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Casual Warrior is an auto fight RPG.








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Casual Warrior Screenshot
Casual Warrior Screenshot
Casual Warrior Screenshot
Casual Warrior Screenshot
Casual Warrior Screenshot
Casual Warrior Screenshot
Casual Warrior Screenshot
Casual Warrior Screenshot



>>Auto Fight
Automatically farm weapons and gears for you, save your valuable time just enjoy it!

>>Companion System
Summon the most compatible group and helps you fight anytime. All of the companions are exquisite.

>>Skill combination
Figure out your best compatible and most powerful skill set, winning glory in the battle arena.

>>Avatar system
Equipment is able to reflect the appearance of each character.

>>Gorgeous pet
Exclusive skill for each every pet make you don't fell bored and select the good one will make you much more stronger.

Casual Warrior FAQ


How to Reset Skills?
From level 1 to 24, you will be able to reset your skills for free, the button to reset is located on the top left corner of Skill window.

Note: the amount of gold you spent on will not be refunded during reset, only skill points, which includes the ones you gain from eating/using Skill Bread.

How is a Skill Book used?
Skill Book is only used after reaching level 40 with skills at level 10 and above.


What is the best color of equipment?
The ranking of equipment goes from: Grey, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, and Red (from worst to best).

No. of Additional Bonus Stats for each ranking of equipment:

Grey – 0 Bonus
Green – 1 Bonus
Blue – 2 Bonus
Purple – 3 Bonus
Orange – 4 Bonus
Red – 4 Bonus

What are keys used for?
Key are used for opening Equipment Box for MAX Basic Stats ONLY (the text in white color in your equipment display)

There are 3 tiers of key; Bronze Key, Secret Key, Blaze Key

key Bronze Key; Level 5 -40 Equipment Box
key2 Secret Key; Level 45 – 60 Equipment Box
key3 Blaze Key; Unknown

How do you get Red/Legendary equipment?
Firstly, you will need to kill the demon in any given adventure starting from level 15 map. After successfully killing the Demon, you will receive an orange box for your level or the next tier level. These orange equipment can be enhanced then evolved to a Red/Legendary equipment.

Where do I get Rings and how can I enhance it?
Rings can be obtained through Arena, Arena's Shop. You need Arena currency, Honor Medals to purchase them. Higher level rings requires higher Military Rank to unlock.

Photo May 19, 7 28 23 PM

rank exp arena rank
Example of Military points and Rank List

Jewelry like Rough Stone, Idol's Eye Idoleye, Kor-I-Noor Kor-I-Noor are few of the listed materials to enhance your Ring level. They can be obtained through various method like;

Mal-Wart, Honor Shop in Arena, winning 4 streak bonus in Arena, exchange using Bronze Coin from IcePole Shop.

Where do I get Weapon Coupon?
2 ways of getting Weapon Coupon; From 30 Day check in reward on the 5th day or purchase in Mal-Wart.

Why are there only Sword and Shoes in Weapon Coupon exchange?
The purpose and intentions of these legendary + 9 items are for Equipment Evolution used only.

What are Mutagen?
Mutagen is a consumable item that is used in gear refinement.

What and where can I do gear refine?
Gear refine is a function where players can re-roll bonus stats to the ones they desire, but it is on a random basis. You can find Gear Refine at Lab.

Each refine cost 1 mutagen, each lock will add on 1 mutagen cost.

Locking 3 stats will cost 4 mutagen in total.

Alternatively, if you do not have any mutagen to use, you can re-roll stats at the cost of gem. 30,60,90,120 gem respectively. This function is only available when you are a VIP3 player.

How do I get MAX on a bonus stats in gear?
Refining gear gives you a chance in getting a max bonus stats on your gear. Once that stats is rolled to max, it will stay as max even after a re-roll without locking it.

Before refine
Speed 59 (Max)
Crit + 4.5
Crit Def + 10.5
Life + 100

After refine
Assassin Atk + 6% (Max)
Dodge + 4.4
Magic Point + 10
Warrior Atk + 4%


What is the best class? Assassin, Warrior, or Magician? assassinwarriormagician
All class have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Assassins have base speed bonus, 1,500 speed.
Warriors have 150 MP and base physical attack modifier; ranging from 20-35% (percentage of modifier needs to be confirmed) Total Physical Damage = ((Basic Weapon Attack Stats + Bonus Stats)*Warrior Attack %) * 20%
Magicians have 180MP and Spirit Bonus.
How you utilize Skill Build and Equipment Bonus Stats + your personal preference of play style will determine how strong you are with your character.

Therefore, there is no BEST CLASS in the game.

What is the best class skill build for Assassin, Warrior, or Magician respectively?
Please refer to JehutyEx's class skill guide in the link below.



