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    Black Desert Will Get Spanish Localization

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    The western version of Black Desert is available in English, German and French currently. As the game's player number grows, there's the demand for additional language support, and the developer Pearl Abyss announced the game will be getting Spanish language support sometime in the future. Now Kakao Games is hiring for additional employees for their localization team in order to speed up the process. If everything goes well, the Spanish language version will be ready around the end of Read More »

    Golem Gates Is a New MOBA Coming Soon to Steam

    By Akami on 0

    According to MMOCULTURE, a new real-tme strategy online battle arena game Golem Gates was revealed by the developer Laser Guided Games. The game allows players to collect a resource called Glyphs to build their decks to fight in battles. There will be a single-player campaign and many cooperation game modes. Golem Gates will be Buy-to-Play which means it's the first MOBA (if not the very first one) not uses free-to-play model. The game will launch early 2018 on PC via Steam. The Steam page is Read More »

    Black Desert Online EU/NA: New Survival Mode Is Coming Tomorrow

    By Akami on 0

    Today, Kakao, the developer of Black Desert Online, has announced a new cooperate survival mode coming to the servers of North America and Europe. The new mode is called Savage Rift and it will be added tomorrow. The announcement was made through a trailer video via the official Youtube channel of Black Desert Online, introducing how the new mode looks like. It is a defence mode where players will stand back to back with their team members to protect the Sealed Tower from swarms of evil forces. You'll Read More »

    LawBreakers Officially Launched; Is It Going to Challenge Overwatch?

    By Sr Yamamoto on 0

    Boss Key Productions finally launched the frantic team-based shooter LawBreakers on PC (Steam) and PlayStation 4. You can purchase the Standard Edition for $30 or the Deluxe Edition for $40. The frantic shooter is all about gravity-defying competitive combat reflects the style of Cliff Bleszinski, the creator of Unreal series and Gears of War franchise. The game currently has 9 roles represented by 18 hero characters. There are 5 game modes take advantage of the gravity-defying Read More »

    Multiplatform Fantasy Sandbox MMORPG Albion Online Officially Launches Today

    By AnotherInfinity on 0

    Finally. After months of rumors and speculations about an eternal Beta, Albion Online has officially been launched across PC, Mac and Linux, to the pleasure of fans that have been waiting, playing and supporting the game for nearly two years now. At least for some players.   Based on the "headstart" model that seems to be getting more and more popular in Sandbox MMOs, access to Albion online will come in waves according to the founder or packs purchased: Legendary Founders and Legendary Read More »

    Black Desert Online EU/NA Soft Level Cap Raised

    By Akami on 0

    During the latest Black Desert Online Maintenance of July 12th 2017, the dev team announced that the level up soft-cap will be raised to Lv61 alongside to the arrival of the Terrmian Waterpark. That was actually expected by many players, due to the forthcoming release of the Kamasylve expansion, which requires you to be at a higher level. So the dev team decided to raised the soft-cap preparing for the release of the Kamasylve expansion. Which is expected to be next week or before the end of July Read More »

    Albion Online: 5 Things You Need To Know Before Playing

    By Aaron on 0

    Medieval fantasy MMORPG Albion Online is scheduled to release on July 17. As a MMORPG, the game is filled with tons of RPG and sandbox content. Before you play Albion Online, I wanted to take a moment to tell you about some important things you should know before buying / playing Albion Online.   Albion Online drop the F2P payment model last year in favor of the buy to play (B2P) model used by games like Elder Scrolls Online and Black Desert Online. The Founder Pack is only available until July Read More »

    Steam Summer Sale: Black Desert and ESO: Morrowind Are on Sale

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    Steam Summer Sale 2017 is here! Multiple titles in the MMO category offers players 20-50% discounts. The stars of this year are 2 popular MMORPGs Black Desert and The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, which are 20% and 25% off. NA and EU players can grab Black Desert for $7.99 until July 5th. ESO's Morrowind expansion is now priced at $29.99, while the bundle includes the base game and the Morrowind expansion is $40.18 (43% off). If you haven't played The Elder Scrolls Online Read More »

    Dark and Light Early Access Price for China and PC Specs Revealed

    By Aaron on 0

    The fantasy sandbox MMORPG Dark and Light has revealed the price and PC specs for the Steam early access version that's scheduled to launch in this summer. The price for the region of China won't be higher than 200 yuan(~$29.5USD), but the price for other regions has yet been revealed. You can expect an announcement from Snail Games soon.   What's more Snail Games unveiled the system requirements for the Early Access version. Take a look below.   MINIMUM OS: 64-Bit Windows Read More »

    Kakao Games Announced Black Desert Had Sold Over 300,000 Copies on Steam

    By Aaron on 0

    It has been more than a week after Black Desert Online launched on Steam for North American and European players. Media reported that the game had sold over 120k copies on Steam and Kakao Games didn't agree. Today Kakao Games announced that the game had sold over 300,000 copies, which was a lot more than the number provided by Steamspy.   Although BDO Steam version is only accessible from NA and Europe, its sales remains strong, especially with a 40% discount in the first week. It's worth Read More »
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