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    Black Desert GM Solemnly Sentenced Toxic Player to Write a 501-Word Confession

    By censeo91 on 0

    To punish trollers, gankers, and other toxic players in online games, you don't have to take the ultimate penalty, the perma ban. Black Desert GM Rhotaaz tried something novel, and he sentenced Kimochi, a guy who kept killing innocent players in the game, to write a 501-word confession on the forum. In an in-game mail that Kimochi received, GM Rhotaaz solemnly announced the "crimes" of Kimochi, and gave him 24 hours' time to confess on the forum by writing down his character's Read More »

    See Black Desert's Future Graphics

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    Some of you might remember that back in November, Pearl Abyss announced to collaborate with Silicon Studio, aiming to remaster the already visually gorgeous MMORPG Black Desert. In their pursue for a much better visual quality, engine development and research on graphics, the Yebis engine technology will be used. Now, Silicon Studio revealed a new trailer with its popular Yebis optics and post-effects middleware, with the purpose of displaying how does this apply on Black Desert's visuals. This Read More »

    Black Desert Has 3.4 Million Players in NA and EU Servers

    By censeo91 on 0

    Black Desert is celebrating the first anniversary of release in North America and Europe. The publisher Kakao Games has released an infographic with statistics for NA and EU server. The figure that may interest you most is the population number in EU and NA servers. Well there are 3.4 million players in total, with 1.57 million in EU and 1.83 million in the NA. The most popular class is Sorceress, by the way. You can see other stats in the picture below. Read More »

    First Level 62 Player in Black Desert NA/EU Server Spent 2000 Hours in Grinding

    By censeo91 on 0

    A Black Desert player in the NA and EU server managed to reach level 62 with his in-game character named Bigandshiny, after 5 months' grinding. He explained that he played almost everyday since October 2016 and it took him around 2000 hours to level up. You can see through the link below for the moment he hit level 62. It's worth mentioning that one player in the Korean server achieved this in November 2016.   VIDEO LINK Being the first players in a server or a realm in the game is always Read More »

    Black Desert's Traveler's and Explorers' Packages Are 30-50% Off

    By censeo91 on 0

    After permenently lower the starter package to 9.99 euros, Black Desert publisher Kakao Games eyes on the other 2 packages now. The traveler's package is now 30% off and available for 21 euros for limited time, while the explorer's package is 50% off and available for 25 euros. The offer lasts until March 13. The price of the standard edition of the Black Desert Online remains the same - 10 euro. Read More »

    Black Desert: Dark Knight Class Releases on March 1; You Can Create It Today

    By censeo91 on 0

    Black Desert NA/EU version players can create the new Dark Knight class starting today but they won't be play the female warrior until March 1. On the other hand, the number character slots has been raised to 13. Kakao Games has kicked off a Dark Knight pre-registration beauty contest at the forum, along with other events to celebrate the release of new class. You can check them out here.   The Dark Knight hails from the ancient land of Kamasylvia, which she left after Read More »

    Black Desert Russian Version on Steam Greenlight, and That Looks Very Weird

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    Black Desert's Russian has just been taken to Steam Greenlight by the publisher GameNet, and it raised some attention. It's weird the Stream Greenlight campaign announcement goes like: This game is distributed in Russia by our company. We are an official publisher - GameNet. We have all rights to publish, distribute and promote this game on Steam And what makes the Steam community think that's a fake and stolen game is that there's no any announcement related to Steam Greenlight on Read More »

    Black Desert: Dark Knight Will Be Playable in NA / EU Very Soon

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    With today's patch, Kakao Games moves one step towards the release of Dark Knight on the Western version of Black Desert. Black Desert Twitter teases a silhouette of the Dark Knight, along with a note about today's patch. From the maintenance notice we find out that this new patch heralds two important steps: " Dark Knight Pre-creation event will begin" and "Dark Knight Character Slot Expansion Coupon will be added to celebrate the Dark Knight's release". The full release Read More »

    Watch Black Desert (KR)’s Upcoming Physically Dynamic Weapons

    By Wei on 0

    Black Desert developer Pearl Abyss just teased a series of new weapons for each class. The new weapons that currently only confirmed for the KR version will not only get unique visual effects, they can physically change like they have live. You can watch the teaser trailer below and then a gallery shows each class’ weapon.     According to the Korean official site, these weapon can only be obtained from a limited time PvP event. That means the weapons are probably just available for Read More »

    Black Desert Starts Valentine's Day Event and Adds Ocean Rescue System

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    The latest update patch released in the NA/EU version of Black Desert marked the beginning of Valentine's Day celebration in the game. An unique event called Valentine's Day NPC Popularity Contest invites all players  to craft their own V-Day chocolate and offer them to a selection of NPCs. Select the most popular NPC and at the end of the event you could win a prize. This love update also included a new ocean Rescue system, which allows stranded players to call for a rescue boat, in order Read More »

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