When can I join a Guild?
When you hit level 19. Head over to the Guild Castle and hit apply button to whichever guild you decide to join.

How do you make a Guild?
You can create a Guild at the cost of 300 gems and only when you're not in any existing guild as Member, Elder or Leader.

Is there a way to transfer Guild Leadership?
As of current version, there is no function for a Leadership transfer.

Why can't I type in Guild Vow and it says "input error"?
Any use of symbols or some punctuations example:!?*^%$ creates that error. It's the way the game is being coded, therefore most symbols can't be used in Guild Vow.

However, odd enough, Emoji can be used.

What does "CP" mean and how does Coliseum works?
CP refers to Coliseum Points. These points are accumulated through all coliseum matches you finished over the course of a Round.

In Coliseum battles, you will be facing off random opponents of your rank, if you're hosting the game.

Whoever is "hosting" as the "frontline" match up will determine the rank of your opponent's rank.

Example; Silver and Gold pair up. You will likely to face any AI (Bot) opponent from Silver instead of Gold. But there are still instances were a higher rank AI pairing up with a lower rank AI generated as your opponent by the system.

In situations where no one is online or available to match up with you while you wait as a host, after 20 seconds, you will be paired up with a random AI (Bot) of your rank.

In normal Coliseum Battle, a rule of +1 -1 of rank pairing is imposed.

Meaning; if you are Silver silver, you can only pair up with Bronze bronzeor Gold gold players.

For Union Coliseum, a rule of +2 +2 of rank pairing is imposed.

Meaning; if you are Silver silver, you can pair up with Nothing/ Bronze bronze or Gold gold/ Platinum plat players.

What is Union Battle and How / When can I do Union Battle?
Union Battle is where you can do Union Battle with fellow Guildmates. Function is only available after you join a Guild and the timing for Union Battle is from 8:00am – 12:00am, Server Time.


What is Hellgate and how do I participate?
Hellgate is a dungeon that can capacitate a maximum of 6 player in a party, rushing through 3 waves of enemies within the next 3 minutes.

It is available for players when they hit level 25.

3 participation chance a day, 10 resurrection chances.

An announcement will be made in world chat and system when the gate opens. There will be a timer countdown of 3 minutes before the gate closes. After the gate closes and you have missed your chance to participate, you will have to wait for the next 56 minutes for the gate to open again.

Each Hellgate tier is an increment of 10 levels, the different tiers are as follow:

Level 25
Level 35
Level 45
Level 55

Successfully completing the dungeon and the team will be rewarded with various type of items like; Mutagens, Skill Books, Spinel, Random Pills, etc


Why can't my pet use skills after learning Balance?
As stated in the skill description, Balance increases physical attack at the cost of restricting any active skills on pets and launching normal attack only.

Thus, your pets won't be able to use any active skills. However, it's a great skill for Pets like Revenge & Sword.

Why can't I use Mystery Summon?
Mystery Summon can only be used by VIP3 members.

What do they mean by "Other ways" for special pets?
From Facebook Events, Dungeons or other ingame Events.

Be sure to check out our Facebook regularly for Events and participate to stand a chance in getting these Ultra Rare Pets.

VIP Status

VIP Status can be obtained by spending real money to buy gems in the game. You will receive different benefits from different amounts of gems purchased. These benefits can help you in the long-term, which will make your life easier in Casual Warriors.

VIP1: 100 Gems
VIP2: 500 Gems
VIP3: 1,000 Gems
VIP4: 2,000 Gems
VIP5: 5,000 Gems
VIP6: 10,000 Gems
VIP7: 20,000 Gems
VIP8: 50,000 Gems
VIP9: 100,000 Gems
VIP10: 200,000 Gems

Detail information on each Tier benefit of VIP is as follow:

VIP 1 (100 Gems):

Increase 10% enhance success rate
Could use pet toy to lock 1 passive skill
Pet will gain extra 20% Exp during battle
Could purchase 1 Reborn Cross Daily [Revive function in Hellgate]
Auto-fight time will be reset when offline [Resets to 4 hours when you go offline from game]
BONUS GIFT: 10x Bronze Key, 1x Equipment Coupon, 1x Helltooth Chest lv5

VIP 2 (500 Gems):

Contain V1 Privilege
Auto-selling function unlocked [Will not put White, Green, Blue, Purple gear in bag anymore]
Could purchase 5 Arena battle chances
Increase single auto-fight time to 8 hours [Double current auto-fight length]
Unlock Bronze Key in VIP Shop
BONUS GIFT: 10x Enhancement Stone, 1x Equipment Coupon

VIP 3 (1,000 Gems):

Contain V2 Privilege
Mysterious Recruit unlocked
Increase Seal Stone's limit to 4
Could purchase 1 Coliseum chances
Increase single Auto-fight time to 12 hours
Unlock Evolve Stone/Magic Steel in VIP Shop
Could use Gems to refine gears [30 Gems replacing 1 Mutagen essentially]

