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Paragon, a traditional three lane, third-person MOBA is Epic Games crack at getting into the rapidly evolving and popular industry, known as a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Using their Unreal Engine 4, Epic Games has successfully created the most aesthetically pleasing MOBA to date. Compared with League of Legend, Paragon tends to be similar to Smite because it uses a direct third-person perspetive. It has 3 lanes, jungles, minions, towers, and 5v5 mode that MOBA players are familiar with.









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Choose from an ever-expanding roster of unique Heroes, earn cards to customize their abilities, and lead your team to victory.

Paragon is designed so that every player can compete and win without ever spending money. All Heroes are free, and cards can only be earned by playing the game.

Heroes are the character that the player takes to the battlefield of Agora. Each hero has their own unique stats, abilities and aptitude for different roles.


Dekker is a ranged Support who uses her abilities to disrupt enemy movement. Using her abilities, she can split an enemy team allowing her teammates to isolate targets.
Early game, Dekker is a lane bully allowing her to punish her enemies. Stasis Bomb allows Dekker to stun a target while Slow Bubble allows her to slow enemy movement in a large area. Dekker's Ultimate, Containment Fence, allows her to create an area that allies and enemies can't leave. Your Rocket Boots will allow you to escape if you find yourself in a bad spot. A well placed Containment Fence could separate enemies from their allies, allowing your team to go in with the upper hand.


Feng Mao
Feng Mao is a melee Fighter capable of engaging enemies at range, diving enemy back lines, and bursting down key targets.
Feng Mao's Conversion Shield gives him a small shield that mitigates some incoming damage. Reaping Dash is a teleport that allows Feng Mao to engage his target at range and follow up with Hamstring to slow the enemy down so his team can catch up.
Late game your primary job is to engage the enemy damage dealers. Look to dash in and slow your target down to ensure you land Earth Shatter, which can be devastating to squishy Heroes.


Gadget is a ranged Caster who uses her trusty bots to control and deny large areas.
Early game, she can use her Sticky Mine to harass the enemy. Seek & Destroy can be thrown out and reactivated to damage enemies at longer ranges and slow them down. Mid-game Gadget becomes a monster at pushing objectives. Speed Gate can be used to speed up her and allied minions to get to towers much faster, or as an escape. Gadget's Ultimate, Tesla Dome, can be used to deny a huge area.
When engaging teamfights, drop your Ultimate in the middle of the enemy team and they'll have to split up, allowing your team to pick off targets.


Gideon is high mobility caster adept in wave clearing and burst damage. Using his abilities, Gideon can control fights and be a dominant threat with or without a team.
Cosmic Rift is Gideon's main source of damage. Gideon opens a rift in space and drops a meteor that deals damage in an area. Dark Tether will slow the enemy down ensuring Gideon lands Cosmic Rift. Gideon's Ultimate, Black Hole, deals large amounts of damage and pulls enemies toward him. Torn Space will allow Gideon to teleport to get in and position himself to hit as many enemies as possible.
Late game, use Cosmic Rift to aggressively push down lanes. Look for opportunities to gank the enemy team with Torn Space and combo Black Hole with allied abilities for ultimate destruction.


GRIM.exe is a ranger built to control the battlefield and neutralize enemies. His array of abilities reward precision play and allow him to lock down and destroy high-value targets.
GRIM.exe has a ton of utility built in to his kit. "Displacement Blast" fires an energy ball that knocks enemies away from the explosion. He can use this to displace his targets or to knock away incoming threats. "Deflector Shield" will emit a bubble that absorbs an incoming spell. When timed correctly, this ability can get him out of bad situations, even enemy ultimates. "Suppression Mode" will cause enemies Grim hits to be slowed. This is a powerful tool that allows him to stick to targets. It can even be used to slow incoming threats. And finally GRIM.exe's ultimate "Gyro Targeted Force Orb" or "G.T.F.O" will fire a long range homing bolt that will track down it's target, wherever they go.
When playing GRIM.exe, you decide when it's time to fight. Use your abilities to dismantle enemy engagements, slow down targets and displace enemy damage dealers. Once you spot your victim, use "G.T.F.O" to vaporize your target.


