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Energy Heroes is a free-to-play team versus team science fiction Third Person Shooter designed to enhance collaborative gameplay experiences by tweaking the classic rules found in MOBA and other team based online multiplayer games.









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Energy heroes is set in a distant future, featuring a rich science-fiction world where players can choose from 10 different characters belonging to three different species classifications with each their own unique set of skills and weapons. The environment sprinkled with a mix of style elements from the comic books and futuristic movies universe delivers contrasted colors and first-class graphics.


Assassin, scientist, pilot… They all are masters of their trade. The mercenaries hired by the SCD are skilled in attack, defense, or support, and make fine teams.
Belonging to different species from all over the galaxy (humans, Nelmas and Jorvaks), they learn how to fight in teams, joining their forces and combining their skills in order to win their fights.



Assault - Strong and tough, assaults are fearless derring-do who spearhead the action right into the heart of their objectives.
Auxiliary - Valued for their medical or technical abilities, auxiliaries play a supporting role and strive to make the odds turn in their team's favor.
Protector - Hired to protect their allies and cover their advance, protectors are the most resistant mercenaries who take bullets for their teammates.
Infiltrator - Always attacking unexpected, the main task of infiltrators is to eliminate the other team's mercenaries quickly and silently.


This stage introduces the players to the universe of the game and allow them to discover Energy Heroes gameplay principles and subtleties.



Aim, evade and jump in order to protect yourself and dodge enemies' bullets. Play as a unique mercenary equipped with weapons and special skills.

Work with your team mates to accomplish the different game's objectives, don't forget that your actions will have an impact on your team.

Use and combine your team's mercenaries strenght, interact with the environment and explore the corridors of the Stage375 to lead your team to victory.


