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Forsaken Legends sets in a persistent and procedural world. In this world, NPCs will evolve and level up, and they'll even gather resources and find food themselves. Also in this world you can expect different content each time you visit the same area, as the enemies are procedural, the loot is procedural. Besides, completing quests, hunting mobs, and building things in the game will change the world and environment.
Similar to most sandbox games, crafting and live skills are a big part. You can be blacksmith, you can be fisherman, chef, and so on. Whether you like skinning, foraging, mining or hunting, you can find it useful in this game, whether it can earn coins from the auction house, or help your guild in the siege battle.








Forsaken Legends Screenshot
Forsaken Legends Screenshot
Forsaken Legends Screenshot
Forsaken Legends Screenshot
Forsaken Legends Screenshot
Forsaken Legends Screenshot
Forsaken Legends Screenshot
Forsaken Legends Screenshot
Forsaken Legends Screenshot



Forsaken Legends is a multiplayer open-world procedural sandbox game created by Holy Fire Games. Players are able to claim plots of land, craft tons of gear and items, create massive bases, collect pets and mounts, explore an endless procedural world with multiple biomes, fight massive world bosses, engage in PvE or PvP battles, and much, much more. Development of Forsaken Legends started in October of 2015. Since the beginning, our goal has been to create an immersive, persistent game world that can be enjoyed and shaped by massive amounts of players.

Completely-Persistent World

The Forsaken Legends world is a world that lives and breathes. Imagine a world that continues to exist regardless of player interaction. NPCs will evolve, level up, gather resources, find food, and so on. Economies will change based on supply and demand…and much, much more! Monsters will roam around, level up, prey on each other, attack towns, mate – or, simply put, they will live.  Regardless if a player is around, the game world will continue to exist and evolve over time. When players drop unwanted gear, that gear will continue to exist on the ground in bags for other players to find and take. Every interaction with the world by the players or AI persists and influences the world around them.

With the technology of Spatial OS platform, the game can accommodate a great number of players in a server. Therefore, the game world is divided into quadrants, which allows both casual and hardcore players to find a place in the world that suits their gameplay style.

Normally with multiplayer games, servers are broken down by geographical location and then even further to support thousands of players in an area. By utilizing the Spatial OS platform, all players can be kept from one location on one server instead of having to split them up across multiple servers. This allows countless numbers of players on a server, which makes the world feel more alive.

Simply put, the Forsaken Legends world lives, breathes, and changes. Players can literally shape the world around them by completing quests, which remove problem monsters from the area, harvesting and selling resources to towns, and much, much more! Players will shape the economy through supply and demand, fund town growth, and more!



The economy in Forsaken Legends is a dynamic system based on supply and demand. Players will be able to sell items to merchants with prices based on what that merchant needs at the time. The same goes for players purchasing items from vendors. If the vendor has a surplus of leather, the price will reflect that.

Players will be able to sell items on an auction house, as well. If you’re not able to find a particular item on the auction house, you’re able to create a player-created quest on a ‘job board’, and other players can fulfill your request with your set price. All players can see the ‘job board’ at any time, so prices will be influenced by supply and demand, as well.

Players will be able to travel between cities across the massive, endless world and fulfill the needs of NPCs and other players in that area by transporting goods back and forth between towns to take advantage of the supply and demand of that particular area.

One of the great things about Forsaken Legends is that there are multiple ways to enjoy and play the game. If a player chooses to do so, they can build up a trade empire between towns and amass great wealth, with never having to raid, do instances, PvP, or any of the other styles of gameplay that others might enjoy, while, on the same token, allow players who don’t want to mess with trade, to simply purchase items from vendors and auction houses with a steady supply of the material they need for raiding or quest lines. This allows players that enjoy different play styles to benefit the community as a whole!



Players will have a wide variety of skills available to them, ranging from blacksmiths to enchanters. Players can also level up other skills, such as fishing, cooking, skinning, foraging, and more!

One thing we are focusing on is making sure that player skills never become obsolete. Taking the time to level up any of these skills will never be wasted in Forsaken Legends. Whether it’s creating high-end raid gear, crafting potions, or creating siege weapons that guilds can use in guild battles, your skills will always be needed!


Procedural Loot

Not only are the worlds procedural, so is the loot you can find! All items are based off of a standard base item. Upon a player being awarded an item, we randomly generate bonus stats for that item and assign it to the player. Another cool feature of Forsaken Legends is the ability for players to influence the type of loot dropped for them through equipping different items. For example, a player could equip a rune stone that would have a 10% chance of making any weapon or armor piece that’s dropped to be geared towards spell power.

Base Construction/Defense

Players and guilds will be able to claim plots of land throughout the world to build their forts on. Our construction system is socket-based, as shown in the video below. Building bases is extremely intuitive for players and guilds and is fully influenced by physics. If your foundation is destroyed, your entire fortress can come tumbling down!

Guilds will be able to choose which members of their guild will have access to what building features to ensure the safety and security of your guild fortress.

Guilds also have the option to take their constructed base into an instanced battle with other guilds where guilds will compete to destroy the other guild’s base while defending their own. Guilds will be able to have a full-out war with siege weapons, mounts, and normal ground combat. May the best guild win!

Remember, our world is completely persistent and one massive, endless world for players to explore and build upon. If you find that someone already is building in the perfect location next to the lake you just found, continue walking for a few minutes in any direction, and, chances are, you’ll find a perfect slice of the world to call home!

Is building massive fortresses not your thing? We’ve got a solution for you, as well, through our blueprint system. You’ll be able to choose from pre-built homes that can be unlocked in the game. This will allow you the benefits of having a home in the world without the need to build it from scratch. You’ll still need the required building materials, but you won’t have to place everything by hand if you don’t enjoy building your own design.

