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Who are we?

2P, yes, you called it, simply read as To Play. We don’t actually define 2P, it’s you who decide what it is about. It can be what to play, how to play, where to play, when to play etc, just name it. And we are determined to provide you any kind of resource you might be interested in.

2P basically is a social game news site that currently focuses on MMO entertainment, and we editors are just average gamers that you can meet in any MMO games. But with the experienced editorial skills, passion of innovation, and the love for games, we can ensure you guys, unlike other ordinary game sites which might be filled with shitty news, 2P will not fail you.

Becoming a member of 2P will cost you a few minutes, that’s only what we take from you. We strongly recommend you create an account to join the passionate 2P community to share and discuss the latest gaming news. We also need talent writers. If you feel devoted, try our contributor columnist. You will be able to post news stories once you pass the contributors test.

Well, what are you still waiting for? Get started now!

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