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Olympus Rising is a free to play breath-taking, addictive action MMO.

Set against the mystical backdrop of Mount Olympus, unleash the power of the Ancient Greek gods and build an army of legendary proportions. In a quest to conquer rival player’s islands and raid their treasures, collect a range of heroes such as Perseus, Hercules and Helen of Troy and use their unique offensive abilities to drive forward your troops. To bolster your forces even further, discover fearsome creatures such as the Hydra, Minotaur and Cyclops by conquering specific islands on the world map!

To prevent rival players from demolishing your empire, showcase your superiority atop Mount Olympus by building an impenetrable acropolis. With invaders ever keen to breach your walls, construct a pathway that out-manoeuvres your foes and strategically position your base defenses using deadly tower structures and barricades. Spend your treasure wisely to preserve your dominance, with additional strategic options such as sending a Defense Fleet to protect your conquered islands.

Building the Alliance Hall of Uranus within your acropolis allows you to form Alliances with fellow players and create the ultimate empire. Members of an Alliance can donate Gold to their group and chat in-game to plot their Alliance’s ascent up the Hall of Fame. To ensure no betrayals occur, Alliance members can only test their friend’s city defenses and cannot conquer their islands!








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Olympus Rising Screenshot
Olympus Rising Screenshot
Olympus Rising
Olympus Rising
Olympus Rising
Olympus Rising
Olympus Rising



- Command epic armies and conquer countless island empires
- Collect legendary heroes and upgrade them into god-like warriors
- Summon mythical creatures and defend Mount Olympus
- Turn the mountain of the gods into your own impervious fortress
- Expand your territory in a world where greater risks bring greater rewards
- Harness your hero’s unique abilities and tailor your strategy
- Build a spectacular acropolis to showcase your glory
- See the grandeur of the gods come to life thanks to stunning 3D graphics
- Forge alliances with fellow players and rule over Olympus together

Ariadne Gameplay

Medusa Gameplay

Prometheus gameplay

Beginner's Guide

What determines which opponents appear on my islands?

Matchmaking is level-based. Players are matched by comparing their individual Ascension Levels.

In the beginning of the game, there will mostly be easier opponents whose level is the same as yours or even a bit lower. As you level up and unlock more island areas, the game will start providing you with opponents whose Ascension Level is higher than yours, which means that their defense is potentially stronger, making them harder to beat.

What is the difference between defended and undefended islands?

Any island of yours is defended as long as a Hero is placed on it. Islands with no Heroes on them are undefended.

  • Defended islands are only lost when another player actually beats your defense. The Hero which defended this island is then returned to Mount Olympus. Having a strong defense makes it less likely to lose your defended islands as your base becomes harder to beat.
  • Undefended islands are regularly taken by new opponents for you to fight. This happens automatically without them having to beat your base in battle. This way, there are always enough opponents for you to attack.
  • The number of islands which you can defend at the same time is limited by the amount of Heroes you have unlocked. Having more Heroes allows you to defend more islands.
  • Defended islands produce much more resources than undefended islands. You should always place your Heroes on islands which produce a lot of Gold, Wisdom, or Ambrosia, depending on what you need the most.
  • Undefended islands produce less resources than defended islands, but the sheer amount of undefended islands you can occupy at the same time makes up for this.
  • Defense Fleets can be deployed on both defended and undefended islands to protect them from being lost for a certain amount of time.

Why are my Heroes back at Mount Olympus?

When another player successfully attacks you, you will lose one of your defended islands. A Hero which is defending an island is automatically returned to Mount Olympus when his island is lost. This will happen less often if you build a strong defense. Heroes with a low level are more likely to return to Mount Olympus in comparison to Heroes with a high level.

How do I get more Ambrosia?

