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Rokh is a futuristic survival sandbox game, deeply rooted in scientific and realistic anticipation, where players will have to work together to overcome the numerous menaces they will have to face on planet Mars. It is a persistent multiplayer game where everything proceeds from simulation and systems interaction instead of classic script-based interaction.








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Rokh Concept
Rokh Concept
Rokh Concept
Rokh Concept
Rokh Concept
Rokh Concept
Rokh Concept
Rokh Concept
Rokh Concept
Rokh Concept
Rokh Concept
Rokh Concept
Rokh Concept



As a newcomer on ROKH, you must find ways to survive by exploring Mars in your basic astronaut suit, looking for resources. Oxygen, food, water, life will have to be cautiously manage but crafting items will allow you to spend more time out there and protect yourself. Build your base alone or with your crew to get better chance of living the big life on this hostile planet. Trade with other players and do your best to maintain peace, you would not want to fight with you fellows on such a hostile environment.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: €100,000 isn’t enough to make a game like this, so how does that work?
A: While the initial target of €100,000 would not be enough to complete production, Darewise Entertainment had already secure an investment that will enable the development of the game; the additional funds collected via the campaign will allow ROKH to benefit of a more complete feature set and the stretch goals will enable additional content and enhancements, such as new platforms, to dictate the scale of the final game’s release.
Q: What happens if the Kickstarter campaign doesn’t achieve its initial target?
A: If the campaign fails to hit the €100,000 target, Darewise Entertainment will be seeking for other private funding sources. However, our philosophy will remain to build up ROKH with the community.
Q: Is Rokh going to be a premium game?
Yes. Pay once, play forever.
We are considering this project as a game as a service. The additional content, balancing and feature will come from our vision and crafted with your feedbacks. Rokh will have no paywalls or microtransactions whatsoever.
Q: Why do you plan to do launch early access?
A: Because we want to put the game into the players hands as soon as possible and build the future of it with them. It also a way for us to fund our development of some crazy features.
Q: How large servers are you planning for multiplayer? 
A: The servers will be set-up to welcome up to 64 players. This is the best number to ensure maximum stability.


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