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The Greedy Cave

In "The Greedy Cave", you are an adventurer who explores a mysterious cave and battle with all kinds of monsters. Use your wisdom to defeat them, learn different skills, gain mighty equipments, challenge evil monster leaders, and reveal the endless secrets buried in cave.







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The Greedy Cave
The Greedy Cave
The Greedy Cave
The Greedy Cave
The Greedy Cave
The Greedy Cave
The Greedy Cave
The Greedy Cave
The Greedy Cave



In the far away land of Milton, sword and magic stand as the symbol of strength and majesty which rule here. Men devote themselves to blade art and magic spell, strive to become the warrior of kingdom, wise wizard or free adventurer.

The several large kingdoms in land are all separated but have communication with each other. The history of these kingdoms are all filled with war and peace as the time went by. Our story begins in a small kingdom named Iblis in the north, few people know its name before anyway.

The northern land was always known as wild and poor, the people of Iblis mainly earn their peaceful living by selling rare local mineral resource to lords of south. Some adventurers happened to come from far away but they usually left in a short pause. Until one day, a novice adventurer lost his way and fell down into an abandon mine. Everyone knows the result, because this adventurer returned with full packs of gold and treasures which made him unexpected wealth and fame in just one night.

The news spread the land with the north wind, all kings have sent their best warriors and adventurers to clear the endless monsters in that cave and search for treasure. A group of civilians who got skills also joined these expeditions. In a short period of time, this little place become the focus of land. People set camps, formed their own groups to explore the mine. Smart merchants would not miss this chance, they also built taverns near the mine, sold weapons and armors, hire adventurers to finish quest for them.

Everything seemed fine, new creature, new treasure was found, people explored deeper into the cave under the mine and some secrets of the cave were revealed, yet nobody knew where the source of these secrets lay. As the exploration continued, the balance outside the cave began to shatter and cracks appeared among those adventurers who used to work together.
Those who came late or didn't have teammate only dared to wander first few stages of cave started to be jealous of those returned from deep cave; meanwhile those who came early began to give orders and be arrogant, they refused to talk about their experiences in deep cave. The whole place was full of suspicions and greed.

Finally, the first adventurer got lost in cave, someone said he was killed in a conflict between two groups and was buried somewhere in cave; someone said he found some legendary treasure so he just ran away; someone even said he was guided to another world by some mysterious magic force in cave. Nobody knew what exactly happened, but as more and more people disappeared in cave, some people began to quit, or wait, yet most still chose to continue.

So far, nothing can stop this adventurer craze, and you, a common young man, come to this place with purpose others do not know. Fortunately, it's not too late yet...

In "The Greedy Cave", you are an adventurer who explores a mysterious cave and battle with all kinds of monsters.

Use your wisdom to defeat them, learn different skills, gain mighty equipments, challenge evil monster leaders, and reveal the endless secrets buried in cave...

Game Features

·Randomly generated cave levels provide a different game experience every time! 
·Hundreds of monsters to defeat!
·Hundreds of equipments to collect!
·Hundreds of quests and achievements to conquer!
·Enchant/Reform/Level up/Gold collecting, and more abundant systems to explore!

COMPLETE GUIDE FOR THE GREEDY CAVE (bymiyabiii from reddit.com)

Since no one has written any guides I decided to make one. This game only came to NA recently so the information is still fairly new and I am open to updating it as I learn more of this game. I am currently nearing to completion of the normal stage and I have a lot of insights and tips for how you guys should approach this game.

LOCATIONS(What do they do?)

Cavern This is where you head to your adventure. The level are separated in 11s, every even level you go to(21, 41, 61...) you will encounter a boss monster at the end of the cave. The odd levels generally have weaker monsters and weaker items and a introduction to the new area you have unlocked.

After you defeat a boss you get a special prize on the bottom left.

Old Lady POTS- Here you can buy pay to play pots that I don't recommend anyone getting them because you can unlock them simply by doing your daily wheel spin.

WEAPONS I don't recommend anyone buying anything from here not till the later stages of the game. But it does offer a good algorithm of the items you should be looking for when you're out exploring. These are the gears you should have when you are adventuring. They are the highest most rarest gears of the stage starting from the crystals working down to the gold.

Daily wheel You should spend 50 crystals for two spins each day to get really good prizes. Remember to do this everyday for your chance of 300 crystals(happened to me once).

Blacksmith Hammer with green logo You can trade in the stats of your item for 50 crystals.

Hammer with yellow logo This upgrades your item and the stats within the items. The first three upgrades require gold. And the maximum upgrade is up to 10. After three upgrades you are required to pay in crystals to continue upgrading

Avalon(More about us) This is simply a social network area to meet up chinese people(lol). There is a chest beside the building you can use to store in your items.

