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    Supercell Officially Launch Clan Wars for Clash of Clans Today

    By Ancol Lin on 0

    We have reported that Supercell will release Clan Wars for CoC. But we didn't expect such quick of it coming. Anyway, let's see the details of version 6.56.1. 1. Clan Wars Added Fight clan versus clan in strategic showdowns full of bonus loot! Fill your clan's War Log with the details of each epic fight! Participate in clan wars at no risk to your resources, shield or trophies. Battle for two new achievements: War Hero and Spoils of War Read More »

    Boom Beach Online Protection Tips

    By Commander Cheer on 0

    As the different of matching mechanism with Clash of Clans, Boom Beach didn't continue the shield system which you can buy one to protect your village for a limited time whether you are online or off-line in CoC. But Boom Beach added the online protection system. These two systems are very different. Next, I will tell you same tips about the online protection system.(PS: About matching mechanism, you can find details from here wrote by Ancol Lin) 1. You have online protection for 3 to 5 hours each day Read More »

    Supercell Released A Opera Trailer for Boom Beach

    By Tracyfan on 0

    Since Boom Beach was globally launched on iPhone/iPad platform, more and more players joined the battle, included me. This game is another great game from Supercell since Clash of Clans and Hay Day. In the game, you will play as a general to build your base, beat opponents and so on. Along with the globally launch, Supercell released an opera trailer for Boom Beach. Beautiful tropic islands, mysterious enemy bases, etc, all of these are waiting for you to explore. Without further ado, let’s take Read More »

    Clash of Clans New Update: Clown War Coming Soon

    By Ancol Lin on 0

    [Update]: CoC new update:Clown War Trailer Clash of Clans has not any update for two months. And with the launch of Boom Beach, I thought Supercell has given up CoC. But today, Supercell announced a big news that new update for Clash of Clans will come in April, 2014, and will add new multiplayer mode - Clown Wars. Meanwhile, the official also released a theme picture for the update. "Chief, this is the moment we've all been waiting for!!! We're super happy and excited to announce Read More »

    Gamevil Takes Over No.7 in 'Global Top 50 Developers 2014'

    By Ancol Lin on 0

    According to the 'Global Top 50 Developers 2014' which was released during the GDC 2014 by Pocket Gamer, Gamevil, South Korea famous mobile game developer, takes over 7th spot, and is the top of Korea developers. Compared to last year, the company rose by 5 spots. The 'Global Top 50 Developers 2014' were picked from thousands of outstanding mobile game developers over the world, based on comprehensive assessment of their sales, business innovativeness, and the number and scope of games released throughout Read More »

    Boom Beach Officially Unveiled Today, Take a Preview First

    By Ancol Lin on 0

    After Clash of Clans and Hay Day, Supercell finally released their new mobile game Boom Beach to the world today (Mar 27, 2014). So, pick weapons and go into the fight! Download Link: United States;China; Japan Boom Beach is a combat strategy game where you fight an epic war against the evil Blackguard. Take your expeditionary force to beautiful paradise islands invaded by the enemy. Fight for every beachhead, free enslaved islanders and explore the uncharted archipelago. The basic gameplay Read More »

    Supercell Determined Boom Beach Release Date, Will Hit App Store This Thursday

    By exist on 0

    Hey Guys, here is a good news that Supercell finally announced Boom Beach will launched globally on App Store this Thursday (March 27, 2014). Boom Beach is another simulation game from Supercellafter Clash of Clans and Hay Day. The game was launched on Canada and Australia for CBT as early as last November. After half a year of waiting,the official version is finally coming. The game allows you to lead your troops to invade others opponents' base, includes AI and players. Each base has the Read More »

    Clash of Clans' Father Supercell Opened A Branch Establishment in South Korea

    By Ancol Lin on 0

    It is reported that Supercell, the developer of CoC, opened a new office in Seoul, South Korea recently. And CrayonPixel's founder Jack Liu will be in charge of this new branch. Since being acquired 51% of the shares by Softbank, Supercell's CEO Llkka Paananen was full of confidence and said the mission of Supercell is to be a world-wide studio, just like Nintendo. So, Establishment of new branches in Japan and South Korea is perhaps an important step for Supercell. Before then, the other game Read More »

    GDC 2014: Gamevil Showcases Five Upcoming MMO Global Launches for Mobile Devices

    By yuko on 0

    During this week’s GDC, Gamevil’s showcasing five new games that will soon be released worldwide at their booth (via 148Apps). It’s worth noting that the five new titles are all online mobile games supporting multiplayer gameplay modes, maybe Gamevil thinks hardcore online multiplayer games will be big in 2014. Ok, here are some features of the five new titles they announced at a press conference. Zenonia Online, already out in Korea, is a very popular action-RPG series. This game will not Read More »

    Clash of Clans Hand-drawn Fanarts Collection

    By Tracyfan on 0

    Below are some fanarts that I collected from the internet recently. These pictures cover all troops in CoC. I'd like thank the painters of these pictures, who showed us such great works.. Well,without further ado,let's enjoy them together. Source: 18touch Read More »

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