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    Ragnarok Journey: Gravity to Launch the New RO Web Game Worldwide

    By censeo91 on 0

    Ragnarok Journey is a browser-based game co-developed by Wegames Corporation and Gravity Interactive. The game has been released in Asian market and now Gravity announces the game will be launched worldwide. You can now pre-register the game at Warportal.  The game is supposed to help rebrand the Ragnarok franchise and it features classic RO elements such as unique classes, auction house, emotes, mounts, and siege, etc. You can watch the gameplay of Ragnarok Journey's Taiwan version Read More »

    Locojoy Launches HTML5 Version of Heroes & Titans for Mobile Browsers

    By spencer on 0

    Nearly two years after the original’s debut,Locojoy has released a follow up HTML5 version of Heroes & Titans, the game was featured on App store, Google Play in over 160 countries back in 2015, and recommended in Steam shop later on. Heroes & Titans is a 3D graphics battle card game, it combines the battle card game with MOBA elements, players will need to build the ultimate deck to subdue their opponents and collect new heroes in epic battles.  The developer has done a nice job Read More »

    Happy Valentine's Day: Enjoy the Company of League of Angels!

    By jimm on 0

    Whether you're celebrating Valentine's or not, League of Angels has you covered with an amazing week of some lovely gifts! Now if you are wondering what they are, read more to find out! Valentine's Day Who will find the most bird nests and get the most rewards? From Feb. 14th to Feb. 17th (Server time), check out the Valentine’s Day event specially designed for the most romantic time of the year. You’ll find big surprise and a great chance to win Angels, Mounts, Clothing, tokens Read More »

    ​League of Angels II: Mythic Soul Arm Eternal Oath Unveiled

    By jimm on 0

    A mysterious new Soul Arm, the Eternal Oath, has just appeared in Sapphire. Many heroes have already embarked on a journey to obtain this legendary bow, but will you be the first to succeed? Take a look and learn more about the Eternal Oath below. ​ Eternal Oath Eternal Oath’s prototype is Aphrodite’s weapon. It has the graceful appearance of a pair of Angel wings, along with a sleek curves and an intricate design to really dazzle the battlefield. 【Eternal Oath】 Eternal Oath Skills Read More »

    League of Angels 2: Exclusive Mount Giveaway!

    By 2P.com Admin on 0

    Game321 is ready to rock into 2017 with some very exciting news: The much anticipated League of Angels II has been launched 4th January 2017! 2P.com teamed up with Game321 to give away a very generous Mount for the official launch! How to participate in: Step1: "Like" 2P.com Facebook and "Share" this event. Follow 2P.com Twitter and Retweet this giveaway.     Step2: Please download "WHAT2P" on Google Play to get the code. WHAT Read More »

    Get Ready for New Challenges in League of Angels!

    By jimm on 0

    Since the release of League of Angels, the award-winning free to play MMORPG has been adding new features and exciting events for fans around the world! Players can choose to prove themselves individually against the best in the world, or rally their Guilds to take on rivals for the ultimate bragging rights. Check out below for some of the most anticipated events coming in League of Angels! CS Tournament Elite warriors of each server will have a chance to compete with their rivals from the same time zone Read More »

    Blade & Soul: Hongmoon Rising Download and Register Guide

    By shaylynsun on 0

    Tencent Games partnered with NCsoft for Blade & Soul prequel called Blade & Soul: Hongmoon Rising for PC and mobile platforms. After 5 months silence, the game finally launched closed beta in China and it turned out that the game is a mini-client MMO, or browser-based MMO with 3 playable classes and real-time combat system. Below is the download and register guide for the game. Download Guide Step 1: Open the official page  Step 2: Click "下载微端"  to get the file Read More »

    Blade & Soul: Hongmoon Rising Is Actually a Mini-Client MMO Now in Open Beta

    By Wei on 0

    We reported in July that Tencent Games was teaming up with NCsoft for Blade & Soul prequel called Blade & Soul: Hongmoon Rising for PC and mobile platforms. After 5 months silence, the game finally launched closed beta in China and it turned out that the game is a mini-client MMO, or browser-based MMO with 3 playable classes and real-time combat system.   Related: Blade & Soul: Hongmoon Rising Download and Register Guide Hongmoon Rising's stories take place 40 years before the Read More »

    A Wonderful 2016 Together - League of Angels II Year End Summary

    By Icymoon on 0

    League of Angels II launched in April 2016 and has undergone tremendous change in the past 8 months. Both the game and the playerbase has expanded exponentially thanks to weekly updates and the support of amazing players like yourself. Now let’s take a look back at 2016 and all the major accomplishments we achieved together in LoA2!   April | Start of the Epic Fantasy Adventure Keywords: Open Beta Launch, World Boss, Panda Day After 2 years in development, the Angels have transcended! The Read More »

    New Customizable Relics Hits League of Angels II

    By Icymoon on 0

    Mythic Relics have been the top dog of Relics on Sapphire for over half a year, but now that is about to change! A more powerful Relic, called Artifact Relics, will be released this week!   There are 2 Artifact Relics, one is an ATK Relic called Wheel of Fate and the other is a DEF Relic called Mystic Hourglass. Being the next step above Mystic, the attributes of Artifact Relics will be much higher!   For base attributes, the Wheel of Fate provides ATK+1000 bonus. In comparison, the Mythic Relic Read More »
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  1. Sack of Gems (2500 Gems) 1

    Sack of Gems (2500 Gems)


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    Chest of Gems (14000 Gems)


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    Bag of Gems (1200 Gems)


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    Pile of Gems (500 Gems)


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