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Age of Heroes VR

Age of Heroes is a multiplayer combat VR game that emphasizes physical and intense boss battles. Pick up your weapons, team up with other players, and banish evil demons to protect the world.








Age of Heroes VR screenshot
Age of Heroes VR screenshot
Age of Heroes VR screenshot
Age of Heroes VR screenshot
Age of Heroes VR screenshot
Age of Heroes VR screenshot
Age of Heroes VR screenshot




Game Features:
- Single player and multiplayers mode up to 6 players;
- 4 different characters available (Mage, Warlock, Archer and Preist), more will be released in later updates;
- 4 scenes, including 3 Battles: Hall of Death, Freezing Stronghold, and Fort of Horror;
- 90 minutes of expected playing time;
- Easy access and control, including a tutorial at the beginning;
- Full Chinese/English credits and audio guidance;
- Developed for HTC Vive, Room-Scale or Stand-only recommended. You may not be able to cast some spells while seated.

Game Background:
A thousand years have passed, the energy source of this world is once again under the siege of enemies! Those fallen demons who brought about despair and destruction a thousand years ago are once again rallied and try to break into our world! Heroes, it is your time to pick up your weapons and banish those demons into their own realm.

Team Up
Age of Heroes supports Single-player and Multiplayers; The game has much more fun in multiplayers mode: try different builds with your friend, find your proper position in your team, and figure out the best way to defeat your foes! But beware, the more players there are, the more difficult the game is.

Available Character:
Mages are high-born masters of the element power from the Energy Source. They have Fireball, Frostblast and Thunderstorm abilities.

Warlocks are drawn to the dark side of the Energy Source. They have learnt the way of fighting demons using dark power. They can summon powerful Golem to draw enemy fire and use spiritual power to support their team. They have Summon Golem, Soul Assumption and Golem Explosion abilities.

Archers are well trained fighters who spray volleys of arrows upon their foes. They have Shots, Exploding Arrow and Multiple Shots abilities.

Preists are blessed with great healing power. They can even resurrect dead teammates in combat.


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