Grux is a melee Fighter who uses his abilities to tear through his opponents. His versatility allows him to lock down enemies and terrorize the battlefield.
Grux excells at initiating fights and isolating targets. To take the fight to the enemy, he can use Stampede to charge in and close the gap. Once in melee range a well timed Double Pain will cause a wide area of damage and make enemies bleed. As enemies try to retreat, Grux can use Smash & Grab to pull them back and keep them from escaping. Grux's Ultimate, Warlord's Challenge, features damange and speed buffs along with a powerful stun that interrupts most enemy abilities.
A strong ganker, combo his ultimate with Stampede or Smash & Grab to devastate an enemy team.


Howitzer is a ranged Caster with an explosive arsenal at his disposal. Using Rockets, Mines and Grenades, Howitzer is able to deal area of effect damage, control large areas and even disrupt and slow down his enemies.
R2000 is able to poke and harrass enemies at range. Land Mine, when detonated, knocks enemies and Howitzer back, allowing Howitzer to escape safely if something goes wrong. Make it Rain deals damage in a large area but can also be used defensively to pull Howizter out of combat for a few seconds.
When in teamfights use your abilities to rain artillary down on your enemies or your Slow Grenades to control the fight. Late game, Howizter can easily take out minions, making it difficult for enemies to push in to your base or push you out of theirs. Use your abilities to disrupt the enemy team and zone out the enemy damage dealers.


Iggy & Scorch
Iggy & Scorch are an inseparable pair that just want to set the world on fire. Together, they are powerful casters that control areas and dominate lanes. Iggy & Scorch thrive on setting traps for enemies and lighting them up with oil and fire.
Early game, Iggy can use his Flame Turrets to control your lane and zone out the enemy, or defend themselves against gankers. Oil Spill coats an area in oil, that can be ignited by fire and deal large AoE damage. Oil Slick grants Iggy & Scorch a small burst of speed and leaves an oil trail behind them, which can be used to get out of bad situations or burn their enemy. Iggy & Scorch's ultimate is Flame Belch. Iggy feeds Scorch a Molotov causing him to spew flames from his mouth. Once the flames die out, he lets out a huge belch knocking enemies away.
When playing Iggy & Scorch you want to bait enemies into bad situations. Set up your flame turrets in an area and harass your enemy. Once they fall into your trap, use oil slick to get behind your target and turn up the heat with flame belch.


Kallari is a high risk, high reward melee Assassin adept at Mobility and Stealth. Kallari is more mechanically demanding and requires a kill to make a clean escape.
Kallari is best at stalking enemies that are out of position. Her Shadow Walk makes her enter Shadow Plane, allowing Kallari to efficiently switch positions during fights or to escape. Evade allows her to backflip high into the air, allowing her to climb cliffs or to initiate. Kallari's main damage dealers are Blood Dagger and Death Sentence, allowing her to deal a lot of damage when unattended.
Pick and choose your moments. You are capable of dealing a ton of damage but so are your enemies. Always look to flank and be a threat the enemy team has to be conscious of.


Murdock is a Ranger who relies on his basic attacks to deal high single target damage. Murdock's abilities offer different types of utility and allow him to lane safely.
Murdock may shoot slower than other Rangers but he hits like a truck. He can secure key pathways or control areas with his Static Trap. Buckshot deals damage in a cone and can be used to push objectives. If an enemy decides to jump him, Murdock can use his Shielding Shot to knock them back. Murdock's Ultimate, Devastating Blast, is a powerful laser that can hit enemies a lane away. It also passes through any enemy, object or terrain.
Use your Ultimate to pick off low-health targets, push enemies back or even support allies in a teamfight. Late game, approach fights carefully, analyze the threat and eliminate the enemy. Plan your attacks to get the upper hand on your enemy.


Muriel is a ranged support who uses her abilities to shield her allies. Her Ultimate allows her to fly to target ally allowing her to change the flow of battle.
Early game, she can shield her allies with Consecrated Ground to keep them alive or to deal AoE damage to enemies. Serenity allows her to slow down enemy Heroes. Muriel's greatest strength is her global map presence. Once she has her Ultimate, Reversal of Fortune, she can fly over to her team and swing the fight in her favor.
Late game, Muriel becomes a pure support Hero. Alacrity will speed up your allies to get in or out of combat. And make sure to layer your shields to keep your Damage Dealers alive.