There are a few ways how to get more Ambrosia:

  • Upgrade your Ambrosia Temple. The more you upgrade it the more Ambrosia will it produce per hour.
  • Conquer islands which produce Ambrosia. Not only will you get the Ambrosia which is stored on the island after conquering it, but the island will also begin to produce additional Ambrosia for you over time.
  • Place your Heroes on Ambrosia islands before leaving the game. Islands which have Heroes on them produce a lot more resources and are less likely to be lost.
  • Remember to collect the Ambrosia produced by your islands. After logging in, all islands which are still yours will have resources on them which you can collect. Tap on each island or simply use the "Collect all" button in the Tributes screen (the button with the ship icon on the left of the screen).
  • Get additional Ambrosia for free. Daily Chests and Bonus Chests which you get for viewing videos will often contain some Ambrosia. You can also find Ambrosia in the Vault of Hephaestus after winning a battle.
  • Complete Quests. You can get a bit of Ambrosia by completing some of the Quests, e.g. by unlocking new troops (by upgrading the War Academy), discovering new islands (requires Dominance), destroying Barricades in battle or upgrading the Ambrosia Silo.

Why do battles cost so much Ambrosia?

There are a few things to keep in mind in order to reduce your Ambrosia costs:

  • Travel distance increases Ambrosia costs. The further two islands are away from each other, the more Ambrosia it will cost to travel between them. Travelling between different island areas is even more expensive.
  • Each Hero moves independently. Make sure you are using the right Hero when selecting an island by either using the drag & drop feature or by cycling through the Heroes with the arrow buttons just before entering a battle. The game automatically selects the Hero which is currently closest to the island but sometimes you might want to choose another Hero.
  • Plan your route instead of attacking islands randomly. You can strategically plan in which order to attack multiple islands. Choose on which island you want your Hero to end up at the end and then find out which route is the most efficient to get there.
  • Spread your Heroes around the map. Avoid having your Heroes all in one place. If you have different Heroes in different areas, you can actually save Ambrosia costs because you won't have to travel huge distances across the map.
  • Build a strong defense. If you lose an island which was protected by a Hero, this Hero will be sent back to Mount Olympus. Travelling back to where he was before usually costs a lot of Ambrosia. Having a strong defense which is regularly upgraded reduces the chances of this happening.

How to build a strong defense?

Here are a few tips which should help you build a stronger defense:

  • Test your own defense. There is a sword-shaped button on the bottom of the screen while viewing your own defense. Use this button to play against your own defense. Testing your defense is completely free, you can even resurrect and use Invocations without spending Ambrosia or Gems. Keep in mind that the people who attack you often have a lower Ascension Level than you. This means that your defense might be harder to beat for them as it is for you.
  • Regularly upgrade your towers and barricades. The maximum level of each defensive structure increases each time you upgrade your Heroes' Temple. Even the most clever defense will fail should you not upgrade it every now and then.
  • Rotate your towers. Press the rotate button at the bottom of the screen to rotate the tower you currently have selected. Some towers are much more effective when rotated towards a certain direction.
  • Configure defense waves. The Guard of Thanatos allows you to configure which units appear in the waves that attacking players have to fight while trying to beat your defense. Upgrading the building increases the number of waves, the time between them and how often you can upgrade each wave. Upgrading waves increases the morale points you can use to spawn more powerful units.

What is Dominance and how do I get it?

Your Dominance determines how good you are at conquering and defending islands.

Dominance is needed for:

  • Exploration. Unlock new island areas by reaching the required amount of Dominance. Each new island area offers higher rewards and more challenging opponents.
  • Heroes. Unlock new Heroes to use in battle by reaching the required amount of Dominance. Each Hero has a unique Power and different bonuses.

There are a few ways to gain Dominance:

  • Defending islands. Each of your islands which is defended by a Hero produces Dominance over time. You can see how much Dominance your islands have produced since your last login via the Tributes screen.
  • Winning battles. You instantly get some bonus Dominance upon winning a battle with a result of 100%.
  • Vault of Hephaistos. Each chest in the Vault has a chance to contain Dominance.
  • Opening chests. Daily chests and most other chests can sometimes also contain a bit of Dominance.

Your Dominance will never decrease. There is no way to lose it and you won't actually "spend" it when unlocking something which requires Dominance.

How do I unlock Monster Units?

The Monster Units are unlocked by beating each Monster's special missions. These missions are available as soon as you unlock the island area which is home of the particular monster. Each mission can be played as many times as you want until you manage to beat it. When a mission was beaten, the corresponding island will become a regular island which can be taken over by other players.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What exactly happens to my account when I don't play for a while? Will I go inactive? If so, when exactly?