VIP 4 (2,000 Gems):

Contain V3 Privilege
Could use pet toy to lock 1 combat skill
Pet will gain extra 25% Exp during battle
Could purchase 5 Reborn Cross daily
Could use time travel for 5 times
BONUS GIFT: 20x Random Pill, x3 Random Combat Ele Skill, x5 Random Passive Ele Skil
VIP 5 (5,000 Gems):

Contain V4 Privilege
Could use character's 5th skill slot (Current is only 4 skills)
Increase Seal Stone's limit to 5
Unlock Spirit Crystal and Spiriual Fruit in VIP Shop (Useful to make evolve gear and random pills respectively)

VIP 6 (10,000 Gems):

Contain V5 Privilege
Could use pet toy to lock 2 passive skills
Could purchase 1 chance in Atlantis (Please see Atlantis Guide for reward details)
Could purchase 3 Coliseum chances
Unlock Spirit Stone and Spirit Jade in VIP Shop
BONUS GIFT: 50x Mutagen, 20x Kindling, 10x Equipment Coupon

VIP 7 (20,000 Gems):

Contain V6 Privilege
Increase single Auto-fight time ti 24 hours
Unlock Secret Key in VIP Shop (Key needed to open level 45 Orange Chests)
Could use time travel for 7 times

VIP 8 (50,000 Gems):

Contain V7 Privilege
Could use pet toy to lock 2 combat skills
Pet will gain extra 30% Exp during battle
Could purchase 7 Reborn Cross daily
Unlock Spinel in VIP Shop
BONUS GIFT: 10x Force Pill of Miracle, 10x Life Pill of Miracle, 3x Random Passive Ult Skill

VIP 9 (100,000 Gems):

Contain V8 Privilege
Could purchase 2 chances in Atlantis
Could use time travel for 10 times
BONUS GIFT: 15x Force Pill of Miracle, 15x Life Pill of Miracle, 3x Random Combat Ult Skill

VIP 10 (200,000 Gems):

Contain V9 Privilege
Could purchase 3 chances in Atlantis
Could purchase 5 Coliseum chances
Could use pet toy to lock 3 passive skill
BONUS GIFT: Bless III Pet Skill, Rush III Pet Skill, 20x Life Pill of Miracle

How do I get to certain VIP levels?
As mentioned above, different VIP levels are awarded by the accumulated gems you buy. For example, if you bought 1,000 gems you would be placed in VIP 3 which contains all the privileges from VIP1 to VIP 3 listed above. On the VIP page accessed by the Shop Icon in Homescreen, you can see how far you are til the next VIP level and all the benefits. (Below shows 100 gems til VIP 1)

How do I buy gems?
In the same Shop Icon from Homescreen, there is a tab called "Diamond" (shown below). In this tab you can see the different payments for different gem rewards. Please note that "First time awards" do not count towards your total gem count, for example if you buy 300 gems for $4.99, you will receive 420 gems but your VIP meter will only be at 300 gems.

Likewise for Month Card, you will receive 30 gems a day for 30 days, but your VIP meter will not increase by 900 gems but only 120 gems.

Using a credit card connected to your Apple Store account will allow you to make these purchases.


How can I level faster?
There are currently 3 known methods of leveling fast.

Use Time Travel – After the first free Time Travel, subsequent use of time travel will cost you gems at an increment value thereafter. Example; 0, 25, 50, 50, 100 (The cost for 5 Time Travel). Each Time-Travel gives you an hour hour worth of experience point.
Stay offline. As of now, offline experience gain is more than online experience gain, so if you want to maximize the amount of experience point gain per hour, I suggest you stay offline.
Higher Force Rate yields more experience point gained. However, there is a cap on how much experience gain at a certain Force Rate. (Refer to the FAQ below in increasing Force Rate)

What is Force, how do I increase it and how does it affect me?
Force, is a measurement of how strong your team are collectively and higher force yields more experience gain.

Here are the list of things that will affect your total Force Rate:

Character: Equipment Base Stats, Equipment Bonus Stats, Skill Level
Pets: Stats Parameter, Active Skills and Passive Skills
Another way to increase your Force is to consume Miracle Seed , which adds 1 value randomly to one parameter on your Character's Base Parameter like: Assassin Atk %, Magic Atk % and Warrior Atk %.

What is the Spirit Stat?
Spirits is a stats that adds Magic Attack and Magic Def.
*(Need more data to find out the actual calculation on % or value it adds)

What and where should I spend my gems on?
Invest in Mutagens, Skill Bread and any evolution or enhancing materials (if you have spare gem change of course.)

Don't waste it on "Variant" summons since it will be free after every 24 hours cooldown.


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