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    Venator, an Action RPG, Combined With Clash of Clans Gameplay

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    Vernator: The Dawn of Chaos is a Korean mobile action RPG developed by NeoArena. The game features RPG-like battle system combined with Clash of Clans-like headquarter-running gameplay. Besides, the anime-style graphic and the fantasy story are also the attractive points. In the game, players need to form an at most 6-player squad to fight real-time battles against the enemies. You can turn on auto-fight from level 1, but you still need to manually release character abilities. Beisdes, you can also Read More »

    CoC Inspired RTS Rise of Dinos Launching in Latin America on April 17th

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    Rise of Dinos is a CoC-ish real-time strategy game. In the game, you just build your invincible village, prepare your heroes and train the cute dinosaurs for the real-time battles. But the different is you can control the actions of your troops during the battle. The game iscritically acclaimed and has won the first place of best new game on European, North American and Chinese iOS platform. Now, it is also available on Latin Americaon Google Play andApp Store, along Read More »

    Rise of Dinos: Train Cute Dinosaurs to CoC-like Real-time Combats

    By crazy guy on 0

    NetEase today announces the release of its self-developed cartoon-style combat strategy mobile game Rise of Dinos. Latin America will be the first place to see the game in April on Google Play and the App Store, along with PC download on the launch day. The gameplay of Rise of Dinos is similar to Clash of Clans. You just build your invincible village, prepare your heroes and train the cute dinosaurs for the real-time battles. But the different is you can control every move of your troops during the battle Read More »

    Supercell's New Pinball-like Casual Game Smash Land Released on Canada App Store

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    Clash of Clans and Boom Beach developer Supercell recently release its brand new mobile casual game Smash Land on Canada App Store. Smash Land is no longer a real-time strategy game, but utilized Monster Pinball-like gameplay. Of course, it also has its special features. In Smash Land, players can control a variety of heroes and fling them to smash enemies. Each Stage has different obstacles between you and your enemy. You must bypass them to attack your enemy. But, these obstacles would block enemy attack Read More »

    Mobile Games Face-off: East VS West

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    Each year, tons of mobile games were produced for the global market by Eastern and Western developers. However, game types havent been added. So, there are inevitably some same type of games from East and West. But because of the difference of design concept, they have their own features. In general, Eastern mobile games are more causal and utilize cute style of graphic. But Western games are generally hardcore with hardstyle graphic. Check out the comparisons and tell me what you side is. Little Noah Read More »

    Space Miner Wars is Classic “Space Miner” Meets “Clash of Clans”

    By Aaron on 0

    Have you ever gotten tired of too many Clash of Clans clones with different skin and icon? Recently a brand-new mobile game has been revealed at GDC 2015 named Space Miner Wars, which completely abandons doing strategy stuff with troops and introduces the ship battle feature in the classic game Space Miner. In Space Miner Wars, players have missions of exploring space, collecting ore and resources for the base. Besides, players can also go off and blow up other players Read More »

    Clash of Clans Style RTS 'Batman: Arkham Underworld' Announced

    By crazy guy on 0

    Infinite Crisis developer Turbine today announced a new mobile game called Batman: Arkham Underworld. Currently, there is no further information about the game except for the description Build your hideout, then recruit and train an army of henchmen to do your bidding. Command iconic super-villains from the Batman: Arkham universe, including the Riddler, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, and others. Grow your criminal empire and then crush your enemies to earn loot and respect, on the official site Read More »

    Don't Miss out Those 4 Amazing and Creative Video Game Super Bowl Ads

    By cindyhio on 0

    The Super Bowl 2015 has just arrived and it soon becomes the hottest topic in social medias. For video game developers, it is probably the best time to show their game in front of 100 million viewers. For gamers, what creative commercial ads we can expect this year and which one is the best? Clash of Clans First of all, Id like to talk about the famous movie star Liam Neeson-led commercial for the popular mobile game - Clash of Clans. In the opening of this ad, Liams village has Read More »

    Card Strategy Game Kingdom Dragonion Begins Pre-signup Event, Features 30v30 War

    By crazy guy on 0

    Kanomi Digital Entertainment today announced their upcoming card strategy mobile game Kingdom Dragonion begins pre-signup event while releasing its first teaser trailer. The game utilizes the Clash of Clans like gameplay, but also has its special features. Players need to not only build various resource buildings and defenses, but also command the forces to protect their kingdoms or invade others for resource. The biggest feature of the game is that players need to collect various creature Read More »

    2P's Top 10 Multiplayer Mobile Games of 2014

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    2014 will see its end in two days later. Over the past year, MOBA games began to invade mobile market. Vainglory, The Witcher Battle Arena, Heroes of Order Chaos and Fates Forever are the representative works of the kind. But facing the challenge of MOBA, the traditional types of mobile games, like RTS, RPG, Puzzle, arent knocked down. Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Puzzle and Dragons and other famous IP are still the mainstream of the mobile market. And the new games, like Chain Chronicle, Battle Read More »

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