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    Online Mobile Game Chart in Week #25 - Vainglory Comes Back to The Top

    By exist on 0

    The chart aims to present the most popular online mobile games that have been available for everyone (released or in open beta). There is a score for each game on the chart,which is calculated through certain fomula. Top 20 Most Popular MMOs Game Information This Week Last Week 1 VainGlory Super Evil Megacorp./MOBA/iOS 41680 New 2 Heroes And Read More »

    Clash of Lords 2, IGG’s New Combat Strategy Game Mixed RPG Elements

    By crazy guy on 0

    Nowadays, combat strategy is very common game type. Most of these games would be knocked down by Supercells Clash of Clans, unless they have special features. And Clash of Lords 2 is one of special combat strategy games. The basic gameplay is same. You just build headquarter, assemble troops and invade other players/AI bases. The different is you can collect and train heroes in the game. And there are totally 35 unique heroes for you to choose from. You will real-time command of your Heroes&rsquo Read More »

    [Korean Wave] Hero Sky - A CoC-like RTS with Plentiful Heroes and Epic Guild War

    By crazy guy on 0

    Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars is an f2p strategy game developed by Innospark. The game has the similar gameplay with Supercells Clash of Clans, but also has some unique features. Apart from training common troops, you can also customize various time-and-space-transcending heroes to battles. There are 200 different weapons for enhancing their power and defense skills. When you thought your troops are strong enough, you can join in or form a guild, and partake in epic guild wars. Download: App Store Read More »

    Relics of Gods - A Chinese Mobile Turn-based Strategy Title Heading To NA And EU

    By exist on 0

    Seasun Entertainment today announced thatRelics of Gods, a 3v3 turn-based strategy PvP mobile game, which has been specifically developed for an American players, is going to launch in the Apple App Store this summer and is scheduled to hit some of the European markets soon after the North American launch. Relics of Gods is Seasuns first mobile title for west market.The game has been developed for overthree yearswith the development investment of more than$20 millionin Read More »

    Top 5 New Korean Anime-Style Mobile Games for KaKao in 2015

    By exist on 0

    Kakaos is the top mobile game platform in Korean. Each year, countless awesome mobile games would land on the platform, such as Raven with Naver, Heroes, Seven Knight, etc. Today, I will share 5 new anime-style mobile games for Kakao in 2015 with you. Take a look! The Big Fool Kr Name:빅풋 Download: Google Play Action RPG is a common game type on mobile platform. Snowman is also one of them. But compare to the same-type works, Snowman has the bright characteristic. The game color slants Read More »

    Venator, an Action RPG, Combined With Clash of Clans Gameplay

    By exist on 0

    Vernator: The Dawn of Chaos is a Korean mobile action RPG developed by NeoArena. The game features RPG-like battle system combined with Clash of Clans-like headquarter-running gameplay. Besides, the anime-style graphic and the fantasy story are also the attractive points. In the game, players need to form an at most 6-player squad to fight real-time battles against the enemies. You can turn on auto-fight from level 1, but you still need to manually release character abilities. Beisdes, you can also Read More »

    CoC Inspired RTS Rise of Dinos Launching in Latin America on April 17th

    By exist on 0

    Rise of Dinos is a CoC-ish real-time strategy game. In the game, you just build your invincible village, prepare your heroes and train the cute dinosaurs for the real-time battles. But the different is you can control the actions of your troops during the battle. The game iscritically acclaimed and has won the first place of best new game on European, North American and Chinese iOS platform. Now, it is also available on Latin Americaon Google Play andApp Store, along Read More »

    Rise of Dinos: Train Cute Dinosaurs to CoC-like Real-time Combats

    By crazy guy on 0

    NetEase today announces the release of its self-developed cartoon-style combat strategy mobile game Rise of Dinos. Latin America will be the first place to see the game in April on Google Play and the App Store, along with PC download on the launch day. The gameplay of Rise of Dinos is similar to Clash of Clans. You just build your invincible village, prepare your heroes and train the cute dinosaurs for the real-time battles. But the different is you can control every move of your troops during the battle Read More »

    Supercell's New Pinball-like Casual Game Smash Land Released on Canada App Store

    By exist on 0

    Clash of Clans and Boom Beach developer Supercell recently release its brand new mobile casual game Smash Land on Canada App Store. Smash Land is no longer a real-time strategy game, but utilized Monster Pinball-like gameplay. Of course, it also has its special features. In Smash Land, players can control a variety of heroes and fling them to smash enemies. Each Stage has different obstacles between you and your enemy. You must bypass them to attack your enemy. But, these obstacles would block enemy attack Read More »

    Mobile Games Face-off: East VS West

    By exist on 0

    Each year, tons of mobile games were produced for the global market by Eastern and Western developers. However, game types havent been added. So, there are inevitably some same type of games from East and West. But because of the difference of design concept, they have their own features. In general, Eastern mobile games are more causal and utilize cute style of graphic. But Western games are generally hardcore with hardstyle graphic. Check out the comparisons and tell me what you side is. Little Noah Read More »

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