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HeroWarz is new Action RPG with a Diablo like theme featuring a lot of unique playable characters. One of the cool features of HeroWarz Online is that you don't have to create a new name for other characters. If you ever get bored with playing your current character, you can simply bring up the character selection menu, then pick the new character you want to level up and play.









HeroWarz Screenshot
HeroWarz Screenshot
HeroWarz Screenshot
HeroWarz Screenshot
HeroWarz Screenshot
HeroWarz Screenshot
HeroWarz Screenshot
HeroWarz Screenshot
HeroWarz Screenshot
HeroWarz Screenshot
HeroWarz Screenshot
HeroWarz Screenshot
HeroWarz Screenshot
HeroWarz Screenshot
HeroWarz Screenshot
HeroWarz Screenshot
HeroWarz Screenshot
HeroWarz Screenshot
HeroWarz Screenshot
HeroWarz Screenshot
HeroWarz Screenshot
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HeroWarz CBT FAQs – Updated!

How do I register for HeroWarz?

New to KOG Games: Visit http://register.koggames.com/herowarz and create your KOG Games account there if you don't have one yet. Registration is currently open to the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. A successful account registration here means you're also signed up for a chance to participate in the closed beta testing (CBT).

Existing KOG Games Player: If you already have a KOG Games account (i.e. the one you use to play Elsword NA), you only need to enter your login credentials to sign up for CBT here: http://register.koggames.com/herowarz. Note that you must meet the location requirements to sign up for HeroWarz CBT. A successful sign-up, however, does not automatically qualify entry into CBT.

How can I join the HeroWarz closed beta testing (CBT)?

You can sign up for a chance to be randomly selected as a participant for the CBT at http://register.koggames.com/herowarz. The last day for CBT Sign Up is on May 15th, Sunday, until 11:59 PM PDT. Selections must also qualify according to location and other requirements. We will contact the qualified participants via email on May 17th. However, you can automatically qualify for the CBT by purchasing a Founder's Pack.

When will the CBT begin?

HeroWarz closed beta testing (CBT) begins May 18th, 2016 and ends on May 22nd, 2016 (11:59 PM PDT). The exact start time will be announced to participants via email.

When and where can I download the game for the CBT?

Downloads will be available at the start of CBT. More information regarding the download will be available soon.

Got a question? Ask us! Send us your question through our Game Support page.

The Story: A World at the Brink of Destruction

In the year 2016, our once peaceful world was thrown into chaos when a dream shifter materialized his violently catastrophic dreams into reality. A secretive organization bet on saving these extraordinary beings from their own torment found the vulnerable dream shifter, and sealed his power into a necklace. To prevent any further harm, the dream shifter set out to help the survivors of the catastrophe rebuild a new civilization upon the only land mass left; an island created by his dream… Ararat Island. Once the exodus to Ararat Island had settled, he set off on a journey, never to be seen again. Five hundred years later, a girl fated to have the same ability is born.

For the girl's 16th birthday, she is gifted a necklace found on the shores of Ararat Island… the very necklace that holds the power to end the world. While she slept that evening, sentience besets a dream manifestation that has become obsessed with his creator. He shatters the necklace, knowing that if she stays… she'll be his, forever. Fantasies from her dreams manifest into reality the moment the necklace shatters. The real and dream worlds become one, and she is consumed by the very dream world she created. With the remaining, shattered fragments of the necklace causing chaos throughout the world, powerful Heroes with special skills are called upon to help save it.

HeroWarz Official - PVP Trailer

PvP Mode: Arena TV

Compete in a thrilling battle of the strongest heroes! Venture into the 4vs4 MOBA mode with endless combinations and stand out among the best.


TOM - "The world depends on my pitch!?"

Tom is a long range damage dealer that uses his strong shoulders and athletic abilities to his advantage. You would think he would only throw his baseball at others, but he uses anything related to baseball…even his teammates.

HeroWarz Nickname Ace
Real Name Tommy Leigh
Gender Male
Age 16
Height 177cm
Weight 67kg
Blood Type B
Birthday August 7th

A genius pitcher who's had a terrible shoulder injury. He recovered and became a pitcher with more control rather than speed and power. Tom later meets Maya in a mirror and decides to become a hero to meet her again.

JERRY - "I'll tell you right now,  the next one will be a home run."

Jerry is a melee fighter born with great athletic ability. With much practice and training, she is well on her way to becoming a legendary slugger. Her classmates help her in battle at times.

