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Destiny of Thrones

Destiny of Thrones is a real time MOBA between greatest heroes from the legends.








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Destiny of Thrones Screenshot
Destiny of Thrones Screenshot
Destiny of Thrones Screenshot
Destiny of Thrones Screenshot
Destiny of Thrones Screenshot
Destiny of Thrones Screenshot
Destiny of Thrones Screenshot




The most delicate MOBA, the mobile DOTA

Fusing the notion of client based-game with the latest apps technology, DOT promises a whole new game experience for all MOBA enthusiasts. Building on the foundation of teamwork + strategy game play, this game promises a much more crisp yet exciting tower crumbling experience.

Players will identify exquisite hero designs in the game and also a fusion of oriental with western game play that boasts to be the first in the MOBA Era.

Rich Battle Modes       50 Heroes to do your bidding

DOT contains more than 50 types of heroes, and each heroes is designed to have its own unique skill and traits. Coupled with team tactics, personal skills, maps, equipments and weapons, each game will be a fair game as long as you know how to utilize all these elements together.

Small Capacity    Epic Game Play

As DOT takes up very little space in your smartphones and tablets, players can quickly and easily download them. Also, DOT is the only game now that houses a mixture of both iOS and Android players in a single server, so brace yourself for the most epic game play of all time!

Easy to Play      Flexible Play Time

DOT is easy to play, as it does not require a keyboard or a mouse, all you need to do is flick the screen with your fingers or a pen and you’ll be able to send troops to war. The game is also very fast pace. A 3 vs 3 game will last around 20 minutes whereas a 5 vs 5 game will only take around 20 to 45 minutes. However, it greatly depends on your capability and also those of your enemies.

--Epic Real-Time Arena--

๐ 3V3, 5V5 MOBA face-off with the strongest players in Guild Battles or Personal Ranking System

๐ Clash with enemies in flexible Multi-player PVP and PVE modes

๐ Pick your position in the team from more than 50 heroes and a variety of classes: Fighter, Tanker, Mage, Marksman and Assassin

๐ Navigate battlegrounds and enemy positions freely in 3D maps

๐ Various ways to enhance and upgrade your heroes' defense, stats and attacks to gain advantage in battles

๐ Optimized game play experience allows you to bring the MOBA with you to play anywhere, anytime with your best pals

๐ Rewrite your own destiny and claim the throne with the classic oriental legends


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