If you don't log into your game for 7 days, your account's status will be set to "inactive". Inactive accounts no longer show up on the Leaderboards or for matchmaking purposes.

However, such accounts will remain a member of their Alliance - but will be marked inactive for all other members. If the inactive account was the Leader of an alliance, leadership will be automatically transferred to the General that has been a member of the alliance for the longest period of time.

You can reactivate your account at any point by simply logging into the game again.

  • What are Decorations?

Decorations are aesthetic elements for your Island which allow you to optically customize your Island to your likings. You can use some Decorations in both your City and your Defenses, but some cannot be used in your Defenses.

They currently do not provide any additional advantages besides improving the looks of your Mount Olympus. However, they will play a more important role in future updates.


  • How can I get more Hero?

You receive your first Hero for free during the Tutorial.

In order to unlock more Heroes, you first need to unlock the Heroes Temple and collect Dominance.

  • What Heroes can be obtained?
  1. Hercules (starter Hero)
  2. Prometheus
  3. Perseus
  4. Ariadne
  5. Odysseus
  6. Helen of Troy
  7. Cadmus
  8. Achilles
  9. Jason
  10. Athena
  • How do I select which Hero to use in battle?

Just tap and hold the Hero's portrait and move it to the Island you wish to attack/defend.

  • Are there any differences between the available Heroes?

Yes, each Hero comes with different attributes and personal equipment and level. You can also setup a different powers/troops configuration for each individual Hero.

  • Why can't I change the first Power of my Hero?

Usually, the first Power of your Hero cannot be replaced as it has a direct link to the history of the Hero and therefore is permanently connected to him. You can, however, change the other Powers of each Hero as you wish.


  • How can I access the different Alliance features?

You need to build the Alliance Hall of Uranus (available at player level 3). Be aware that you need Gems to build or upgrade this building.

  • How can I create an alliance?

Tap on the Alliance emblem (3 helmets) on the right side of your screen.

Then tap on "Form Alliance". You will have to pay 50,000 Gold.

You can choose the name you wish to use for your Alliance, set up an Alliance message, and select up to two languages which will represent your Alliance.

You can also select between three different joining options for your Alliance:

  1. Open: Everyone can join your Alliance.
  2. Apply to Join: Players need to apply and be accepted by an Officer or the General to join the Alliance.
  3. Invite Only: Players need to be invited by the General or an Officer.

You will be able to edit and change these settings afterwards, but be careful, the name of the Alliance cannot be changed again later on.

  • How can I join an Alliance?

Tap on the Alliance emblem (3 helmets) on the right side of your screen.

Tap on "Join Alliance".

A short list of Alliances will then be offered to you. Feel free to join one of those, or look for another one.

If you are looking for a particular Alliance, just tap on the Search button (the magnifying glass).

You can look for Alliances on the Leaderboard or type the name of the Alliance you would like to join at the top of the screen.

If the button to join a specific Alliance is greyed out, this means that the Alliance is in Invite Only mode.

If the button says Apply, this means that the Alliance is in Apply to Join mode.

If the button only says Join and is clickable, the Alliance is open for you to join immediately.

  • How can I leave an Alliance?

Tap on the Alliance emblem (3 helmets) on the right side of your screen

Tap on Alliance Info "Open"

Tap on "Quit" and confirm your decision.

  • I am the General. How can I kick a player from the Alliance?

You just have to go to the profile of the player (by tapping on the "(!)" next to the players' name) and tap on "Kick from Alliance".

  • I am the General of the Alliance. How can I promote someone to Officer?

Go to the profile of the player (by tapping on the "(!)" next to the players' name) and tap on "Promote".

Be careful, if the player is already a Officer, this action will promote him/her to General.

  • How can I communicate with other people from my Alliance?

You can access the Alliance Chat by tapping on the Chat on your City screen.

  • How can I send a message on the chat?

You have to tap on the "Enter" (arrow) button on Android, or on the "Return"button on iOS.

  • What are the different Ranks in an Alliance and what are their rights?

General: This player is the owner of the Alliance and has all the power.

