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    ArcheAge: Version 4.0 Naval Update Is Coming To The West

    By Akami on 0

    ArcheAge, the famous MMORPG game has got it's version 4.0 massive update announced during Gamescom 2017 by Trion Worlds, the publisher of the game. The update is coming with new features, addition content and a naval system. It will be released in Q4 2017. A naval PVP Arena will be included and it supports cross-server battles. You will be sailing through pounding storms with a crew of 5 players, fighting against monsters in addition to the other crews at the same time. The update was actually revealed Read More »

    ArcheAge 3.5 Release Date Announced; No More RNG in Crafting

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    ArcheAge 3.5 or ArcheAge: Erenor Eternal will be released in NA and EU servers on June 7th, making new oceanic zones like Whaleswell Straits, Whalesong Harbor available, along with new associated quests.   Ancestral skillset is introduced in the new update, and it's a new end-game progression that allows players to breathe life into familiar skills. The way you do business in ArcheAge may be changed, with the implement of a revamped trade system. The crafting of equipment has been simplified Read More »

    ArcheAge 3.5 Now Available on the Korean Servers

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    Last December we reported that the Korean version of ArcheAge was preparing for "The Beginning" update. XLGAMES teased new maritime contents will be coming in this update. The developer claimed in ArcheAge 3.5 "players will experience the great cheer of the beginning as their steps will become history". Now Update 3.5 is available in Korea, and the new features are: - The successor level was added as the goal of growth for anyone who can achieve level 55 with their character; - 2 new Read More »

    ArcheAge: Revelation (Update 3.0) Announces Western Release Date

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    ArcheAge: Revelation, aka ArcheAge 3.0 will reach on the western servers next month on December 10. The forthcoming update introduces in highly anticipated Dwarf and Warborn races, new adventure zones, new NPC community centers, and new residential housing zones, and fresh start servers, etc.    Players will be able to build stronger neighborhoods with the  Community Center system and take progression to the next level with Abyssal Skills, as Merk "Khrolan" Lee Kwai, ArcheAge Read More »

    ArcheAge 3.0: Another New Trailer Shows Naval Ship Battle Arena and New Boss

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

    One week before ArcheAge 3.0 will be deployed into the Korean serves, XLGAMES unveils another trailer. From the information revealed until now, we know that update 3.0 marks the return of the long forgotten Goddes of Hatred. Two new playable races, two new starting zones and an improved character customization section are other features that will come with ArcheAge 3.0. In this new trailer, XLGAMES highlights the Naval Ship Battle Arena, the new raid boss, the hatred skills and many other systems Read More »

    Take a Look at the Terrifying Dragon Mount in ArcheAge 2.9 Version

    By Wei on 0

    In ArcheAge 2.9 Version players will be able to create their own kingdom, developing their realm. The castles, cities, and palaces built in the realm need protection, and a good choice is the dragon. It not only patrols the sky of players' realm but also serves as the personal mount of the king. Watch the video and see how awesome the dragon is.     Player kingdom progression is the core gameplay content of Version 2.9. It allows players to build and develop their kingdom from fort to castle Read More »

    ArcheAge (NA) Will Increase Siege Scale to 100 v 100 in Forthcoming Update

    By JoeLW on 0

    In the next update of ArcheAge dubbed BloodSong you can expect a larger scale of open world siege. Originally cap at 70v70, the update will increase the cap to 100v100, allowing you to bring the full weight of your guild to bear in the battle.   Some changes will also be made in the gameplay of siege. "Defenders will now begin the battle with 60 members on the field, and they’ll gain 40 extra players after 40 minutes have elapsed. Attackers, on the other hand, will have full access to their Read More »

    Blade & Soul vs. Archeage: Freedom and Graphics

    By Natalie Kuhn on 0

    There is no doubt that Blade & Soul and Archeage were once the most anticipated MMORPGs. They all caught global players' attention when they were announced and remained in the center of spotlight until they were launched. Blade & Soul is developed by NCsoft, the developer behind many famous MMORPGs like Lineage, Lineage 2 and Lineage Eternal. With Blade & Soul, NCsoft wanted to offer something different from the Lineage style MMO. Archeage, on the other hand, is developed by Jake Read More »

    ArcheAge (CN) Team Teased Player Housing on High Sea Islands and Sea Instances

    By Wei on 0

    ArcheAge has just started open beta in China with 50 levels of content available to players. In a recent interview with the game’s Chinese publisher Tencent Games, 17173 learned that ArcheAge will add more content to the sea, including the possibility to build player houses on uncharted islands in the sea.   Flying panda mount Tencent Games representive said ocean and continent were equelly important in ArcheAge. “Player can explore, build houses, run instance, and do planting on the Read More »

    ArcheAge, Experience Points Required Per Level

    By AnotherInfinity on 0

    If you are playing ArcheAge for the end-game content, then you will most likely want to reach the level cap, regardless of whether you want to rush it, or take your time trying the different aspects of the game. Here is a table that should assist you in your leveling, showing the amount of experience points required for each level, as well as the number of skill points that will be available to your character.   Level Total Exp Exp Required Skil Points Available Read More »

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