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    RuneSage - A Unique Magical RPG Adventure in Virtual Reality

    By Dacey on 0

    Indie developer George Gilbert is delighted to announce today the release on the Oculus Store of the unique magical RPG adventure game, RuneSage.   RuneSage is an immersive open world Virtual Reality RPG Adventure game for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift & Touch.  At a time when the VR market is swamped by fast paced generic action wave shooters, RuneSage offers everyone a unique and refreshing twist.  There are no monsters to kill.  You are never “in danger Read More »

    ProjectM: Daydream Is the Korean Version of Summer Lesson with More Activities

    By Aaron on 0

    Dating Sim is a quite popular genre in VR, however most of the games were developed by Japanese company such as Summer Lesson, VR Kanojo and more. Recently Korean company EVR STUDIO launches their first VR game ProjectM: Daydream on HTC Vive and Oculus. As EVR STUDIO’s first interactive adventure VR game, ProjectM: Daydream based on a cinema-like storyline where our main character Dong-Woo drifts away into a brief daydream about summer vacation, going skydiving in Interlaken, Switzerland and Read More »

    Left 4 Dead Developer Launches Blade Runner 2049 Movie Tie-in VR Experience

    By Aaron on 0

    Directed by Denis Villeneuve and starring Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling, Blade Runner 2049 will hit theaters October 6. Before that we can take a sneak peek at the movie by the VR spinoffs.  At San Diego Comic-Con, Oculus partnered with Alcon Interactive to bring Blade Runner into VR with a trio of experiences from three different developers. The first one named Blade Runner 2049: Replicant Pursuit, is scheduled to launch at Gear VR on July 21. Developed by Evolve and Left 4 Dead developers Read More »

    Dino Frontier: New PSVR Game Where Wild West and Jurassic World Collide

    By Aaron on 0

    Uber Entertainment, the Seattle-base studio, has announced its strategy simulation game Dino Frontier will arrive on PlayStation VR on August 1. The pre-order is available today with a 20% special offer for $23.99.  Unlike other action-packed VR game, Dino Frontier is a strategy-required but fun VR game, letting you build and manage a frontier settlement in a world where the wild west and Jurassic collide. In Dino Frontier, players assume the role of god overlooking your settlement in tabletop Read More »

    The 3 Most Classic Point-and-Click Adventure Games

    By Fury116 on 0

    Credit: PlayStation Suomi via Twitter Despite being amongst the most popular early CD-based PC games, the point-and-click adventure is one that has largely been monopolised by one company in recent years. It’s not that the California-based Telltale Games is overly aggressive, it’s more the fact that the studio has so expertly redefined what the genre is all about – with narrative-driven titles such as The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us and Tales from the Borderlands heavily resonating Read More »

    Hearthstone Journey to Un'goro Expansion Release Date Revealed

    By Sr Yamamoto on 0

    Heartstone: Heroes of Warcraft official site has been updated with a new post with the release date of the new expansion Journey to Un'goro. It will be released in North American on April 6th and will bring in a hundred new cards and new features. You can still pre-order Journey to Un'goro through April 5th to get card packs, dust, gold and other  rewards. Check out the official site for more information. Read More »

    3D Mobile Sci-Fi Adventure Game InterPlanet Enters Soft Launch

    By shaylynsun on 0

    Today, 4:33 Creative Lab revealed 3D sci-fi strategy simulation game InterPlanet. Written by DC Comics and DC Universe Online editor and author Dana Kurtin, InterPlanet is set to launch globally later this year. The game is now available in "soft launch"to download for mobile gamers in Australia, Canada and Singapore on iOS and Android devices.   InterPlanet is a 3D action-adventure, strategy simulation game where players must choose to ally and lead the Anxo or Human races to victory in Read More »

    Gunpie Adventure: The Brand New Mobile Shooter is Now Available

    By shaylynsun on 0

    Nexon Korea announced an immersive first-person shooter (FPS) with role-playing game (RPG) elements in Gunpie Adventure. The game is available in limited release for iOS and Android devices in Australia, Canada, Finland, Indonesia, Macau, and Singapore and will launch globally later this year.   Gunpie Adventure combines a modern FPS experience with RPG elements in a fast-paced, action adventure game. When the Sirius Foundation awakens a power that releases ancient monsters, players Read More »

    Mobile ARPG Mitra Sphere (JP) Beta Test will be Available Until Feb 10

    By Sr Yamamoto on 0

    Bank of Innovation, Japan-based game maker, announced that the beta test for their latest fantasy RPG "MITRA SPHERE" will be available for Android users before February 10. Gamers can expect a party of 5 players and a speacial live chatting function. Mitra Sphere is an adventure game that tells the story of abutting parcels Npakas Mahanatee, where the sky is covered by oceans. The protagonist had lost his parents at a very young age. He and his little sister could depend on no one but Read More »

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Records Kicks off Pre-registration

    By shaylynsun on 0

    If you’re a fan of Japanese anime, you must be familiar with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. It is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki. Back in May, we knew that the popular mange will get Live-Action Movie in August 2017. It’s said that a Mobile ARPG called JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Records will come out along with the movie.   Set in the manga world, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Records will be a free-to-play title for Android and iOS Read More »
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