Bulletin Board They are basically your quests that you should be doing each time you enter the cave. They go down periodically so if you don't accomplish it you cannot enter the next quest. I recommend doing these quests and getting your crystals which you should spend on the wheel.

achievement- each time you've done something special you can get bonus crystals from so I recommend checking that daily as well

STATS(what does each stat do?) Each stat caps at level 10. When you level 4 stats, you get to decide which skill to have. When you raise 4 red stats(attack, defense, power, crit, dodge, mana) you get to decide a blue or red skill adjacent to your stat bar. If you raised the blue stats(health, extra gold, extra exp, luck) you get to decide utility skills adjacent to the stat that helps you with your adventure.

Attack(1% per stat 10% in total) This is your base attack. When you auto an enemy the stat is applied to it. It has nothing to do with any of your magic attacks

Defense(1% per stat 10% in total) This is the defense for enemy base damage, it does not apply to their magical attacks. So if you have lots of defense, it won't do anything to enemies that do mostly magical damage(as you reach deeper into the cave you will encounter these enemies)

Power(1% per stat 10% in total) This is pretty much your magic damage, it amplifies your power based skills. I recommend this stat for anyone going to the blue path skill sets.

Crit(0.5% per stat 5% in total) This is a very strong stat in that it increases your average damage about 30% per auto. You can tell when you landed a crit when the numbers come out in yellow.

Dodge(0.5 per stat and 5% in total) CAPS AT 42% a stat that makes the enemy completely miss their attack including their magic attacks.

Mana(1% per stat and 10% in total) This stat raises your total mana pool.

Health(1% per stat and 10% in total) This stat raises your total health pool.

Extra Gold I havent raised this stat but I believe it just raises your gold income for everything you do

Extra Exp I havent raised this stat but I believe it helps farm exp much easier for every monster you kill.

"Extra xp/gold gives you just that, if you kill a mob that gives 3xp and 5g while having +2 extra xp and +1 extra gold that mob will yield 5xp and 6 gold." -Druxl

"Extra xp is very nice at the start but I'm not sure it is worth the skill point. At the most I'd say putting more than 2 points into it is not worth it and you should probably just try to have it on gear." -Druxl

Luck This increases the likelihood of getting better items for each chest you open or pot you open. It can make or break from getting a decent item to a rare unique item.

"Leveling into Luck gives you +5 Luck per 1 skill point. Currently I'm around floor 90 on Normal and with 10 luck base stat I've found probably 5 orange (dark gold?) Items. Luck is most likely a late midgame to endgame stat I would think. Probably not needed until you're farming Nightmare mode if at all." -Druxl

RED SKILLS I haven't done the red skill path so I cannot make any comments about it however I can tell you what you need if you wish to try this path.

REQUIREMENT STATS FOR RED SKILLS IN ORDER OF MOST IMPORTANCE ATTACK You'll need this stat so your attack are consistently strong. Make sure to raise this along with crit.

CRIT You need this stat for later stages of your skill that amplifies your damage when you do land a crit. You'll need this to land huge blows of damage at the later stages of the game.

DEFENSE The reason I put this stat in the lowest bracket is because the equipment you receive can fill the defense that you need. You generally don't need this stat because at the later stages most of the enemies are doing magic damage, so this is good for farming gears but it's not a stat that will make or break your character.

BLUE PATH This is a "mage" oriented path but it's still fairly physical. The skill set has a mix of assassins reliant and magic reliant.


Heal This can heal you as much as a potion. The more POWER you accumulate the more heal you can have. It is useful in general and you will be using this often.

Element Mastery This helps amplifies the magic damage that you have. You can see the amount of magic damage you apply when you hit an enemy and see a purple font. You should always check up on the enemies weaknesses as they can help you a lot in clearing monsters.

Chain Attack This skill allows you to auto 3 times in high speed but with reduced damage. The base damage is very poor typically but it's the magic damage that you are applying in that 3 quick attack is what you should be looking into.

Vulnerability insight This increases your damage by 50% if you attack enemies with their weakness element

Mana Siphon This is your bread and butter for sustain along with heal. It helps you RECOVER mana but does little to no damage. I HIGHLY recommend you using this consistently on weaker enemies of the level, the ones that do less damage than you heal. By the time you get it I recommend these monsters to use it on to recover your tapped mana:

Stranglethorn Turtle, Vicious Deathshroom, Fang Crocodile, Flesh Eater, Lost Miner, March Hare

Instant Dodge When you successfully dodge the enemies total damage is reduced by 1/3. If you land 3 successful dodges, the enemy can do 1/3 of it's total damage.

Energy Burst This does huge burst of damage by your total remaining mana and your total power. I recommend using this against golden monsters.

Mortal Strike


STATS I RECOMMEND FOR BLUE PATH: Power Definitely power. The more this stat is raised, the stronger your heals are and you will be able to last longer in fights no matter how little of damage you do.

Dodge This stat will help you weaken your enemy through Instant Dodge. It is very strong against enemies with high attack speed.

Mana This is a stat that is good for Siponing strike. You can also have more mana to tap into to do instant burst as well. It's good but it should be the last stat to raise.

