 3 Action MMO God Slayer

    By censeo91 on 0

    Back in 2012, ChangYou announced action MMORPG God Slayer but they didn't provide further information of what the game was. Until recently ChangYou officially presented to the public the CryEngine 3 project inspired by Chinese mythology. The game seems to be quite completed and it will start beta this May in China first. In addition to the non-target based fast combat, God Slayer is an open world MMORPG that allows you to travel fast with Qinggong (ie. able to run on the walls and water Read More »

    BLESS Online China First Closed Beta Scheduled in 2015

    By Victoria on 0

    Chinese game company ChangYou announced at ChangYou New Game Summit 2014 today that the Chinese version of BLESS Online will have its first closed beta in 2015, while the specific date was not revealed. The first closed beta of this game's Korean version ended in February this year and the second CBT date is still unknown. This game is very likely to come to the west. BLESS Online aims to surpass not just the limits of current MMORPGs, but games as a whole. The world of "BLESS" houses Read More »

    Yahoo Announced Strategic Partnership with Changyou

    By EdwardsLin on 0

    In GDC 2014 San Francisco, Yahoo announced their brand-new game network – Gamesnet.Yahoo.com for worldwide developers in Moscone Center on 18th March. On behalf of Online game giant - Changyou (NASDAQ: CYOU), The Global Business Director Luke Shou was invited to the news conference and delivered a speech. In the speech, Luke demonstrated several upcoming browser-games of ChangYou with diverse game-genre such as RPG, TPS, and SLG etc. As for the relationship with Yahoo, Luke said Read More »

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