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    Hands-on With Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest, A New ARPG Launches in Japan

    By Aaron on 0

    Japanese developer gumi recently launched its mobile RPG game, Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest. Based on the popular IP from Korean studio Eyedentity Games, this mobile action RPG is developed by Primus Inc, a subsidiary under gumi led by a former producer of the PC version of Dragon Nest Japan. Currently, the game is only available for iOS and Android devices in the Japanese market.    Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest is a dungeon-based ARPG in which players have to jump into various dungeons and Read More »

    A New Blade 2 Inspired MMOARPG Is Being Developed for Global Market

    By Aaron on 0

    Korean developer Action Square announced to cooperate with Chinese company Ledo Interactive to make a brand-new mobile MMOARPG based on Blade II IP. Ledo Interactive is a subsidiary of Perfect World China, and there are many famous mobile games under their name, such as King of Fighters, CrossGate Mobile and Return of the Condor Heroes. Ledo Interactive is in charge of major development for this new MMOARPG and Action Square will provide art and technical support. Although the release date hasn Read More »

    Devilian Mobile Review- Hack and Slash Like Never Before!

    By stefa47 on 0

    A month ago I stumbled upon then newly released mobile game called Devilian. I have played this type of games previously, so on a first glance I thought this might be another by the numbers, mobile RPG and to be honest to some extent it is. Some aspects of Devilian are similar to other hack and slash RPGs available on mobile devices, but this game does enough innovations in some areas that I felt it deserved to be reviewed. Devilian is 3D hack and slash RPG. It has pretty lame and basic story, but Read More »

    Super Mario Run Kicks off Pre-registration for Android Users

    By shaylynsun on 0

    Super Mario Run has been out for iOS players for two weeks, while there is no confirmed release date for Android users. But today the game popped up in Google Play along with pre-registration information. Just click the register button, players will be notified as soon as the game is downloadable. hopefully the gap will be shorter than it was between announcement and availability on App Store -- a month.   Read More »

    Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed Closed Beta Date Announced

    By shaylynsun on 0

    Nexon announced that the closed beta test for its latest mobile ARPG Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed will be available during January 12-16. Along with the announcement, they publish a new opening trailer. Check it below.    This mobile game is developed by Suzuki Ryoko, the producer behind Dynasty Warriors 6&7&13. From what we have learned so far, Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed is similar to Dynasty Warriors series. Players can expect big map on the screen and will control Read More »

    First Look at Twilight Pioneers; It Could Be The Most Anticipated VR ARPG

    By shaylynsun on 0

    At NetEase Games Festival 2016, a playable version for Twilight Pioneers is available. The game is a virtual reality ARPG that exclusive to Google Daydream. Players can experience a magical Eastern fantasy world, assuming the role of the Chosen One and casting spells to power their way through a vividly detailed world with a host of colorful characters. Powered by Unity and developed with Dynamic Field of View Modification, Twilight Pioneers works well in Google Daydream and I didn’t feel the Read More »

    Mobile Action RPG: Devil Age Official Launch Pack Giveaway

    By 2P.com Admin on 0

    Devil Age is a thrilling action card game that allows player to take the role of an aggressive devil. In this new adventure player will be a summoner that fights side by side with other devils in endless wars and dungeons to free your people from the God’s chains. In celebration of the official launch, 2P teamed up with Proficient City Limited to give away 500 gift packs, rewarding gamers with 5-star Demon Shard*2, Fairy Tale (Set)*1, Gold*50000, Refining Stone*380.   How to participate Read More »

    Mobile ARPG Arcane Dragons Launches Globally Today

    By shaylynsun on 0

    Redbana US Corporation announced the Official Global Launch of Arcane Dragons—the top free-to-play, mobile action RPG from South Korea previously known as Dragon Encounter. Battle through hordes of monsters and unravel the story behind the ancient dragons.   The Global Release brings brand new features and exciting events for players to watch for. Users who log in during the day of the launch will also receive free items to celebrate this huge spectacle.   Features: Super Read More »

    NetEase Games' ARPG Twilight Pioneers Is a Daydream View Launch Title

    By Raffaella on 0

    NetEase Games, a leading game company in China, unveiled its virtual reality mobile game Twilight Pioneers at Google I/O 2016. Now along with the official launch of Daydream View headset on November 10, the game is available in North America and Europe.   According to NetEase, Twilight Pioneers sets in the same universe of Twilight Spirits, an upcoming action-packed PC MORPG with Devil May Cry kind of combat feeling. So maybe we can except some similar experience in Twilight Pioneers Read More »

    Mobile Action RPG ‘CRY’ Received the First Update in Global Server

    By shaylynsun on 0

    Developed by Lopop Games and Published by Eyedentity Mobile, mobile action RPG ‘CRY’ received its first major update in Global server, on October 28th. ‘Guild Battle’ is a new competitive mode, and its ranking will be decided by accumulated points acquired by attacking regions of other guild during the battle period. The ranking will be reset on 1st of every month, and provides rewards such as ‘Jewel’ and buffs up to the result of last battle season Read More »
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  1. Sack of Gems (2500 Gems) 1

    Sack of Gems (2500 Gems)


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    Chest of Gems (14000 Gems)


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    Bag of Gems (1200 Gems)


  4. Pile of Gems (500 Gems) 4

    Pile of Gems (500 Gems)


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    Box of Gems (6500 Gems)


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    Bag of Diamonds


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