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    Clash Royale: 6 New Cards Released in the Upcoming Update!

    By shaylynsun on 0

    Days ago we post a page about the upcoming updates with lots of new changes (new cards, chest rewards,…) and seems like everything is going to be true! Today, Supercell has released the fourth sneak peek about 3 new cards in this update! Lava Hound: The Lava Hound is a majestic flying beast that attacks buildings. The Lava Pups are less majestic angry babies that attack anything. Miner: The Miner can burrow his way underground and appear anywhere in the Arena. It's not magic, it's a shovel Read More »

    The Division Toppled Black Ops 3 in March Digital Sales; MMO Still Profitable

    By Fury116 on 0

    SuperData Research, the data provider of global game market, has released the latest data of video game revenue on digital platforms. According to their charts, Ubisoft's MMO-esque open world title The Division tops the revenue chart on PC and consoles. Supercell dominates the mobile platform and League of Legends continues to crown the F2P MMO chart.   The Division toppled Black Ops 3 in digital sales on consoles The Division has become one of the fastest- selling games worldwide in the Read More »

    Clash Royale Useful and Informative Tips from Top Player xSCWx

    By cindyhio on 0

    Either you are new to Clash Royale or you are already playing the game for a while, one of the fastest ways to improve in the game is to read the tips the other seasoned players might have. Today I am going to share a very useful guide created by xSCWx, one of the top players in Clash Royale (currently #1 in the game with  4215 trophies). General   The King's Tower only pulls out its gun if you kill an Arena (side) tower or if you hit it. In most cases you want to avoid hitting this Read More »

    Clash Royale: Supercell’s New Cash Cow Game

    By joesilveira on 0

    Supercell, creators of the popular mobile games Clash of Clans and Boom Beach have come out with another popular game for the ios and android platforms. The 5.5 billion dollar company is dominating the mobile market through genius marketing techniques and fun gameplay designs. Clash Royale has topped the App store charts in 44 countries and doesn’t look like the game is slowing down anytime soon. Master of microtransactions, the Supercell team has copied their previous game models to encourage in-game Read More »

    2015 Top 60 Mobile Games "That we don't play anymore"

    By MFGLife on 0

    These are organized from community favorites, youtube uploads, and of course my personal opinion. 1-10 Ace of Arenas Call of Mini: Infinity Need for Speed: No Limits Deck Heroes Eternal Arena Magic Rush: Heroes Star Wars: Uprising Boom Beach Mobile Strike Asphalt 8 11-20 Angry Birds RPG Arcane Legends Fallout Shelter Spirit Lords Call of Champions Nova 3 Battle Run Words with Friends 2 Clash for Dawn: Guild War Colopl Rune Story 21-30 Super Battle Racers Angry Birds GO Marvel Read More »

    Clash Royale's Cheating Tool Allows You to See Opponent's Elixir

    By Sacharin on 0

    An assistant app for Clash Royale and Clash of Clans named "叉叉助手" appears in China. By using this CR cheating tool, you can see your opponent's Elixir during the game and unlock the chest automatically. See Opponent's Elixir  叉叉助手 can show the amount of opponent's elixir. You can start Clash Royale in this tool. After starting the floating window and entering the game, a Elixir sign appears in the top of the screen. The number is exactly the amount Read More »

    Topic: What New Cards Would you Like to See in Clash Royale

    By Aaron on 0

    Supercell has announced a balance update for Clash Royale yesterday, nerfing the most popular cards like X-Box, Princess and more, but it has been around a month since last major card update. I believe that numbers of new cards are under consideration, and Supercell is still working on balance and waiting for perfect timing to release them. Since the game is based in the Clash of Clans universe, we will play some guessing game and pick some popular cards in COC but haven't been added to Clash Royale Read More »

    Watch out Supercell - There's Another Competitor in TapRPGs!!

    By MFGLife on 0

    Compass Point: West Gameplay We are almost at the point where we can control each unit independently. Actually, Compass Point: West does a great job with their control system. They integrated a deck system that allows you to choose your team, while independently placing them onto the battlefield. Placing them onto the field from specific starting locations starts your combat, as you choose which target to attack. As you click around your screen, you navigate your team to destroy buildings and kill Read More »

    EA Unveils Clash Royale Like 'Plants vs Zombies Heroes'

    By Sacharin on 0

    Electronic Arts is hopping on that road today with the limited launch of its free-to-play Plants vs Zombies Heroes collectible card game for mobile devices. The game takes many of the core principles of the Plants vs Zombies series, and a lot like Clash Royale did with Clash of Clans.  EA's PopCap Games plans to update the game frequently with new content. The story has Dr. Zomboss, the zombie scientist, experimenting with turning zombies into Super Heroes. The experiment goes wrong and Read More »

    Supercell: Yep, We 180 People Earn $2.3B in 2015

    By Sacharin on 0

    The hottest mobile game company Supercell released 2015 annual financial filings yesterday. With just 3 games- Clash of Clans, Boom Beach and Hay Day. Supercell earned 2.3 billion dollars last year. COC, which released in 2012 is still in lion share of Supercell income. Although Supercell did not disclose the specific proportion, but the conclusion is obvious. COC still list 1, 2 in the mainstream iOS market list. Based on the analysis of mobile application agency App Annie's report, Supercell is the Read More »

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    Chest of Gems (14000 Gems)


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