HeroWarz Nickname Slugger
Real Name Jerry Tidwell
Gender Female
Age 16
Height 182cm
Weight 65kg
Blood Type O
Birthday January 17th

A childhood friend and rival of Tom. Jerry was put in a coma by the three bloody knives incident, but later awakens to become a baseball player.

RAMIREZ - "Burn to ashes!"

Ramirez likes to charge ahead and fight while surrounded by enemies. He is not afraid of taking hits and he becomes stronger when he is enraged. His flames bring fear to the enemies even if they outnumber him.

HeroWarz Nickname Nitro
Real Name Christian Ramirez
Gender Male
Age 19
Height 185cm
Weight 72kg
Blood Type O
Birthday April 4th

The hotheaded Ramirez relies on his instincts. When he becomes angry, he just charges head first and deals with the consequences later. He takes on the role of a hero after hearing Hermes say, "There are many people out there stronger than you." He becomes an investigator with X and solves mysterious crimes.

AUDREY - "Emotionless Killing Machine"

A cold fighting machine, Audrey aims straight for the enemy's heart with no hesitation. Wielding a variety of firearms, she is a good leader, often steering her team to victory.

HeroWarz Nickname Machine Gun
Real Name Audrey Reah Belova
Gender Female
Age 24
Height 172cm
Weight 48kg
Blood Type AB
Birthday November 18th

Audrey is a former soldier from the Metro area. She had always suppressed her emotions during her childhood, and to this day, she is unable to show sentiment. A very selfish person, Audrey would never sacrifice herself for others. She is a firearms expert with past experience as S.W.A.T member and a mercenary.

ETHAN - "As long as you're breathing, there's always hope."

Ethan uses a variety of rifle skills and upgrades the weapon to fit his fighting style. He always sees the bright side in the direst circumstances. Skilled in both melee and long range combat, he uses retro military gears in battle.

HeroWarz Nickname Private
Real Name Ethan Ho
Gender Male
Age 17
Height 183cm
Weight 80kg
Blood Type AB
Birthday June 1st

A soldier who was trained in Ararat Black City, Ethan gets transferred over to the Motherland due to an error with Sosotris's summoning ritual. He is skilled with bayonets, rifles, and pistols, and later becomes the Hero of Anti-Gry Alliance. He has the ability to stop any sound from escaping near him, which makes the battlefield around him stay completely silent from all the gun and cannon fires.

JACKDAW - "God, please forgive us…"

Jackdaw summons the shadows from the deep abyss and attacks his enemies. He slashes away at the nearby enemies with his Nevermore.

HeroWarz Nickname Jackdaw
Real Name Hermann Dichter
Gender Male
Age Early 30s
Height 186cm
Weight 77kg
Blood Type A
Birthday September 9th

Jackdaw is an agent of Brandish Apollo, but he lives his day-to-day as an owner of the book store called "The Crow's Nest." He meets Kei while stealing medicine for the poor and the sick, and they get eaten up by the shadow together. Jackdaw later reappears in Haven. He is also the closest to knowing the 3rd World's secrets.

HADES - "The evil Dragon Queen returns."

Hades widely swings her chains to deal damage in a large radius. She uses the spirits, succubus, and the Grim Reaper to do her bidding.

HeroWarz Nickname Grim Reaper
Real Name Hades
Gender Female
Age Unknown; Approximately 1,000 years old
Height 170cm
Weight 49kg
Blood Type None
Birthday Unknown

One of six gods of Motherland, a land created by Maya. Hades is the Goddess of Death and even other Gods fear her. There were times when Hades ruled the world and the humans called it the "Age of Death". She has the ability to bring the dead back to life, as well as the power to stop a heart with just her voice. She lived in silence for a long time as she hated hurting others with it. Even after becoming a hero, she lives by herself, surrounded only by her chains.

BI-GWANG - "A lady whose smile veils a tragic past."

Bi-Gwang is a gambling fighter that battles enemies by slamming down her cards. She slams and flips her cards, and uses her umbrella for transportation. She learns the teachings of the four sages and later becomes a sage herself.

HeroWarz Nickname 3GO
Real Name Bi-Gwang
Gender Female
Age 29
Height 174cm
Weight 55kg
Blood Type O
Birthday December 26th

A freelancing gambler from the Sacred Mountain. Bi-Gwang's family was ruined by an act of revenge, and she has since lived all alone in the world. She trains both her gambling and martial arts skills, and eventually becomes a kind hearted woman who looks after the abandoned players. Her warm smile, amazing body, and the umbrella on her shoulder are her most distinguishable features.

