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    ArcheAge Begins Beginner's Guide, Leveling Up Faster

    By AnotherInfinity on 0

    ArcheAge Begins is finally in Closed Beta, and while there are a bunch of things for us to see and try out (I've personally been looking forward to how they dealt with the lore), the main focus for now should be on the rewards XL Games is offering for reaching certain milestones in the game (level 20, tier 3 characters, and so on). This guide will you he progress through the games faster to reach these rewards before the CBT ends.   Save Stamina items The first thing you’ll want to do Read More »

    ArcheAge Begins (Android)' Global Closed Beta Is Live for Everyone

    By JoeLW on 0

    Gamevil has kicked off Android closed beta for Unreal Engine 4 mobile RPG ArcheAge Begins on March 22, 2017. All NA, EU and Southeast Asian players can download the game to their tablets or smartphones now. There will be some in-game events hosted everyday.   Download the Android beta version at GooglePlay store The beta ends on March 30 and all data will be deleted before the final launch.   As the game's name suggests, you will discover in ArcheAge Begins the mystery that led Read More »

    ArcheAge Begins: Global Closed Beta Starts on March 23 - Report

    By Wei on 0

    According to South Korean media Inven, Gamevil has revealed the global closed beta schedule for ArcheAge Begins, the mobile RPG inspired by XL Games' ArcheAge MMORPG. The beta will begin on March 23 and end on March 31, and the final launch is expected to be the first half of 2017, according to report.   There's no English announcement yet but you can expect to see it soon.   ArcheAge Begins is created by XL Games' mobile division, and it can be seen as a prequel to ArcheAge PC Read More »

    Archeage (KR)'s Valentien's Day Update Introduces in Pole Dance

    By censeo91 on 0

    ArcheAge has always been trying to introduce unexpected conetent to players. After skateboards, Rolls-Royce and submarine, XL Games brings in pole dance for the Korean version, on Valentien's Day. However, pole dance for now is just an emote and everyone can use it. Apparently the developer doesn't want to cause trouble.  You can watch the videos below. Read More »

    ArcheAge Received 3.0 Update, But Not Flawless

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    ArcheAge just received the 3.0 January Patch yesterday, but the process didn't went flawless. Dev reported some issues on both the EU and NA servers while trying to implement the new update. From the long list of new features and changes that have been announced, we only selected the following ones as the highlights:   - an increase of 10-15% more gold per saltwater sport fish across the board; - the number of objects that can be simultaneously loaded into the world has dramatically increased Read More »

    ArcheAge 3.5 Now Available on the Korean Servers

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    Last December we reported that the Korean version of ArcheAge was preparing for "The Beginning" update. XLGAMES teased new maritime contents will be coming in this update. The developer claimed in ArcheAge 3.5 "players will experience the great cheer of the beginning as their steps will become history". Now Update 3.5 is available in Korea, and the new features are: - The successor level was added as the goal of growth for anyone who can achieve level 55 with their character; - 2 new Read More »

    ArcheAge Begins Kicks off Pre-registration

    By shaylynsun on 0

    Back in August 2016, Gamevil hosted a press conference in South Korea, announcing their most anticipated mobile RPG ArcheAge Begins will be officially released in Q1 2017. Today, I found it has already kicked off pre-registration with a lot of updated contents. Check the latest combat    Related: Exclusive ArcheAge Begins Interview with Gamevil The game is described as dynamic mobile RPG with collectible card game elements and real-time combat. The life and combat content in the PC version Read More »

    ArcheAge (KR) Introduces in the Successor Level

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    XLGAMES has teamed up with Nexon to allow Nexon's players to access ArcheAge without having to create a new account. A new ArcheAge server will be launched to accommodate players come from Nexon's platform. As we mentioned before, on January 19th, a new update will be applied on the Korean server. An interesting feature of this forthcoming update is the introduction of the Successor Level. A total of 7 successor levels will be added, which will be available once you hit level 55. In order to Read More »

    ArcheAge (KR) Will Celebrate the 4th Anniversary with "The Beginning" Update

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    The Korean version of ArcheAge reveals a teaser page that heralds the upcoming update "The Beginning", as the 4th anniversary of the game is near. XLGAMES says they want to invite players to "experience the great cheer of the beginning as their steps will become history". There's limited information of the new update, but it teases a new era of trading system that promotes trading to the next level. Players can expect to trade in the new continent and new maritime contents.  Read More »

    ArcheAge Beginner's Guide, Earning Gold With Trade Runs

    By AnotherInfinity on 0

    One of the main of objectives of MMO players, regardless of the genre, is to amass enough of the game’s currency to be able to afford anything available for purchase. This is even more so for a game like ArcheAge, where everything from potatoes to the services of other players can be bought with Gold.   This article will guide you on how to make the most out of the Commerce proficiency of ArcheAge, more specifically trade runs, and earn large amount of Gold everyday. Note that this guide will Read More »

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