Officer: As the right hand of the General, this player (or players) can recruit other players, kick players, spend the Gold stored in the treasure of the Alliance to activate boosts or level up the Alliance, name a player Champion, or shield them.

Footsoldier: This player can donate to the Alliance and prolong or enable Boosts by using his/her own Gold. This player cannot kick or recruit other members. 

  • What happens if the General is flagged as inactive?

If the General is inactive during an extended period of time, the Leadership will automatically be transferred to another player. This automatic mechanism serves to prevent "leaderless" alliances, should an alliance general choose to quit the game or take a longer break.

Unfortunately, the support team cannot directly edit alliance ranks due to technical reasons. In order to regain your position, please make sure to contact the current general and ask for a promotion.

General Gameplay Knowledge

Defending my Island

- Which Defense Buildings can I use to strengthen my Island?
You can use Towers

Artemis Tower
Prometheus Tower
Iapetos Tower
Charon Tower
Hydra Tower
Apollo Tower
... and Barricades.

- I am missing a tower. Where did it go?
You most likely simply placed it in your inventory without noticing. To check your inventory, click on an empty space in your defense path and select the type of tower that you are missing. You can then choose between constructing an entirely new tower and selecting the ones that you have in storage. A small number will tell you how many towers of a certain type you have stored.

To deliberately place a tower in your inventory, simply select it and click on the storage box icon at the buttom of the screen.

- How can I edit my path or increase its length?
In order to increase the length of your path, you first need to upgrade your Gate of Apollo.
To edit your path after upgrading the gate, follow these steps:
Check if you have enough free path length available for the changes you wish to carry out.
New paths must start and end on an existing piece of path and can lead across grass, trees, and stones, but not across ruins. You can remove ancient ruins by investing Gems.
Tap and hold on an existing piece of path, then move your finger along the way where you want your new path to be.

Why does a player earn Trophies even if he/she has not been able to defeat my base?
Depending on the relation between your defensive strength and the offensive strength of your opponent, your attacker may be able to earn currency by simply progressing in your base and only destroying parts of it.

- How can I protect my Island from attacks?
You just have to tap on the Island you wish to protect, then on the icon with the boat. You will then be offered to hire a fleet to protect this Island.

Attacking an Island

  • How can I attack an Island?

To attack an Island, you first need to go to the Map. Once there, select a Hero and move him to the Island you which to attack. To do so, hold-tap and drag the portrait of the Hero to the Island you wish to attack

Alternatively, you can tap on the Island you wish to attack. If you then tap the Attack button, the last selected or used Hero will automatically be chosen to attack the Island.

  • Which units are available in-game?

The following units are available for battle:

  1. Spearman
  2. Archer
  3. Warrior
  4. Siren
  5. Trebuchet
  6. Medusa
  7. Minotaur
  8. Cyclops
  9. Hydra
  10. Griffin
  • Why am I not able to use some of my troops?

In order to summon some of your troops, you need to have enough Morale points (represented by the blue bar). The maximum amount of Morale Points increases with your Hero's level. It is possible that you cannot use some troops until you increase your Hero's level - even if you just have unlocked these troops. 

  • How can I unlock the mythological creatures?

To unlock certain mythological creatures, you have to conquer a specific group of Islands related to these creatures. See the list below for more details:

  • Gorgon Reef for the Medusa
  • Aegean Islands for the Minotaur
  • Giant Hideout for the Cyclops
  • Argolic Gulf for the Hydra
  • Gryphus Isles for the Griffin
  • How are the other players on my surrounding islands selected?

You are matched against players in your Ascension Level range. The system automatically selects fitting opponents that offer you a manageable challenge as well as a decent rewards.

You can attack other player's bases by moving one of your Heroes to their Islands.

  • How are the trophies I can win in battle calculated? Why do I win less Trophies if I attack the same player who attacked me?

The game compares your offensive capabilities with the defensive strength of your potential opponent and uses this data to calculate the maximum number of trophies you can earn.

The bigger the challenge, the more trophies you will be able to earn. Please note that it is also possible to lose many trophies if you fail against a comparatively weak defense - but only a few trophies if you are unable to beat a strong defense.


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