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Legends of Aria

Legends of Aria is breaking away from the modern MMO conventions of levels, classes and quest grinds. Instead, the game returns to living virtual worlds where stories emerge naturally as players explore the worlds laid out before them. 









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Living Virtual World
The multiverse of Legends of Aria is built on a philosophy of creating living, breathing worlds. Unlike other games where quests are eternal, or special events can be relived again and again, Legends of Aria is a game in which actions have real consequences. You can talk with the NPCs about the latest gossip, hints for adventures, or about the weather. Walk away, and you might find them already moving on to visit the pub or talking with another NPC. Everything is in motion.

Coupling dynamic behavioral systems with real players and gods gives us incredibly rich opportunities for cause and effect. The egg you steal from a dragon today may be the reason she’s attacking a town you left behind tomorrow. In Legends of Aria, if a tree falls in the woods, we can prove it made a sound.

Open Ended Character Development
Most MMOs use a class based character development system. What happens in most MMOs when you realize 20 levels in that you don’t like playing the class you chose? Well either you start over from scratch, or you quit the game.

Legends of Aria removes these restrictions on character development by focusing on skills as the core aspect of character development. When you first create your character, you only have the basic knowledge of swinging a weapon. Learn new skills from a trainer in town, read a dusty tome found in the depths of a dark dungeon, or learn them from another player who has already mastered them.

Once you have learned the basics of a skill, you can begin to earn experience towards it by engaging in activities related to that skill. As you advance, new abilities will unlock.

There is a limit to how much skill one mortal can possess which forces you to specialize. Upon reaching your skill cap, you will need to deactivate certain skills in order to gain in others.


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