ID : 25503-C-0406
A daredevil and an impetous girl. With these words, anyone would recognize one of the SCD's best fighter pilots.
TRACKER - Foes hit by Cornalyx are tracked on the map and the radar.
PROXIMITY MINE - Lays a mine that detonates when an enemy comes near it.
SUPPRESSIVE FIRE - Highly scattered sub-machine gun fire.
ELECTROMAGNETIC GRENADE - Delayed explosion sticky grenade
ELECTRIC BLAST - Unleashes a shock sphere that electrocutes nearby foes.
Born and raised on Mhym's fleet, the young Cornalyx started her initiation on Vhotz, a planet that no longer exists. As it happens sometimes with Nelmas, her first attempt at initiation failed. But she met an intelligent and pre-spatial race, which she contacted even if it was against the rules.
Back on the fleet, she returned to her life as a shuttle pilot, while still dreaming to pilot one of the big Nelmas cruisers. Following the tradition, she had to wait to start her initiation over.
Her skills as an impetuous pilot earned her several admonitions. But everyone knew that, one day, she would be one of their best fighter pilots.
It was then that she met Azura, and their nonconformism got the two Nelmas closer. Atran, Cornalyx's lover, informed her that planet Vhotz was going to be annihilated by a supernova, but no rescue plan had been arranged for the Vhotzians.
With Azura's help, Cornalyx stole a ship. They landed on Vhotz in disregard of the Council's orders and started to evacuate the population. That is where Cornalyx found her ore, an orange crystal irradiated by the solar winds. And it was her friend, in the midst of a dying race, that performed her initiation.
Because she had become an adult, she could be judged when she came back, and she was banished. Azura did not have any trouble, because of an agreement that had protected her from the Council's wrath. But she could not bear to see her friend being exiled, so she tried to help her escape.
Cornalyx was the only one who managed to flee in the Hornaq, while Azura was sent to prison. Cornalyx crashed on Jok and was taken in by a Jorvak technologist named Dhiur. As soon as the Hornaq was repaired, she left for Volh'Ny.
There, she draw the attention of the SDC, which was always looking for brash pilots for their operations.
ID : 14402-K-3004
Some join out of economic necessity or by default, but Kurt is born for this job. He is a hard-boiled and audacious adventurer, and no human is better armed or better prepared for combat than him. His cybernetic arms make wonders as well in close combat as in fire combat.
BERSERKER - Improves Kurt's offense when his health is low.
BIONIC GRAFT - Instant healing and temporary power boost
TACTICAL SHOT - This shot causes improved damage after a given number of successful hits.
PIERCING SHOT - Powerful shot that partially shatters the target's armour.
BARRAGE - Heavy damage explosive missiles.
But let us go back to the beginning. The young and well-mannered man born on the human Disk and raised on Layem thought about joining the army at an early age. Confrontations, whether they were verbal or physical, did not scare him, and he was already pretty good at defending himself, the result of a turbulent youth.
His career changed when his unit abandoned him and left him for dead. He survived, then became a contrabandist and, later, a bodyguard. He spent years going through the human systems. He killed almost all the leaders of the Black Hand, for revenge, in only one night, after the organization had assassinated his main client.
He started again travelling through the stars, and eventually settled on Folt, as a mercenary. His skills, his experience and his composure made him a great addition to any team, and he started to work especially for the E'Nyhm, who really liked his aplomb and his ability to hold the front line.
It is during his time working for them that he lost an arm, because of an explosive bullet. This arm was quickly replaced, as a gesture of gratitude for his services, and Kurt decided several years later to have the other one replaced too, obtaining the appearance that everyone learned to fear nowadays.
The SCD had been trying to hire him for years, and had even been offering a fortune for him to come. He eventually accepted, because he wanted to work with a team, and used his skills to negociate a very advantageous contract.
It is said that Kurt is one of the pillars of the SCD, his steel arms are only the first vision of a relentless and merciless assault. Kurt's enemies are not numerous, except in graveyards.
ID : 16601-L-0807
Thoughtless but tough, Larho is a force of nature. Do not go thinking that he is easy to shoot down because he has no armour or tactical suit. Because your persistence will be useless against his shield and his natural resistance.
IGNITION - Ignites every foe that takes damage from him.
FLAMES OF FEAR - All burning units are rooted
FIERY BREATH - Burns foes in front of him with his flame-thrower.
INCENDIARY ROCKET - Launches an explosive rocket
MAKESHIFT SHELTER - Sets up a shield in front of him, allowing him to push forward while under cover
Born on Jok from a large family, Larho was known during his youth as the Trance-less Jorvak, because he had never had any dream of creation. Therefore he remained a farm labourer for years.
Everything changed on the day Tarek's shuttle crashed. Tarek was a human who later became Larho's friend and offered him the means for his first trance with the wreckage of the shuttle. Larho invented a flamethrower and decided to become an igniter and bring the fire to all the isolated villages.
But such a weapon is no mere lighter, and something easily predictable happened : he provoked a violent fire and caused a lot of damage for which he could not reimburse. He was sentenced to serve 10 years in the Jorvak penitentiary combat corpse, where he learned how to fight and became the bulwark everyone knows today.
