Which Class Fits You Most in Blade & Soul

Are you a very confident person?

Would a person be impressed by you at the first sight and invite you to dinner?

Can you tell if the person you meet for the first time is interested in you or not?

Do you believe alien visited earth before?

Have you had a pet?

Do you tend to try and test new method or take a familiar method?

Do you like entertainment show on TV?

Do you have breakfast everyday?

Do you like thrillers?

Are you good at comfort the others?

Do you often stay up late?

Do you believe after a person dies his spirit still exists?

Do you enjoy taking risk?

Have you ever dreamt of winning lottery or inheriting a big fortune?

Do you spend money without a second thought?

Do you like making a bet with others?

Do you think you are not afraid of troubles?

Once you decide to do something you won't stop until it's done.

Do you have deft hands?

Do you spend money without a second thought?

Are you interested in supernatural local legends?

Are you a decent player in one of the sports such as soccer, basketball and swimming?

Normally would you trust the others?

Would you allow your friends to borrow your money when they promise to pay back the money?