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Tower of Ascension

Tower of Ascension

Area: US

Publisher: Gravity

Official site:  http://www.warpportal.com/mobile/towerofascension/event.aspx

Status: Released

CB date:

OB date:

Fee: F2P



42 players plan to play

23 players are playing

2 players have played

Tower of Ascension is a free to play action MMORPG exclusive to the iOS that utilizes the Unreal Engine 3. Players will travel exotic worlds in the quest to become an Immortal and scale the Tower of Ascension. The game features three character classes - warrior, wizard, and hunter - each with a skill tree system and powerful finishers. Battles are designed to be quick for solo play and multi-player match-ups, with simple, friendly controls for mobile users.

Class Guide Overview: Warrior | Wizard | Hunter
Basic Tutorial | Interface | Item | Skills Analysis
1-5 Dungeon Guide

Tower of Ascension: Daily Tips


iOS, Fantasy, ARPG, MMORPG, Gravity, Unreal 3, iOS MMO

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