Because he had miraculously survived his years of service, Larho was still asked to pay for the fire he had caused. His brother Dhiur advised him to become a mercenary, as well to flee the planet before getting into more trouble as to earn enough to reimburse what he owed and finally be freed of his past.
Once hired as a mercenary in a small company, his reunion with Tarek on the human Disk allowed him to contact the SCD to apply among the best.
With his combat experience and his exceptional defensive skills, the SCD did not hesitate a second and made him one of the pillars of the mercenary teams that intervene in the worst war environements.
When you will face Larho do not forget that he is here, somewhere, ready to stop you with his shield and his flamethrower. Protecting his team is his vocation, and is there a better protection that eliminating his opponent without letting him any time to attack ? Pay attention to the napalm smell.
ID : 14408-S-1909
A mad dog, an arrogant, short-tempered or utterly cold man. It is fairly difficult to describe Duncan Lodington, which the whole galaxy now knows as Spade.
BLOODTHIRST - Spade's power is improved each time he downs a target.
MURDEROUS DASH - Dashes over a short distance.
ASSASSIN'S SHOT - Shot dealing damage over time.
HUNTER'S SHOT - Ensnaring shot.
PREY OF THE BLACK HAND - A single target temporarily takes more damages from Spade's attacks.
Born on Laïr and promised to a successful career as a prince of crime, Duncan saw his whole world collapse on the day his father was arrested and his inheritance was scattered. Already nicknamed Spade at the time, the young human ended up squandering the money his father had left him, before killing all his father's former allies, whether they were guilty or not, in one of those moments only he knows.
Because of that, he was hunted down by the assassins hired by the new mafia leaders and, forsaken by his father, he had no other choice but to run away from Laïr.
He decided to play dead for a while, which was pretty difficult for Spade. Then, after some time had passed, following one of his suicidal ideas, he merely took the Black Hand leader's place, the group of assassins that had been hired to kill him, hence resolving the problem of his bounty. He quite easily managed to usurp Patrir Melandato's identity, nobody ever suspected anything, and he started a new life.
That life came to an end on the day he decided to resume looking for his father, falling back in one of those times where he knows no logic. He tracked him down, found him on Aldir and killed him right away. However, arrogant as he was, he had no escape plan and only managed to escape thanks to mere luck, but it left him wounded, as much physically than in his self-esteem.
Nonetheless, this getaway had saved his life, as the Black Hand's other members had been killed by strangers as he was accomplishing his personal vendetta. This event marked the end of his career as a lord of assassins, and left him on the street and penniless, but once again known as Spade. He became a mercenary to earn enough to survive, and was later hired by the SCD.
Never trust well-dressed people, Spade may be hidden among them, his gun pointed at you.
ID : 24406-E-0911
Self-educated, intuitive, adventurous, changeable, creative and dreamy ; all those adjectives can be used to qualify Elyah, and you will have to remember all of them on the day you will meet her. Her deceptive composure hides an unbending will.
NANOSHIELD - Shield that regenerates when Elyah does not take any damage.
ELECTROMAGNETIC GATE - Makes a gate materialise, which gives an armour bonus to allies and deactivates enemy weapons.
GRAVITON RESONATOR - Sticky sphere that explodes when touching a foe, or shields allies in the area of effect.
PULSE EMITTER - Heals allies and damages foes present in its area of effect.
ABILITY AMPLIFIER - Temporarily improves the attacks of all your allies.
Born on Aldir, Elyah only stayed there long enough to leave, because her dream was to visit the stars. A facetious fate lead her to Kaharn, and under the guardianship of the very wise Tark, an exceptionnaly gifted Jorvak technologist.
Several years later, she decided to head towards new horizons, and went to Volh'ny. But proficency and willpower are not enough against the nepotism of E'Nyhm nanotech schools, so she ended up working as a mere waitress.
Elyah had become rather solitary when she met Fay. Fay was a jocular and extrovert young woman, the perfect counterpoint of Elyah's composure. The two of them quickly became good friends, brought closer by the similarities in their backgrounds.
At this time, she was already working for several mafia gangs, but limited her involvement and the risks by only taking enough money to finance her personal laboratory. The change came when Fay and her were hired on the Starlight for a cruise which turned out to be a trap. Treason of the crew, pirate attack, murders, pillage, Elyah was spared none of it, revealing to have nerves more solid than Cyrionnir steel.
The pirates never understood what hit them. They had left Elyah alone in a maintenance room. The young nanotech expert did not need anything more to put traps inside the ship and send a distress call. That is how she offered the emblematic Bloody Sun on a plate to the Nemas.
As a reward for her efforts, she was brought back on Volh'ny and abandoned there. This time, she was alone, because Fay had not survived the pirate attack.
Hopefully, there are still some observant eyes in the world, and Elya quickly joined the SCD thanks
ID : 15501-V-1601
Forget the poisoners and knife-wielding assassins, you will never see Veilone when he will have decided to kill you. Stealthy, invisible and as ruthless with his enemies as he is, it is not a goot thing to end up in the former Nelmas scout's gunsight.
SHARP-EYE - Veleione's damages are improved, according to the distance between him and his target.
DECOY - Makes a clone of Veileone materialise.
PRECISE SHOT - Sniper shot dealing heavy damage.
CRIPPLING SHOT - Crippling shot slowing its target's flight.
AMBUSH - Improves Veileone's clones, and makes them invulnerable.
Born on Nelmo from a wealthy family and having a bright future ahead of him, Veilone never really adapted to the Nelmas high society, unlike his older brother. He decided to become a soldier, thus following the footsteps of his father, admiral in the 3rd Nelmas fleet.
He was a talented scout, but never good enough in his father's eyes, so Veilone eventually got tired of his pressure and his demands, and left his family and his people.
Becoming an escapee and an expatriate, here is a destiny the young man had not seen coming, but which was forced on him when he arrived on Laïr. Having fallen in the world of crime, he owes his salvation to his encounter with Scar. Hitman and philanthropist assassin in his spare time, Scar took the young Veilone under his wing to teach him his art.
Veileone skills as a scout were developed, which made him one of the most quiest assassins. But Scar's lessons were mostly about the multitude of existing methods to kill people. A domain in which his pupil turned out to be more than promising.
It only took him several years to emancipate himself from his mentor and to start working alone. His contracts made him travel abroad and made him rich, but he was not necessarily happy.
It is during this wealthy time that he stole his favorite weapon : a cutting edge sniper rifle, prototype from the SCD.
His career stopped suddenly when he was asked to kill Scar, a mission he refused to fulfil because he did not want to kill his only friend. This failure forced him to accept joining the SCD as a scout, as an ersatz of what he had been.
How could you escape such an assassin ? If you are asking, it is already too late, your head is already in his viewfinder.
ID : 15503-L-1310
Discreet, withdrawn and as cold as an Aldirian winter. That is how you could describe Liore when you see him for the first time. And you would be right, until a certain point.
BURDEN OF THE PROTECTOR - Each time Liore takes damage, the Charge gauge is increased.
HUMAN SHIELD - Liore takes damage instead of an ally.
REDEEMING SHOT - Shot whose fire rate is improved according to how filled the charge gauge is.
VAMPIRIC ROUND - This shot heals Liore, according to the damage it dealt.
PROTECTIVE DOME - Generates a large shield around Liore.
Liore was born on Numya, the third Nelmas colony, and his life seemed traced by a titanium cable. He began working very early in the reprocessing of crystals to provide for his gravely ill parents, and he thought his life would end like theirs : with pain.
It did not prevent him to start a family with Yra, who gave birth to three sons before Myra, their only daughter, came into the world at the price of her mother's life. But Liore doubled his efforts to take care alone of his family.
The change in his life occurred, first, with his parents' death, not long after Yra's, and then when the Bloody Sun, a pirate ship, arrived. The pirates assaulted his village, kidnapped Myra, killed his sons during the attack and took him prisoner.
Myra was rather quickly sold as a slave to a rich merchant. Thus, Liore lost the last link with his family. But he did not want to give up and decided to escape to look for his daughter.
He had to wait for weeks before having an opportunity to get away, but this came during the attack of a merchant ship. He managed to flee with a shuttle, and landed on Atloss, a moon of Tyr.
There, after having survived for months, he met Ellen, a human captain who helped him find his daughter's trail on Aldyr, in a luxurious complex.
Liore and Ellen asked the SCD to help them to storm the complex and free the slaves working there. Everything went well, except for the fact that Myra had been moved before the attack.
Since then, Liore works for the SCD, which offers him the opportunity to keep looking for his missing daughter. And his natural inclination to protect his teamates makes him an unflinching pillar during the SCD's worst assaults.
The best way to make Liore intervene ? Attacking his team ; you will be dead before figuring out why the wall charged you.
ID : 26603-K-2906
A flame, bright and impetuous. That is the only way to describe Krisha. Joyful and exuberant, she is also spirited and fickle, and nobody knows how to handle her.
VICTORIOUS FRENZY - Each time she kills a mercenary, her skills' timers are shortened.
DRAKON FORTIFIER - Improves Krisha's power and shields her.
EXPLOSIVE BURST - Charged rocket launch. The greater the charge, the more rockets are launched.
HOMING MISSILE - Launches a homing rocket.
MISSILES BATTERY - Launches a row of rockets, straight in front of her.
Born on Drakon, Krisha and her younger brother Torek only had one objective during their childhood : to join the legendary Drakon Legion. They managed to do so without problem, two orphans were ideal recruits.
The duo quickly became famous, and their ways to fight, so dissimilar, earned them the nickname of Ice&Fire. But then Krisha became unit leader, and her brother and her were separated because of the organization of the Legion.
Krisha later distinguished herself during a intervention involving a Nelmas cruiser. She destroyed the ship to save her men, thus becoming an icon and being assigned, subsequently, more dangerous missions. This new assignment did not have only bad sides, because she was allowed to pick her team and was thus reunited with her brother for new missions. But that did not last long.
She was sent on a glacial planet to look for information about that Nelmas cruiser which had never been sent. Bad idea : she and her team ran into Nelmas troops which, even at a heavy price, eliminated her whole squad. The operation was secret, so Krisha could not expect any reinforcements.
So, when Torek was seriously injured during the last fights, she called for help. The SCD was the one who answered her call, and decided to rescue the two survivors in exchange for information about the Legion : Krisha had to betray her people to save her brother's life.
Torek left the SCD as soon as he could, whereas Krisha, now banished from the Drakon space because of her treason, had no other choice but joining them.
Remember that the next time you come across her, a captain from the Drakon Legion is not an opponent you can take lightly. You can only make that mistake once.
ID : 24404-I-2911
Quiet and silence. Two things that are always surrounding Ino, so much that her presence only exists when she wants it to. Not anybody can be Silence.
OPTIC CONCEALMENT - As long as she does not fight, Ino is invisible.
EVADE - Ino instantly disappears in an electric cloud.
SLASH - Quick forward blade slash.
GRAVITATIONAL RAY - Electry ray that snares its target, preventing any escape.
STEALTH STRIKE - Instant teleportation behind an enemy target, where Ino delivers a punishing blow.
Born on Cyrion, Ino never knew her mother, which died one year after her birth. With no other known relatives, she was placed in an orphanage, where she revealed to be an especially precocious child, although a bit solitary.
Her life really started after her fourth birthday, when she was chosen by the Phoenix Clan recruiter to become one of the assassins serving the 8 families of the Blue Wings. During her education, she demonstrated extraordiary abilities, dominated the Phoenix Clan tournament and graduated with honors from her training years.
Once she was ready, she was put at the service of the Maddington family on Cyrion, where she met Aria, the family's driver. Ino became Fisk Maddington's favourite, and was sent to accomplish the most dangerous missions in duo with Aria.
But their accomplishments did not appeal to everyone, and the Blondi family orchestrated a war between the Maddingtons and the Mom'bokes, another family from the Blue Wings, which devastated their respective domains.
It took Ino several weeks to find out about it. And it was during a mission that brought her away from their HQ that the Mom'bokes attacked to kill Fisk.
When she understood, she quickly came back and arrived just in time to kill the attackers who had assaulted the Maddington residence as a desperate response to their own HQ being taken by the Blondis.
But in crime, treason is hidden within details, and it was Aria that eventually killed Fisk, before a flabbergasted Ino's eyes.
Ino was rescued by a SCD ship that was investigating the Maddington manor battle. After an explanation, she accepted to join their ranks, to fight for a more noble cause and, mostly, to find Aria.
Since then, she fights for the SCD. Stealthy, she will strike at the best or the worst, depending the point of view. Do you hear this silence ? Too late.
ID : 25502-A-1912
Azura looks so forgiving that you will never understand what beat you. Some talked about her as a young and sweet Nelmas, before discovering that it is far from being the case ; there is more to the former priestess than meets the eye. As calm and alert as she is, you will not manage to keep your weaknesses hidden from her.
SYMBIOSIS - Prevents the natural decay of nearby crystals.
EMERGENCE - Make a crystal materialise, which heals nearby allies.
CURATIVE RAY - Ray that heals an ally. When used on the crystal, improves its healing aura.
RAY OF AFFLICTION - Ray that deals damage. When used on the crystal, deals damage over time.
CRYSTALLINE SHEEN - Blinds and dazes foes who lay eyes on her crystals.
Born and raised on Myhm's fleet, and promised to become high priestess after her mother, Azura's destiny changed considerably when she met Cornalyx. Well of course, Azura was already a contrarian and did not hesitate to express her opinions against the system, but she found a real soulmate with the young pilot.
It is certainly this friendship and this loyalty that led her to help Cornalyx during the Vhotzians' rescue mission, which ended with the two Nelmas' trial and Cornalyx being condemned to exile. However Azura, who did not accept this verdict, helped Cornalyx getting away. But she got caught by the fleet's guard, and then sent to prison for this crime.
She was condemned to spent the rest of her life as a doctor on the small colony of Dylm, stripped of her rank of heiress of the priestess and sent to her new assignment. Nobody thought she would protest, because most people believed she did it as a resistance against the education her mother had given her.
Taking her time, Azura prepared her escape and, when the fleet stopped at Qer'Hit, she took the opportunity and abandoned it to its fate to go look for her friend. She wandered during several weeks, and it is only thanks to her work in the capital Qen'Ory's most underprivileged zones that the SCD remarked her and hired her as a combat medic.
Since then, Azura ensures her comrades' survival, as close as possible to combat zones and behind enemy lines. No one ever sees her, but her presence can be felt.
If someday you see your enemies advancing without pausing or even hesitating, you will know that Azura will be there, supporting them.


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