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DIZZEL is Neowiz’s new work based on the development of his other military games technology, experience and operation. Neowiz uses third-person perspective in DIZZEL instead of their traditional first-person shooter games, including "SF Online", "CROSS FIRE", "A.V.A". In the game, players can choose a shelter for latency to shoot their enemy or just join the close-combat mode. Every scene can be demonstrated as real fighting moves and you can pursue a clear perspective as you will. 

Dizzel has entered its first beta test and OGPlanet wants to make sure that players are unleashing their inner carnage and bloodlust in style. To celebrate its beta test, OGPlanet teams up with 2P.com to give away a Golden SG552 Assault Rifle that would make even James Bond jealous. So jump into this heart pumping, non-stop action thrill ride and equip some killer bling.

Golden Gun Description

  • Golden SG552 Assault Rifle– Manufactured by SIG, the 552 is regarded as the most accurate assault rifle amongst all mass produced models. Its renowned performance capabilities are recognized by many special operation forces around the globe.

Redemption Instructions:

  1. Register an account in www.2p.com.
  2.  "Like" 2P.com Facebook.
  3. Enter your email below
  4. Sign Up for your FREE OGPlanet account
  5. Download the Dizzel Installer
  6. Once Dizzelis installed, login to the game and create your character
  7. Go to Dizzel’sRedemption Pageand enter your coupon code
  8. Check your in-game “Storage” to add your items to your inventory

*Sign Up URL: https://id.ogplanet.com/affiliateRedirect.og?fp=promosignup&gid=28
* Download URL: https://id.ogplanet.com/affiliateRedirect.og?fp=download&gid=28
* Redemption Page URL: https://id.ogplanet.com/affiliateRedirect.og?fp=promotion&gid=28
* You must have a character in Dizzelto receive your items.
* Only one Pink Golden Gun SG552can be redeemed per OGPlanet account.
* All key codes will expire on September 20th, 2014.

Finally: Check your mailbox. Please note you will receive beta key in 1 hour after you enter your email address, and if you don't, contact us via com2p@outlook.com with the subject going "Dizzel Beta Key Request" and we will send the Beta Key to you manually. If you have any question about Dizzel or want to share your gameplay, please visit 2P Dizzel Forum.









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Dezzel - scene.jpg
Dezzel - shooting.jpg
Dezzel - characters.jpg
Dezzel - city.jpg
Dezzel - battle.jpg
Dezzel - aim.jpg
Dezzel - attack.jpg




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