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    [Exclusive] Path of Exile Preview: The Fall of Oriath

    By Masterseek on 0

    Hello guys! Been a while. First, a warning: this is a directly transcribed article. That means aside from some editing here and there, is written just as we held the conversation. There are also some questions that I asked later on but then put them in the middle so that they are read in accordance to the contents they are about. Anyway, as you may have guessed, I had the opportunity to talk with Chris Wilson about the new Expansion of Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath, as well as some other big events Read More »

    Multiplayer Mobile Action Game IDEA Starts Closed Beta in Several Asian Regions

    By censeo91 on 0

    Netmarble Games has started the Android closed beta for IDEA in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macao on February 9. No announcment regarding the global version but Netmarble will definitely release the game in international market. If you can read Chinese, you can try the game's Chinese version first. Download the Chinese beta version here IDEA is an action RPG at its core, but the game stresses on group play and boasts beautiful graphics. The producer said "too many mobile RPGs out there are Read More »

    ​Nexon Announces Action Mobile RPG CrushMon for Global Market

    By hanthienhai on 0

    Nexon has announced new mobile action RPG CrushMon will be launched worldwide later this year. The anime style hack 'n' slash game is currently in soft-launch phase in Canada, Malaysia, Netherlands and Philippines, but players around the world can now pre-register for the game at the official site.     CrushMon brings players into Sky Island, a peaceful sanctuary which is now threatened by the God of Darkness who seeks to rule under eternal shade. Heroes will emerge to bring Read More »

    Wanderer: The Rebirth is Like Playing Monster Hunter in VR

    By Raffaella on 0

    Wanderer: The Rebirth is a Virtual Reality hunting-action game, which provides players with intense and fast-paced combat in ultimate VR gaming experience. Take a look a at the trailer below, which showcases monster-hunter like gameplay.   Powered by Unreal Engine 4, the game is set in the world of Greek Mythology, where the fires in Mount Olympus burned for 7 days. The Earth Goddess asks players to put out the fire. In order to find out the where the fire begins, players need to trek through forests Read More »

    Three Kingdom: Blade (KR) Release Date Announced, Arriving in January

    By shaylynsun on 0

    4:33 Creative Lab announced their latest Action RPG Three Kingdom: Blade will be officially released in Korea on January 13, 2017. According to the official announcement, there will be more than 30 collectible heroes from the ancient Chinese Three Kingdom era when it is released. Developed with Unreal Engine 4, players can except advanced graphics and intense combat. What’s more, the game also introduces siege system that allowing players to manage their territory and invade others’  Read More »

    3D Action RPG Masquerade: the Faceless Released for iOS and Android

    By Noki Kim on 0

    Gamevil's new mobile RPG Masquerade: the Faceless which is developed by Narsha Games is released for iOS and Android globally today. Masquerade is an art toy style 3D side-scrolling action RPG and traditional platformer, poised to reinvigorate the hack-and-slasher. It has already won good comments for its unique system and action gameplay through the first closed beta test in North America. It features creative Mask Upgrade System and dynamic gameplay which using touch and swift. Go with Read More »

    Heroes Blade Global Launch Promo Code Giveaway

    By 2P.com Admin on 0

    Heroes Blade is  one of the most addictive Action RPGs with its made-for-mobile gameplay and endless content. 2P.com joined hands with E-Link Entertainment to give away Heroes Blade Global Launch promo code. Code Instruction(content details) 50x Energy 30x Raid Tickets 10x Silver Chest Tickets 1x Gold Chest Tickets (Best Chance at a New Hero) How to participate in: Step1: "Like" 2P.com Facebook and "Share" this event. Follow 2P.com Twitter and Retweet this Read More »

    NEXON to Publish Yulgang IP Mobile in Korea in 2017

    By Noki Kim on 0

    NEXON signed an agreement with Act5 to publish Yulgang M in Korea. Yulgang M is a 3D side-scrolling action mobile using famous IP of comicYulgang which is well-acclaimed in the past 20 years. It is scheduled to be released in the first half of 2017 on both Android and iOS platform. Yulgang M provides users with various modes that will meet all debut characters, unique fun in original, excellent beating feeling and cool experience of side-scrolling action. Read More »

    Real Time Combat RPG Atlantica Heroes(KR) Early Access Signup Live

    By Noki Kim on 0

    Mobile action RPG Atlantica Heroes, developed by NDoors and published by NEXON, kicks off early access signup today in Korea. Set background story in heroes to unlock the secret of Atlantis, Atlantica Heroes features real time combat, including team play, tag action and others, and differentiated contents including raid combat that is available for 5 users to fight concurrently, making powerful armor and guide system.     Read More »

    Hybrid 3D Action RPG Masquerade: The Faceless Unveiled a New Teaser Video

    By Natalie Kuhn on 0

    Gamevil unveiled a brand new teaser video for its global anticipated title Masquerade : The Faceless. Previously, Gamevil has already released an official teaser video introducing the game's world view and characters. In today's teaser video, 3 main characters including Lambast, Phaedra and Reaper, debuts. With the high quality 3D graphics, we could experience the excellent beating feeling via the dynamic combat action and gorgeous combo. The unique Mask Level Up System is the key element making Read More »
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