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The Terminator 2 3D mobile is the official mobile game of Oscar winning movie Terminator 2.








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Terminator 2 Screenshot
Terminator 2 Screenshot




NetEase E3 2016 Conference: Terminator 2 3D Mobile Interview

Chinese leading gaming company NetEase has hosted their own game conference at E3 2016. During the conference, the company revealed the future plans and some upcoming mobile games. Among all games, there is a very special game named Terminator 2 3D. Licensed by DMG, the Terminator 2 3D mobile is the official mobile game of Oscar winning movie Terminator 2. During the conference, we sat down with Andy Anderson, Vice President of the Motion Picture Group for DMG Entertainment and talked about the game and the cooperation with NetEase.

Q: It's my great pleasure to interview DMG on the upcoming mobile MMO shooter Terminator. We know that you are the Vice President of DMG Entertainment's Motion Group, Could you please tell us more about yourself?

Well, I handle all of the international entertainment for DMG inside of China so that includes adapting international TV formats to Mandarin language, international film marketing and distribution. And it also includes licensing, merchandising as well as our attraction business. We have a Transformers attraction that we're building in Beijing in 2018.

Q: The Terminator series is a very famous science fiction franchise around the world. What does the franchise mean to you?

Personally to me, I grew up with this franchise. I mean this is the 25th anniversary of this particular film, and I remember watching it when I was very, very young. But I never quite saw it like this because I was too young to go into the cinema, and I know especially in China they didn't show this film in the cinema. So for this film to come back around 25 years later in 3D in cinemas worldwide is very exciting.

From business perspective, the franchise, especially the movie Terminator 2: Judgmental Day, is a great opportunity for me and my team. We see great potential in it, I mean not just huge Box Office expectation, but the marketing, the licensing and merchandise. We can do so much about it and of course, the mobile game we are talking about today is just one of so many of our innovative attempts. As a matter of fact, We are now launching a big T2 exhibition in China's southern city Shenzhen. Our partner brought about the great idea of offline gaming attraction.

Q: There are a lot of great film franchises. Why DMG and NetEase choose to bring Terminator to mobile devices?

First, it's science fiction which is the number genre of both game and film around the world, and it's a very recognized property. I mean people have been watching this for 30 years. There's very few properties that people still kind of pay attention to. And I mean we have the power of NetEase. They're a very, very strong platform, and with the film and the game together, it just makes sense. Nowadays , people will expect multiple ways to experience certain stories, or should we say, big IPs. And Terminator is one of the most suitable film franchises for mobile games. It has a unique universe and it's action movie, which makes it perfect to develop into a mobile game.

Q: Why you guys choose to team up with NetEase to bring us Terminator mobile game?

They're a very powerful company. I know that they'll take care of the characters. They'll take care of the designs, so they're very high quality. And they'll get it out to millions and millions of their users. So they seemed like the perfect company to work with.

Q: What's your favorite NetEase game?

Well, the hottest thing right now is Overwatch, right? Everybody's playing Overwatch. That's a Blizzard game, but NetEase is handling it in China.

Q: .What do you think is the key point of making a good mobile game adapted by film?

I think you have to look at the DNA of the film and you have to understand why do fans really enjoy it. What is it about those characters? What is it about that story that people really like? And you have to either maintain that or you can even push it forward a little bit and give people really what they immediately enjoy. And then obviously with the gameplay it has to be engaging. People have to be excited to binge on these games really. They don't sit down and play for 5 or 10 minutes. This is one of those games that they'll sit there and play for hours. Characters, story, design, music, all those are really important things and then gameplay, very action focused.

Any other games you can expect under the Terminator franchise?

Yeah, there are a few other games not in competition with NetEase, of course, but there is a VR game that's happening, and there will be an SLG game as well. Terminator's a very cool franchise, and it can yield itself to multiple genres, multiple types of categories of games.

Q: There are other Terminator IPs in mobile market such as Terminator Genisys: Guardian. Compared with them, what do you think about the cooperation with NetEase?

True. And I think it's NetEase itself. I think that the size of this game is much larger than any other Terminator games. You can see in the demo that there are multiple sort of first person shooter setups and third person shooter setups, but there's also driving, and there's just lots of different scenes and actions you can perform in the game. And there is one thing different, and this difference will definitely make our game stands out from all others. We work very close to NetEase, and we are now trying to distribute the game and the movie simultaneously. In this way, we bring movie fans we get from cinemas to the game.

Q: The game is like the mixture of lots of genres such as role playing, shooting, racing, survival and more. What do you think about this style of game? For a mobile game, do you think it should be more concentrated to one genre?

I think that the way that games are nowadays, I think that people demand a little bit more. Games are becoming more and more sophisticated. Players are more and more sophisticated. So I think they expect games to be more and more sophisticated. So that's why NetEase developed it with all the different genres included.

What is your favorite game feature in Terminator 2 3D?

For me, I'm such a big fan of the films that when they have the weapons directly from the film or there's the shotgun or the chain gun, those are different things. Those are things that we don't see in other movies and we certainly don't see in other games. And so I think that those are unique and those are fun to finally play with because as a kid watching that movie, those are the coolest items in the movie. So now I have the ability to control the character and actually play with those guns, and I think that's quite cool.

Q: Will DMG and NetEase release Terminator 2 Mobile in the global market? That's a great question for NetEase. We've discussed it. We're discussing it at the moment.

Q: Is there any other detail about Terminator mobile game you can share us?

Well, hopefully we'll be able to get that demo out soon so people can start to see what it has but it's got a little bit of everything. It's a big game, a big game. It's bigger than most of the mobile games, so I think people will really enjoy it.

Q: How big will the game be when it comes out?

Well, I mean just big the feeling of. I'm not sure how many levels or maps or whatever that they have because it is still a little bit in development, but the feeling of that demo which you've also just seen and the feeling of sort of the mission that this character's on is huge and that's the fun part.

Q: Do you want to say something to Chinese Terminator Mobile game fans?

Chinese fans are great. Look at the way that Chinese fans are all over Warcraft. Look at the way that Chinese fans have dominated the global gaming space. Chinese fans are the biggest and best gamers in the world, so I think that they'll get excited with Terminator 2 for sure.


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