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Fruit Warriors

Fruit Warriors is a browser-based fruit themed SRPG. In the game, players will be assigned to a fruit planet and encounter magical girls who look like various fruits such Bananas, Apples and Strawberries. Players will work with them to fight the evil Devil King and save the world from his tyranny.








Fruit Warriors Original Painting
Fruit Warriors Original Painting
Fruit Warriors Original Painting
Fruit Warriors Original Painting
Fruit Warriors Screenshot
Fruit Warriors Screenshot
Fruit Warriors Screenshot


Players will be sent to a beautiful wonderland and team up with dozens of cute fruit-shaped warriors for a brand new adventure. Players can travel anywhere within a fantasy fruit-themed game world. Owning various powerful mounts will improve player’s combat skills and provide fast travel. In addition, joining an adventurers’ guild allows players to set up a mighty fruit empire and extend their rule over the lands of Fruit Warriors. 

The story takes place on a continent named Heim of the planet Taskana which is six light years from Earth. On this tiny planet a group of fruit-shaped creatures exist which possesses similar abilities to humans. They normally live a peaceful life. However, they have been attacked and invaded by demons that have the desire of controlling the whole continent, if not the entire world. The Prophets of Heim have decided to ask Earth for help and have chosen certain heroes (players) who will travel to Heim through the teleports made by the prophets and fight with allies against the demons. 
Players can choose their favourites among a variety of different fruit themed characters. Each fruit warrior has his or her own uniquely designed appearance and ability. To defeat the impending darkness brought by the Demon King, players need to put each fruit warrior they have into good use during battle. Superior tactics and in-depth strategic planning are necessary for success. Each decision of the player might make the difference between victory and utter defeat. 


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