ELEMENTAL DAMAGE: "Elemental damage is very easy to math out. Any EDmg you have in your stats will be added together and tacked on separately to your attack, I'm unsure if EDmg benefits from crit. Any Elemental defense reduces Edmg straight up, meaning if you have 25 fire damage and attack a mob which has 23 fire defense you will add 2 fire damage to your attack." -Druzl

ALTERNATIVE GUIDES FOR SKILL PATHING: https://www.reddit.com/r/thegreedycave/comments/4bjtp8/complete_guide_for_the_greedy_cave/d1dyu61

THING TO LOOK OUT FOR: Chests Regular chests that carry subpar gears that don't merit anything. You should still open these as you go because occasionally you can find gold gears

Golden Chests These chests are very good in finding items with stats or even golden equipment. Your character should consistently build upon golden chests or good finds from chests. During the later levels of the even numbers (21, 41, 61) You can even find orange bolded items. Those are very rare.

Skull Pile They are enchant ingredients.

Pots These contain pots, pick axe, and useful scrolls. When you're out exploring, you should go out of your way to find them.

pickaxe- just wanted to add that pickaxe helps you break down walls, you can even occasionally find pot and skull pile items from them.

Golden Angel This girl can transform your regular items to gold. So just click and drag the item to turn it into gold.

Green table This is where you can do your enchants. Once you achieve a particular stat from the enchant. It will stay, upgrading your equipment does not raise the enchanted stat. It uses up your mana pool to do the enchant so do not worry for the cost of the enchant. If you are looking for a particular enchant, I suggest buying it at the mall before entering the level as the enchant could potentially be hard to come by

A tip I recommend to everyone is to not mix in your enchants together. Despite the tool tip telling you that you can increase your chances if you mix 3 of the same element to get 60% vs 3 20%, it is always better to try to enchant the item 3 times with 20%.

Also another thing I want to add is that your stats, are your bread and butter to your usefulness in the game. The rarity of an item unless it's orange bordered, doesn't merit much unless it has the stats you are looking for.

For example: if you are fighting a monster who is weak from water, it is generally better to use a weaker weapon that is tapped with water damage vs a stronger weapon with more attack damage. Always follow the stats when you are making your character.

Golden Monsters They are 3x stronger than the typical monster and do 3x more damage. But they will drop higher tier items that I recommend people try to kill. Make sure to stock up potions and a escape scroll.

Runes They are stats that boosts your stats up by percentage, so if it says +1 of something it's +1%. I was wrong about this stat, so I am correcting it here that it does stay permanent so it is grindable to just have runes alone to finish your next boss.

Special stars in the wall Its an invisible wall that hides good treasure, if you walk through you'll able to find a furniture room. Inside should have 1 pot, 1 golden chest, 1 crystal chest.

The crystal chest cost crystals go use so be careful when opening it because the crystals you spend won't be refunded if you died or return to title. I lost 200 crystals experimenting this.

This is my guide for now I will update it as time passes but I laid out a basic tutorial for people who are getting into the game.

Tips and Tricks

At its heart, The Greedy Cave is a dungeon crawler RPG. If you have not heard of or bought this game, please read my review here [spoiler alert: I really like it]. The controls might be simple but the exploration requires some strategy. If you find yourself stuck and unable to beat a boss or progress further because the monsters are kicking your ass, then hopefully this guide will provide you with some fundamental tips and tricks to help you.

Escape Scrolls!

First of all, for beginners, always remember to check every chest and pouch in the first 5 levels from where you entered to find the Escape Scroll. I did NOT know this in the beginning and I kept going in and coming out with NOTHING. When I finally found out about it, that was when I really made progress.

Avoid unnecessary damage

More often than not, there are a few routes around that lead to the same point. Pick the one with less or weaker enemies. Staying alive and healthy is vital during the early stages until you find the Escape Scroll. Even after that, it is a waste if you lose health fighting 3 enemies to reach a chest when you can use another route with only 1 enemy. The extra health will allow you to move further to find more chests, the angel statue or the enchanting table.

The only exception to this rule is if you are grinding for XP to level up.


Pouches contain potions and scrolls. Potions and scrolls keep you alive and fighting. Find them. Enough said.

Gold & Enchanting

If you have already found the Escape Scroll, you can relax and do whatever you want. At the top of your list should be finding better gear and making them gold, and enchanting your existing gold items. What is the point of getting better items if you can’t bring them out of the cave? And what is the point of collecting so many enchanting materials if you don’t use them to enchant your gold items?

Upgrade your items in town

Progress in this game is very gear dependent, so do not hesitate to upgrade your items from the blacksmith in town. You might think that there is no point upgrading because you are going to get better gear, but in order to get better gear, you have to improve and get through the monsters guarding it.

Having said that, do not throw away or sell your old items when you find better ones. Keep them so that you can sacrifice them for future upgrades.

Boss run

When you can reach the boss stage comfortably with at least 75% health and mana, and a good amount of potions, then you are ready to take it on. Do not underestimate them as they have much higher HP and hit for considerable damage. I would suggest doing a dry run first to analyse the boss’s stats and abilities, and to develop a strategy.

Then, when you are ready, buy potions from the vendor, and top off your health and mana right before the fight.


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