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    Is "WeGame" Western Players' Hope to Play Monster Hunter Online and Lost Ark?

    By Wei on 0

    Chinese gaming giant Tencent Games has revealed WeGame, a Steam-like platform that aims at global audience. WeGame promises 3 features: connecting straightly the developers and players to enhance more direct communications; integrated with purchase, news, streaming and community functions and services; oceans of game contents and the support of player reviews & opinions. Tencent Games publishes many multiplayer games and MMOs in China and they will gradually move their attention to both online games Read More »

    Call of Duty Online (CN) Kicks off Open Beta; Here's How to Register and Play

    By shaylynsun on 0

    Developed by Activision, Call of Duty Online (使命召唤Online),also know as CODOL, is a free-to-play MMOFPS exclusively released for Chinese Market. Tencent, the largest game publisher in China, announced that CODOL will start open beta on October 27. For those who want to play the game, here is a detailed guide on how to register an open beta account and how to download the game.   Step 1: register a QQ account What's QQ? QQ is actually a chatting tool, something like skype. It' Read More »

    Call of Duty Online: Finally Players Can Play as Mech in the Series

    By Wei on 0

    Developed by Activision, Call of Duty Online is a free-to-play MMOFPS exclusively released for Chinese market. The game reveals a brand-new mode at TGC 2015 today, introducing in playable mechs for the first time into the CoD series. In the new mode, players will be divided to two sides, one represents human faction and the other one represents mech factions.   Similar to human characters, different mechs boast unique abilities and each of them fight in a unique style. Previously the game has added Read More »

    Chinese Largest Game Carnival TGC 2015 Schedule Revealed

    By Aaron on 0

    Tencent Games Carnival (TGC 2015), one of the largest game carnivals in China, will be held from November 13 to November 15 in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Center. This year, Tencent Games will host an amusement park themed convention for TGC 2015 attendees. By convention, there is at least one new game being announced every year at Tencent Games Carnival. According to our source, Tencent Games may announce MapleStory 2 in China this year. In each morning, Tencent Games will Read More »

    Playing Call of Duty Online with Pad Power Gun

    By Ancol Lin on 0

    You may have the experience playing shooting games with peripheral guns. It feels real to certain extend. Tencent Games, the largest video game company in China, is adding Pad Power Gun support for Call of Duty Online, the online FPS developed by Activision specifically for Chinese market. At ChinaJoy 2015, attendees are able to het their hands on some senarios that put players on a chopper to escort or eliminate the ground targets with Pad Power Gun (PP Gun). Watch the video below to see how it looks Read More »

    Call of Duty Online Final Trailer Revealed to Introduce Game Features

    By rainbow on 0

    Tencent and Activision’s new online shooter Call of Duty Online has begun open test in Jan 11 in China. To let players understand the game quickly, they revealed a new trailer to introduce the game features today. The trailer almost shows the major features of the game, includes costume weapon system, Skill streaks and multiple PVE modes. According to Tencent Game, the Open beta added a lot of new contents to the game, such as the final boss: Variable Tyrant, new PVE mode: The breakthrough, Read More »

    5 Recommended MMOs for the Week (Jan 5 - 11, 2015)

    By Blake on 0

    Have you been a little tired of the MMO you are playing now? Are you busy with looking for the best one in tons of "highly anticipated" MMOs? Do you want to see the most popular MMOs within the last week? Take it! Read on 2P's weekly recommended MMO review that picks up 5 MMOs which attracted the most attention during the last week at 2P and hope you can find out the most satisfied one among them.   We believe you might have other games to recommend to the community, and we want to hear Read More »

    Watch Chris Evans Shooting Zombies in Call of Duty Online Live Action Movie

    By JoeLW on 0

    Tencent Games and Activision finally released the full version of Chris Evans' Call of Duty Online live action movie. The short movie features the huge mutant boss monster battle that players are going to be able to play in Call of Duty Online open beta.     The game also announced three new Ops. Ops are story missions where players can fight alongside famous Call of Duty characters such as Ghost, Price, and "Soap".   A new Escort gameplay mode will be available and Read More »

    Call of Duty Online Live Action Trailer Stars Hollywood Actor Chris Evans

    By JoeLW on 0

    Update with the behind-the-scenes video Original story Tencent Games and Activision released a Call of Duty Online live action trailer today that features famous Hollywood actor Chris Evans. The 15 seconds teaser trailer shows Chris Evans helps out a group of Asian soldiers with a FIM-92 Stinger surface-to-air missile. You can expect a full trailer coming out soon.     Along with the teaser, Tencent Games confirmed Call of Duty Online will start open beta in China on January 11, 2 Read More »

    Will World of Warcraft Come to an End In The Next Two Years?

    By exist on 0

    There has been around ten years since World of Warcraft released. It had ever reached the peak of MMO genre. At August 2009, WoW set a record in game history that its peak concurrent users reached 13.1 million. And the data didn't contain the number of Chinese players. According to the data from City 9 (the former agency of Chinese WoW) at April 11, 2008, the concurrent users of China are around 1 million. So, the peak concurrent users of WoW should be around 14.1million. What an amazing number.  Read More »

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