Another aspect of base construction is the ability for players to test their base defense in an instanced battleground. Players can defend solo or in groups against waves of AI-controlled monsters. This allows the player to test their defenses and also earn rewards for surviving long battles against enemy hordes. Since this is an instanced battleground, the player doesn’t have to worry about rebuilding their base afterwards, but it will allow them to identify weak points in their defenses.


PvP – PvE – Hardcore

The way we’re handling PvP, PvE, and Hardcore settings for the game is by dividing the world up into quadrants. These zones will be easily understood by the player as to what the combat rules are between other players and the consequences for dying in that zone. This allows players to find a place in the world that suits their gameplay style.

We also want to reward players who choose to wander into dangerous hardcore areas, both PvE and PvP. In these zones, the consequences for death will be high, but who knows what kind of loot or bosses you’ll find in these zones! Players will be made aware any time they are coming close to a hardcore zone to ensure players don’t wander into the area by mistake.

If you enjoy a strong PvP experience, you’ll be able to choose an area in the world where players can attack both your player as well as your fortress. Turrets and AI guards will help protect your base, as well as any guild mates that are around you.

Don’t want to wander off on your own to build a home? Simply store your loot at your guild fortress and have a better chance of keeping it secure while you’re not around.

Feeling sneaky? Grab some friends together and plunder through the lands, destroying everything in your way.

Since our world is persistent, when a building is destroyed, the pieces will stay around until scavenged by other players. This allows you to reclaim a percentage of the building materials the player used to build their fort.

If PvP isn’t your thing, you’ll be able to claim land and explore in a more peaceful quadrant of the world. You’ll still have to worry about your base being destroyed, but only from monsters or the dreaded Forsaken patrols. You’ll still want plenty of turrets and AI guards to ensure the safety of your estate.

To ensure that players don’t abuse this system by building in the safety of PvE quadrants and then plundering and pillaging through other players’ bases in PvP quadrants, players who have land claimed in a PvE quadrant won’t be allowed onto a PvP quadrant player’s land. They will still be allowed to do PvP player combat but will not be allowed to destroy players’ forts. The same goes for if the player is a part of a guild who has land claimed in a PvE quadrant.

By splitting up the world into combat quadrants, this will ensure players can play with the game style they enjoy without worrying about having a gameplay experience they hate.


Character Classes

Character classes are handled a little differently than what you’d normally expect to see in a RPG. Players are never locked into a class at any point in the game.

Players choose which skill trees they want to invest points in as they level. This allows players to mix and match conventional classes together to create endless hybrids.

Gear also plays heavily into what role a player will be performing at any time. Gear will add armor, health, spell power, agility, and so on, that will determine how effective a player can be in any role they choose. For example, if a player wanted to perform a healing role for a guild raid, they would switch to one of their saved skill-tree layouts, find their spell-power armor and weapons, and simply equip them. If they need to change roles mid-raid, they would simply change their skill-tree layout, armor, and weapons, and start performing the other role they need to fulfill.

Players can choose how far to spec into each tree to come up with a unique playing experience that they enjoy!



Combat in Forsaken Legends is fast-paced, skill-based, and real-time! You’ll need to aim at your targets while dodging attacks. Boss fights are dynamic and engaging. You won’t see anyone ‘tanking and spanking’ bosses here!

Check out the video to the right for a better understanding of how combat works in PvP and PvE.


Exploring – World Events

The Forsaken Legends world is a procedurally-generated endless world. There are multiple types of terrain to explore, such as forests, deserts, oceans, mountains, and much more! Each area of the world will have unique monsters, loot, and bosses.  Each area, or biome, will also have special world events that happen only in that biome. A few examples of world events would be meteor storms that leave resources (and destroy anything they hit), massive bosses that require a team effort to conquer, outbreaks of darkness that distort monsters in the area, patrols, and fortresses of The Forsaken, and much, much more!



A lot of the player gameplay experience will happen in the open world. For players who enjoy raiding and instances, we have procedurally-generated instances to explore. Every time you enter the instance, it will be a different experience. This ensures fresh gameplay experiences every time you play. Some instances might be just a boss fight, while others might be full dungeons that need to be cleared.

We also are implementing player and guild daily and weekly challenges. These challenges are smaller instances where players and guilds will have to survive against hordes of enemies that come in waves. Players and guilds can compete against each other to see who can clear the instances in the fastest time each day and week for rewards.


There are also PvP instances that players and guilds can battle each other in. These instances range from simple deathmatch-type instances to full guild-siege warfare. Guilds will have the ability to have base-vs-base combat where each guild tries to destroy the other guild’s base, while, at the same time, defending their own base. We will also have other battle modes, such as capture the flag or team deathmatch.  There will be a lot of combinations of these gameplay modes for both players and guilds to enjoy.


Forsaken Legends has full guild support built in. A few of the features that guilds will enjoy are:

  • Guild Forums. Guilds will be able to have their own subforum on our official forums to communicate and coordinate with their entire guild. These subforums can be set to private or public.
  • Guild ranks. The ranks will be used for permissions with the other features listed below.
  • Voice chat with multiple channels for organization. Guilds will be able to set up multiple channels such as class leaders and individual class channels. This allows leaders to chat with each other without the entire guild talking over them, similar to how the military is structured. The class leaders would then be able to chat with all of the members of the guild who are under their command. This mode can be turned on and off so when you’re just doing normal instance clearing, the communication can be open to everyone; but, once a boss fight starts, it can be locked down to be more organized to ensure important commands are being sent to the correct people.
  • Guild plots of land. Guilds will be able to claim large plots of land throughout the world and specify which guild members have the authority to build or modify base structures on that land.
  • Guild bank. The guild leader will be able to choose which player ranks can do each action with the guild bank.



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