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The wait is over. Blade & Soul NA and EU first closed beta weekend dated October 30. There will be at least 5 beta weekends, according to NCsoft, and those who own a Founder's Pack will have a guaranteed spot in all closed beta tests.

If you haven't had a Founder's Pack, you can sign up at the official site for a chance to join the tests. Of course there will be beta key giveaways and more information will be revealed soon.

We have lots of articles about B&S at the game's hub, including almost everything you want to know about the game. Check it out.

Basic Information


Don’t know which race and class to choose from? You can read this beginner guide make you decision.

  •  Blade Master
  •  Kungfu Master
  •  Destroyer
  •  Force Master
  •  Assassin
  •  Summoner
  •  Blade Dancer

Blade Master

Keywords: Long-range attack and defense

Race: Jin, Yun

Weapon: Blade


Blade Master who controls the blades is an offensive and defensive class. Blade Master could not only give opponents fatally damage in melee combat, but also control blades to start a range attack. This class' excellent swordsmanship will help he/she to handle all kinds of conditions.


Blade and Soul provides 4 races for players to choose from, included Gon, Jin, Yun and Lyn.

Gon Jin Lyn Yun
The mighty Gon, infused with the energy of the Dragon, make stalwart and generous allies but fearsome combatants.
Available Classes: Destroyer, Kung Fu Master
Versatile, tenacious, friendly, and wise – the Jin channel all the legendary features of the Black Tortoise plus their own strong sense of justice.
Available Classes: Assassin, Blade Master, Kung Fu Master
Descendants of the Kirin, the Lyn are known as much for their unpredictable nature as they are for their otherworldly mysticism.
Available Classes: Summoner, Force Master
Bequeathed with the beauty of the Phoenix, the all-female Yun prefer the divine order of the natural world over the politics of civilized life.
Available Classes: Force Master, Blade Master
Gon's Creations Jin's Creations Lyn's Creations Yun's Creations

Maps Previews

There are four main regions in Blade & Soul EU and US version:The Viridian Coast, The Cinderlands, The Moonwater Plains and The Silverfrost Mountains. Each region provides content through different level ranges and features different monsters, quests and of course awesome scenery. Let's take a look at the official introduction of these four regions below.

The Viridian Coast The Cinderlands The Moonwater Plains The Silverfrost Mountains

PC Requirements

  Grade 1 (Minimum) Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6 (Recommended)
CPU Dual-core and above Dual-core and above Quad-Core Quad-Core Quad-Core and above Quad-Core and above
RAM 2.00GB 4.00GB 4.00GB Above 4.00GB Above 4.00GB Above 4.00GB
Graphic Card
(NVIDIA/GeForce Series)
GT 620 DDR3 GT 430/ GT 740M GDDR5 GT 640 D5/ GT 640M GTX 650/ GTX 550 Ti
GT 650M/ GTX 750M
GTX 650 Ti boost/ GTX 760M/ GTX 765M GTX760/ GTX 770
GTX 680M/ GTX 780M
HDD 7200 RPM Mechanical Hard Disk 7200 RPM Mechanical Hard Disk 7200 RPM Mechanical Hard Disk 7200 RPM Mechanical Hard Disk 7200 RPM Mechanical Hard Disk/SSD 7200 RPM Mechanical Hard Disk/SSD
OS XP SP3 Windows 7(64bit) Windows 7(64bit) Windows 7(64bit) Windows 7(64bit) Windows 7(64bit)
Resolution Ratio 1024x768 1440x900 1440x900 1920x1080 1920x1080 2560x1600

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Blade and Soul

Developer: NCSOFT

Closed Beta: Oct 30th, 2015

Official Site: