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Slime Dungeon - Maze Explore

Slime Dungeon is a Roguelike game featuring turnbased dungeon combat and exploration with economic and hero cultivation systems.










● Explore the Slime Dungeon with world wide players,challenge friends and check leaderboards and achievements
● Experience more than 12 different game maps and hidden stages, including Magic Forest, Sage's Tower, Dracula's Castle, Skeleton Island ...
● Build and upgrade your SLIME Fleet,go to the celestial city, challenge world wide players and win resources to upgrade your fleet.
● Collect powerful new slimes and upgrade existing ones, including Mage, Swordsman, Odin, Vampire ...
● Upgrade your Alchemist Workshop which can produce coins and resources constantly.
● You can also read many wonderful stories that have more than 100,000 words in the game.

Alchemist Workshop

Golden Touch, throughout the centuries, Alchemy has been the most marvelous magic in the mysterious realms of magic. In the Slime Village unexpectedly there stands an Alchemist Workshop where Slime is rolling in wealth and provides necessary resources.
Unlocking at the beginning, following the introduction, players create the first barrel of gold to hire and simply enhance the Alchemist Furnace. As the world map and Adventurer Slime unlocked, adventure mode getting started.The small Alchemy Workshop controls the whole Slime’s world. Furthermore, regarding the structure of Alchemist Workshop, it consists of Alchemist Workshop enhancement , Warehouse, Potion Workshop, Artisans Configuration, Sacred Gear Workshop and Exploration.
Enhancement: In order to increase online and offline output, enhancement is an essential step. At the early stage, players are able to enhance Alchemy Furnace and to recruit the growing number of Artisans and Scouts with Coins and other resources. In the future adventure, during their exploration, players will collect other enhancement equipment such as Coolant,Potion Workshop,Soul Chain, and so on. Bring them back to workshop and upgrade them with gold or diamonds.
Potion Workshop : The Potion Workshop produces and sells all kinds of potions. Players have chance to get the different Potion Formula during the Exploration, bring back the formula to the Potion Workshop then players can make this Potion. There are nearly a hundred of Potions with different attribute, such as some Potions will increase the Power, MP, HP, Attack, EP ect. After unlocking the Soul-Link function,  players can carry a bottle of potion, an artifact and another Slime (at most 2 Slimes from the same faction , and share the exclusive skill with the target Slime) into the Maze. These two functions will effectively improve Slimes’ attributes and performances in the battle.
Warehouse: Supplies reserve center. A place to store all kinds of materials. Such as Slime Fragments, Ingredients, Sacred Gear, Potion and so on.
Configuration: Artisans and Scouts both work for workshop but take charge of internal and external wealth creation. Artisans are responsible for producing gold and metal materials inside the workshop, while the Scouts are dedicated to exploring in the field where the ingredient is everywhere except gold and metal. Players are capable of recruiting Artisans and Scouts in the following two main ways, to spend gold to recruit and enhance them. Besides, each time you clear an instance, you will take Slime Apprentices back free of charge. The related equipment is needed to improve their work efficiency. With Artisan's Statue, Artisans are able to increase offline output. With Field Survival Kit, Scouts will extend its exploration time. Rational configuration and probable upgrade keep the wealth rolling in like snowballs.
Sacred Gear Workshop: Players can build the Sacred Gear Workshop when they get the first Sacred Gear Fragment, collect the certain amount of the fragments can combine the Sacred Gear. What’s more, players can choose the Sacred Gear to enhance or fix in there. Through the Soul-Link function to bring the Sacred Gear in to the Maze, it will increase the attributes of the target Slime.
   All in all, Alchemist Workshop has something to do with adventure activities. Brainstorm the possible ways to create wealth!

The Endless Mode

If you think the exploration is over after saving the Slime, then you are wrong. For the Slimes who full of adventure spirit, the exploration will never cease. Every time when you thoroughly clear a certain level, the endless mode will open and wait to challenge. Consumed 2 points of Vigor to enter the Endless Mode instance. No one knows where is the end of the Endless Mode, only you, can control your fate.

In the endless mode players are capable of collecting Slime Fragments and other relevant ingredients used for Slime cultivation and their skills upgrades. It is worth mentioning the function of the Soul-Link that allow players to carry with them a bottle of potion, a sacred gear and Slime (at most 2 Slimes from the same faction) with whom you will share the same attributes, from whom you will share their exclusive skill. Like the common instances, you can collect the resources and equipment, learn class title, increase the attributes of the Slime, you will have the different experiences in the Endless Mode.

Summon Dragon Balls: Having been a vividly household concept in the cartoon Dragon Ball, Dragon Balls turned out to be a cliche items in today. Creatively the concept is adopted and you have opportunities to collect Dragon Balls and to summon ancient Dragon in the flesh! Longing for more labor force? Suffered from the short of Coins? Eager for strengths? Remember once Dragon appeared he will be kind enough to show his mercy and have your dreams come true.
BOSS: However, not everyone is lucky enough to summon the Lord Dragon. You have to above all survive the challenges from bosses. You will meet the first BOSS under this Mode, after that, every 10 floors to encounter one BOSS. Taken into account their unassailable attributes, it is unwise to get yourselves involved in the solely armed confrontation. Instead, the items and magic scroll collected will do you good. When the bosses died, their wealth will at your disposal as well.
Quest Finished: Every endless adventure is long but meaningful. In the Maze the quest finished will be recorded and scored. The more quest you finished the larger variety of rewards you will get. According to the dp you received, you will get corresponding rewards.


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