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Mortal Blitz

Mortal Blitz is the new translation of 'First-Person Shooter action VR' game that applies our old days’ gun-shooting arcade games from arcade game centers with actual gun shaped controllers into VR platform.








Mortal Blitz screenshot
Mortal Blitz screenshot
Mortal Blitz screenshot
Mortal Blitz screenshot
Mortal Blitz screenshot
Mortal Blitz screenshot
Mortal Blitz screenshot




  • The battle utilizing landform/objects: active use of head tracking & positional tracking technology
  • A.G.C System (Anti-Gravity Control System): interact with surrounding objects with the gravity control system
  • Rapid game play with high speed teleportation: shorten the movement time and reduce VR Sickness
Mortal Blitz utilizes the unique and special functions of PSVR and delivers the most immersive experience in a Virtual Reality world. With Anti-Gravity Control System, the player is capable to move various objects and actions like throwing those objects, grabbing new weapons and opening doors are possible. With Groggy System, the player can experience a stylish battle by pulling in enemies in groggy state with slow motion and in-air shots.

Further, ‘Mortal Blitz’ utilizes accurate head tracking and positional tracking technology to let the players to enjoy and use various environmental objects during the battle by actually moving their bodies. ‘Mortal Blitz’ aims to provide more realistic and dynamic experience as well as game environment.

Game Story  

The world where humans and mechanized androids coexist together.
Their peaceful and harmonious relationship had developed and maintained by a few capable leaders, but soon they started to fight for their own rights. The social order began to die slowly due to the unfair dealings between humans and androids.

After all, groups of android extremists refused to live with humans and built their own powerful government. With the transcendental power and high intelligence, soon they began to rule the world including humans. The player and his companions are members of the resistance against this android super power, fighting against evil groups who try to eliminate the resistance. To rebuild the peaceful world that humans and androids can coexist like before and to protect their homes, the fight starts in here once again.

Key Terms  


Dominion means every city unit that is under the control of Android government. Generally, each Dominion is divided into 3 different zones (for upper-class, middle-class, lower-class) and lower-class people keep their residence outside a giant wall. Years of oppression had ground these people down. Most of them are either discarded androids, anti-political humans, or Teratomas who are priority control targets of the Android government.
They are imperfect Androids. People used to call human form robots rebelling against the Android government as ‘Teratoma’, but today, all kinds of rebellious groups against the Android government are called as [Teratoma] regardless of their origin. It has the internal meaning of disobedience.
An Artificial Intelligence robots with independence of thought. There are not only organized robot armies for battles but also these robots have replaced human labor in many industries including medical and educational fields.
Game story
The main residence of Teratoma was attacked by the Android government and the leader of the resistance, Alice’s body is destroyed.

The player and his companions are heading to the resistance base located outside of Dominion to gather any remained resistance forces. They are getting ready to launch an operation to secure the route to the center of the city. While the soldiers of the Android government are turning their eyes to the Teratoma’s residence outside the city, the counterattack to the heart of the control tower will begin.


He used to be a secret agent of F.O.R.C.E., the group of Android government’s elite soldiers. He is specialized in intelligence collection and combat. While he was carrying out an assassination mission by the order of the Android government, he finds out about the terrible ‘Teratoma destruction plan’ of the Android government’s top-level groups. He decides to wash his hands of the job, and was killed by his most trusted colleagues. Fortunately, his body was found by Rachel and brought back to life. He joins the resistance to stop the evil plan of the Android government.

A calm and steady-handed leader of the resistance who leads the resistance platoon of ‘Teratoma’. She was abandoned on a ruin when she was a kid, but became elite agent under her adoptive parents’ care who used to be doctors.

Faithful elite agent who leads the resistance with Rachael. He has a lot of temper but has a strong sense of justice and powerful physical ability.

Both human and android general combat solders who are against the Android government’s tyranny and joined the resistance.



Hybrid Android based on Human’s gene and combat android’s framework. The first successful type of Hybrid Android for mass production. The early models generally have very low A.I. There were repeat improvements later and various types of Ghosts were produced. They attack with toxic water from the distance and use their sharp hands to attack at the close range.

A parasitic form creature that infects resistance solders(Trooper) and controls their body and mind. These creatures can only be eliminated by killing their hosts. After infected (after became Leper), the host feels no pain and continues the battle without any combat power loss even if it is injured. The Android government reinforced numberless Lepers from the place called ‘Nest’ and sent to the battlefields.

Flight type Android with an excellent search function on wild and narrow areas that ground type android is not capable of going. Drones are not heavily armed, but they can chase after their enemies and seriously damage them by self-destructing. They can destroy Yuhei’s shield by a few self-destructions, so be very careful when you confront with them.

Half man and half machine flyable android based on Ghost’s gene and bat wings. They show aggression but low intelligence behaviors.

They were developed to supplement the early human form Ghost model’s weaknesses on wild environments. However, they have the same level of power as other Ghosts since only flying ability was included.


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