ARA - "Water fight?"

Ara is the princess of the sea. She fires her water gun, traps enemies inside a bubble, and summons sea creatures to battle.

HeroWarz Nickname Flow
Real Name Ara Rara
Gender Female
Age 10
Height 140cm
Weight 33kg
Blood Type A
Birthday July 22nd

The Princess of the sea, Ara became a hero when Hermes convinced her that her home could vanish at any moment. She was raised inside her Palace so she's always curious about everything that happens outside.

DERRICK - "One of three captains of Motherland, King of Duels."

Derrick is a close range fighter that uses his massive physique to overpower his enemies. He usually swings his fist or his shield to attack his enemies, but sometimes he throws himself at them to crush them.

HeroWarz Nickname Heavy Metal
Real Name Derrick Jeter
Gender Male
Age 33
Height 210cm
Weight 140kg
Blood Type A
Birthday November 13th

A former top gladiator of Motherland. Some say Derrick is the strongest gladiator that has ever existed in a thousand years. He used to wield his sword and shield, but his tendons were severed after disobeying Gry. He now just uses his brute strength to overpower his enemies.

B -"Drugs... I need drugs to ease this pain..."

B used to be a lowly swordsman until an incident that made a special type of blood flow within him, earning him the title of "B". He is always in pain so he does not care for being hurt. B fights without hesitation and can sometimes make his sword longer to hit an enemy at a distance.

HeroWarz Nickname Blade
Real Name James Reese
Gender Male
Age 19
Height 175cm
Weight 60kg
Blood Type B RH- / Before the incident
Birthday July 12th

A boy that lives off painkillers. B was the lowest rank of Brandish, and was killed as a bait to hunt a beast. The existing poison running in his veins and the beast's poison collide, causing a chemical reaction. This incident makes his blood orange and gives him unlimited power. He later joins a secret organization and fights "B" who was their strongest and defeats him to claim the title of "B" for himself.

MARY - "One hug from me and you're dead."

Mary's combat style is unique as she always disables the enemy's arm, neck, or shoulders. She uses her wrestling skills to hold, throw, and even punch to break their bones.

HeroWarz Nickname The Farmer's Daughter
Real Name Marian Porter
Gender Female
Age 21
Height 165cm
Weight 46kg
Blood Type O
Birthday September 1st

A bright and positive student. Mary was raised in the Metro slums but that never deterred her from being optimistic. Spending her nights by bringing criminals to justice, she always sought to become the light of those who live in the slums.

HWARAN - "Time merchant from the East Sea."

Hwaran attacks her enemies by summoning fires with her fan. Who would have thought someone so cute could have so many frightening friends?

HeroWarz Nickname Fire Fox
Real Name Hwaran
Gender Female
Age 16
Height 169cm
Weight 47kg
Blood Type Unknown. Her blood melts the syringe.
Birthday February 4th

Hwaran is a priestess from the south eastern zone of the White Cloud Mountain region. Since she became a priestess, she has been able to talk to ghosts and spirits. She had been going about her day helping others until she made it rain fire and burned the southern fields. She later receives the title "Priestess of the East" and she's been wandering around ever since.

AGNE - "A genius swordsman with a blank mind."

Nagne uses a long sword to perform short but wide ranged attacks.

HeroWarz Nickname ASDF
Real Name Unknown, he was abandoned as a kid
Gender Male
Age Unknown; Approximately 20 years old.
Height 184cm
Weight 72kg
Blood Type Unknown
Birthday Unknown, but could be winter.

Age, name, birthday... nearly everything is unknown about Nagne. He's been suffering a mental illness since childhood, when his head was injured. He was raised as a killing machine in his teens and later joins Bi-Gwang to work as a freelancer. He likes instant noodles and chocolate.

MAC -"Do you see that monkey over there?"

Mac is an assassin that has quick speed and delivers a critical blow by striking opponents where they least expect it. In close range he uses the art of gun Kata, and in midrange utilizes his impressive shooting abilities.

HeroWarz Nickname Johnny Walker
Real Name Steve McManaman
Gender Male
Age 26
Height 180cm
Weight 69kg
Blood Type B
Birthday January 8th

A former White Sharks killer. Mac's extensive experience as a killer gave him some heightened senses for detecting danger and spotting the enemy's weak points. He's a serious alcoholic but he still manages to survive while under the influence. Nowadays, he sometimes hesitates to hurt someone because of his past sins.



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