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    Apocalypse Alliance Is an Isometric Mobile Shooter with Diablo's Feeling

    By Wei on 0

    NetEase Games announced a new mobile action shooter Apocalypse Alliance at NetEase Games Festival 2016. After getting our hands on the game for a few minutes we think the game looks like Diablo in art style and dungeon design but the game is fun with lots of abilities for each character.   Apocalypse Alliance is NetEase's first mobile team-play shooting game features a 2.5D overhead perspective and real-time multiplayer shooting action. Delivers a fluid shooting experience with fast-paced, real Read More »

    Lineage II: Blood Alliance (CN) Starts New CBT; Activation Code Is Not Needed

    By hanthienhai on 0

    Today, Lineage II: Blood Alliance (Chinese name: 天堂2:血盟) starts new Closed Beta Test at 10:00 AM October 3, 2016 (Bejing Time). This CBT does not require activation code. Every one can join with two version: Android and iOS.     Lineage II: Blood Alliance iOS version now avaible on App Store with 858 MB and compatible with iOS 6.0 and above. With Android version, you can download from the official homepage at tt2.woniu.com via Snail Games's Free Store.    Lineage Read More »

    Lineage II Blood Alliance - Future Plans Revealed by Snail Games

    By MMORPGmaster on 0

      Lineage II Blood Alliance is a mobile MMORPG licensed by NCsoft and developed by Snail Games. This mobile game that inherits the worldview and the castle sieges system from the well known Lineage II, was launched in China on July 28th. Lineage II Blood Alliance is currently available only for the iOS devices. According to Snail Games, the Chinese developer, the Android version will be released in September. Details about a English-language edition of the game are not yet known. The gaming Read More »

    Lineage II Mobile Game Launches Tomorrow, Everything You'd Like to Know Are Here

    By cindyhio on 0

    Snail Games, the developer behind Age of Wushu, announced that Lineage II Blood Alliance will hit Appstore on July 28th in China with Andriod version coming soon. Licensed by NCsoft and developed by in-house 3D Flexi Engine, Lineage II Blood Alliance is an MMORPG sets in the universe of Lineage 2 PC version and inherits all of the hardcore game features into mobile device. In the release of Lineage II: Blood Alliance on 28 July, we can expect to see 10 classes, 5 regions and also 8 instances with multiple Read More »

    Horde Fought off Several Alliance Raids to Have a Wedding in Stormwind Cathedral

    By Aaron on 0

    There is nothing special to host a virtual wedding in game, but when it comes to host it in the major city of the opposed faction, it becomes very unique and special. Earlier today, a redditor Herpp_derpp posted a real story on subreddit, narrating a wedding scramble in World of Warcraft. You can check out the original post here Several Horde players in Emerald Dream server were planning to hold a wedding at Light's Hope Chapel in Eastern Plaguelands, but it was crashed Read More »

    Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 Officially Launched on iOS & Android

    By Sacharin on 0

    iOS and Android users worldwide can now get their hands on Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 thanks to its official launch earlier today. Players create a super hero-sized team team to take on villains, all using iconic Marvel characters. Download: In Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2, players can assemble a team with Avengers, Daredevil, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, and other Super Heroes to battle Ultron, Baron Strucker and Super Villains. In 3-on-3 combat, players can level-up and customize super heroes Read More »

    [Spoiler Fest] World of Warcraft 7.0: Alliance and Horde Get New Leaders

    By Aaron on 0

    The first test of World of Warcraft: Legion is around the corner, and more and more contents is coming out. If you want spoilers of storyline at upcoming patch, nothing is larger than what you’re about to read below. Some Horde quests have been datamined and upcoming storyline has been revealed. Please note that this is early testing, and everything could be changed before official launch. Spoiler Details: Varian Wrynn is dead. Anduin is now king of Stormwind. Sylvanas is the new acting Read More »

    Alliance's Loda to compete in Swedish poker championship

    By PatrickBateman on 0

    Appearing on Swedish poker website Svenska Spel Poker, is TI3 winner and captain of the Alliance's DotA 2 team Jonathan 'Loda' Berg. He will be competing in a national Swedish poker tournament on November 29 to see if he can translate his successful DotA career into poker prize winnings. The current prize pool for the event is 1,269,450 Swedish kroner, or approximately 146,095 US dollars. With 651 registered players, Loda will be competing against some of the best poker players Read More »

    Alliance beat Team Empire to qualify for WCA 2015

    By PatrickBateman on 0

    After a long week of many open qualifier games, Alliance has come out victorious, securing their place at the World Cyber Arena 2015. With only the top team being offered a place at the LAN in China, Alliance denied Team Empire's hopes by beating them 2-1. Along with their victory in the European qualifier for the Frankfurt Major, Alliance have two great opportunities to show they are back before the end of 2015. The TI3 champions have had a rocky time for most of this year, but since finalising their Read More »

    Alliance New Roster: s4 is Back Home

    By Skulz on 0

    Joakim "Akke" Akterhall posted the new Alliance line-up on twitter: Gustav "s4" Magnusson and Johan "Mynuts" Andersson will join the team. Mynuts has already played with Alliance for a short period of time on January 7th-26th 2015. s4 has been with them since 2012 as a member of the team No Tidehunter which later became the actual Alliance but he left them on August 27th 2014 to join Team Secret. The separation hasn't been long and now the four TI Read More »
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