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Build Away! is an idle clicker/city building sim.








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Build Away! Screenshot
Build Away! Screenshot
Build Away! Screenshot
Build Away! Screenshot
Build Away! Screenshot




* SIMPLE & RELAXING - Tap n’ swipe to grow your city from a caravan park into a metropolis!
* GROW ENDLESSLY! – Automate your city and earn continuously while you’re away!
* UNIQUE RE-DEVELOPMENT - Erect new buildings over old ones for happiness boosts and bonuses.
* FESTIVALS – Increase production by having carnivals and giving out free ice-cream!
* FRIEND TOURISTS - Attract friends to help you grow and customize your town!
* INVEST WISELY - Prove your strategy with smart decisions on when to upgrade and re-develop.
* PLAY ANYWHERE! - The world’s best idle city simulator is free to play online or offline!

Build Away! Tips, Cheats and Strategies

The Basics
The only way to earn more money to buy new buildings is to, well, earn it. Early on, this is fairly straight forward, but you need to keep an eye on your power as well as your production rate.
If you increase your production rate too high without balancing out the power, then you’ll have a very inefficiently run building. You need to keep the two in harmony together, otherwise you’ll be stuck having to collect money manually.
Keep an eye out for the exclamation mark next to a building. That means there’s an issue, such as low power. Boost the power up so it levels up, before you consider increasing production too far.
Remember – you can upgrade something all the way to 1 before a level up, before it causes any substantial difference. That can be an ideal tactic to pursue if you’re trying to use your money gradually.

Love is some of what you need
Love isn’t all you need, but it is useful. Love boosts your profits if you use it on buildings. Do this often and treat Love as a special form of premium currency.
On the plus side, there are a few options on how to collect more. You can gain it by adding friends to the game, so get your pals involved. Also, swapping between different buildings gives you some Love, so plan accordingly and figure out the sums behind this boost. It’s a little time consuming but the best route to a lot of extra Love.

Taking advantage of the freebies
Watch the adverts that are offered to you regularly. By doing so, you can keep deliveries enabled for up to 12 hours in a row. What do deliveries do? They double the amount of money you earn while they’re active. That makes a huge difference to how quickly you can get ahead because money means more stuff!
At regular points, you’ll gain a free briefcase or two. These are usually acquired when you hit a certain building milestone, by watching ads, or even just through collecting money every once in a while.
Briefcases give you three random cards. Typically, two are for some form of currency. This can be regular cash or Love (if you’re lucky). The other is a building card. It’s either a brand new building to add to your collection or a duplicate. The former works as the kind of main part of the game – collecting new building types. Keep using those briefcases.
You can buy briefcases, too, but the price increases the further you progress in the game. You want to do this relatively early on, rather than wait till the price becomes excessive.
Often, a giant pink balloon appears. Hit it and you activate the carnival. You’re given 20 seconds to collect as many coins as possible, before enjoying a multiplier and other bonuses. It’s pretty much the only truly interactive part of Build Away! so you want to use it whenever possible.




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