Rampage is a high mobility melee Tank that operates best as a frontline. Rampage can engage enemies and just as it looks like he'll die, he can enrage to gain health and continue fighting.
A good Boulder Throw allows Rampage to stun an enemy Hero, allowing him and his team to finish him. Feral Roar will increase the distance he leaps with Pounce, which can help him catch up to his enemies. Rampage's Ultimate, Enrage, will give him bonus health, which will allow him to keep fighting.
Rampage becomes ridiculously tanky late game and because Enrage gives you bonus health, you'll be able to fight for long periods of time while your enemies waste their abilities on you and not your team.


Sevarog is a melee tank capable of stealing the souls of his enemies to make himself stronger. Sevarog can manipulate fights with different forms of Crowd Control and isolate targets.
Early game, he can start building Soul Stacks to grow stronger. Sevarog can use Siphon to last hit enemy minions and steal their souls. As he builds more stacks, he will increase the damage on Siphon which will allow him to kill minions faster. Phantom Rush is a short range dash that allows Sevarog to pass through units, which can be used to get out of bad situations or to initiate fights. Subjugate will root enemies at range and cause them to be slowed, allowing Sevarog to close the gap. He can then follow up with his Ultimate, Colossal Blow, to knock enemies away and even into your own towers.
Late game, Sevarog is a very strong frontline tank. Use your abilities to control the tempo of fights. If the enemy gets too close to your carries, use Colossal Blow to knock them away. You can also use your Ultimate to isolate an enemy, knocking them into your team and using Subjugate to keep them there.


Sparrow is a low mobility Ranger capable of becoming a high damange carry late game. Sparrow depends on her teammates for protection, while she devastates enemies with her attacks.
Sparrow can use Piercing Shot to harass enemies at range or drop Hail of Arrows to deal damage in an area. When engaging an enemy she can use Invigorate to fire arrows faster to burst down her target. Sparrow's Ultimate, Inner Fire, allows her to hit multiple targets by splitting her arrows into 3.
Sparrow has no escape abilities so positioning is key. Don't push too far forward without backup. In teamfights stay behind your tanks and combo Invigorate and Inner fire to swiftly annihalate the enemy team.


Steel is a melee tank who uses his shield to protect his allies. Steel can use his shield defensively to block incoming damage or offensively as a means of crowd control.
Steel can take a ton of punishment with his Shield Block. Force Shield slows down all enemies and gives Shield to all allies that pass through it. Charge knocks enemies back in the direction he is moving. His Ultimate, Shield Slam allows Steel to jump into a group of enemies and knock up all of them.
Late game your ability to lock enemies down is crucial. When initiating a fight, target the enemy damage dealers and don't forget, Force Shield blocks enemy projectiles.


Twinblast is a high mobility Ranger who uses his abilities to deal quick single target damage and reposition himself during a fight. Twinblast deals less damage than other Rangers but fires much faster.
Twinblast can push his enemies back with Grenade if they come too close. With his Rocket Dash he can engage, disengage or reposition yourself in a fight. Nitro increases Twinblast's attack speed making it easier to double tap targets down, while Twinblast's Ultimate, Barrage allows him to fire Rocket Salvos at his enemies dealing large amounts of burst damage.
Always position yourself to swiftly take out your target and Rocket Dash to keep yourself moving in battle.


Cards are a mechanic in Paragon which allow users to upgrade their heroes in-game. Players can bring a deck into a match, and then purchase these cards for use in-game with Amber. There are 6 slots for cards and some are unique to specific heroes.

Cards are divided in three types, the Equipment and the Upgrades and the Prime Helix. The Equipment cards are further divided to active and passive ones, and every character has six card slots to which can be equipped with combination of up to four active and up to six passive cards. The Upgrades are cards which are used to upgrade the Equipment cards, and they need to be assigned to Equipment cards beforehand in the Deck Builder. As player gains card points they can be activated. Each card has six slots for Upgrades which can be used, but only three of them can be activated during the match.

Equipped cards can be discarded during the gameplay, which makes card points previously spent on them available for spending on different card, but also makes discarded card unusable for the rest of the match. Players can earn up to 60 card points during the match. Each match players start with 3 card points and earn additional 3 with each card points level.

Each custom deck you create can hold a total of 40 cards, while a full set of 6 items with 3 upgrades each only uses 24 cards. This allows for flexibility in builds between games (such as by having cards you may only want in certain situations) or allows you to have early game cards that you take to gain an early advantage only to discard later in the game to replace with more powerful cards.

There are 3 types of cards you will see. Prime Helix, Equipment, and Upgrade type cards.

  1. The Prime Helix card is a special card that is activated when you complete a secondary objective. You can find this objective in the jungle.
  2. Equipment cards are your items. They fill the 6 cards slots that you have. These cards will give you small bonuses. To get more powerful, you have to upgrade them.
    • Most equipment cards will have 3 upgrade slots.
    • Most equipment cards will have a bonus passive for fully upgrading your card.
    • In addition, most but not all items without actives give statistics equal to 1 more card point (cp) than their cost when fully socketed with upgrades. For example: the starter card Windcarver Blade costs 3 cp and gives 7.6 physical damage and 6.5 attack speed as the base item. These each are worth 1 cp, for a total of 2. When you socket an upgrade into all 3 slots, you gain the "Fully Upgraded Bonus" of another 7.6 physical damage and 6.5 attack speed. Adding these 2 cp worth of stats to the 2 cp from the base item gives a total of 4 cp worth of stats for 3cp. For this reason, it is most efficient to complete your build with 6 items, averaging 10cp per slot, rather than simply running all 3 cost upgrades in 3 cost items which (at 12 per fully upgraded item) would only allow you to have 5 items with the maximum 60 cp.
  3. Upgrade cards are cards that contain a specific stat. You can only put an upgrade card into an equipment card if they share the same stats. e.g. A physical damage upgrade must can only be put on a equipment card that has physical damage.

There are different types of Equipment and Upgrade cards. Each one of these cards has an affinity: Universal, Corruption, Fury, Growth, Intellect, and Order.

  • Universal cards can be used by every hero.
  • All other types depend on whether or not the hero uses them. Heroes can use up to 2 different types or just 1, based on their affinity.
  • This does not affect the Prime Helix cards.

There are also different rarities of cards.

  • Starter
  • Common
  • Uncommon


Agora is the primary (and currently only) map for the game Paragon. It follows the traditional mirrored MOBA map layout, with 3 lanes leading down the map to each team's core. Each lane has 2 towers and an inhibitor for each side. In between the lanes is the Jungle, home to monster camps. The main objective of the game is to destroy the opponents towers and core. Minions from each team spawn from the core and move down each lane attacking the opponent and their structures continuously until the end of the game.



Q: Where can I find the Epic Games launcher to install Paragon?

A: You can download the launcher here from official site.


Q: Are Heroes free or do I need to buy them?

A: In Paragon, all Heroes, including all future Heroes, are unlocked and free to play. Each Hero has its own master challenge available for purchase.


Q: Can I upload video, stream, post screenshots, or talk about the game publicly?

A: Yes you can. GLHF!


Q: When will Paragon come out of Early Access?

A: Paragon will enter free Open Beta in Summer 2016


Q: What are boosts in Paragon?

A: There are two types of boosts in Paragon. XP and Reputation boosts double the XP and Reputation earned after playing a match. Boosts can be active by duration (1 or more days) and by victory (1 or more wins).


Q: Can cosmetics be earned?

A: Yes. Some cosmetics can be earned by playing, while others must be purchased.


Q: Can I play Paragon on PC with a controller?

A: Yes. The game supports Sony DualShock 4 and many other controllers on PC.


Q: What is a Founder’s pack?

A: A Founder’s Pack is a bundle that grants Early Access, additional cosmetic rewards, and boosts.


Q: Can I still play Paragon despite not having a Founder’s Pack?

A: It will be free access during upcoming Beta Weekends and once Open Beta begins this Summer.


Q: When are free Beta weekends and how can I participate?

A: Players who have signed up for the Beta by May 1 will be able to participate in our free Beta weekend that runs May 5 through May 8.


Q: Where can I link my PSN ID to my Epic account?

A: You can link your account here.


Q: Do I have to link my account to my Epic ID?

A: In order to enable cross progression, you must link your PSN account to your Epic ID. You can do that by visiting this link. If you don’t, you will not be able to carry across in-game progression or purchases and will lose the ability to do so later on.


Q: Will I need to be a PlayStation Plus member to play Paragon?

A: PlayStation Plus is not required to play Paragon online.


Q: I have a friend on PC, can I play with them even though I am on PS4?

A: Yes, crossplay is enabled. You will need to know their EpicID and send them an invite through the in-game Friends Tab.


Q: Will PS4 have full mouse + keyboard support?

A: Yes!


Q: How does Reputation work?

A: Reputation is earned from playing matches; it is Paragon’s “Time Based Currency.” It is used to unlock card packs, Master Challenges, and other items in the future.



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