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Guns of Icarus Online

Guns of Icarus Online is a steampunk/dieselpunk, multiplayer, first-person shooter that focuses on airship combat. Each airship is controlled by up to four players, with each member of the crew taking a specific role. Players can choose three different classes: gunner, engineer or pilot, which will allow them access to different kinds of tools. The captain of each ship chooses which weapons to use in his/her ship









Guns of Icarus Online Screenshot
Guns of Icarus Online Screenshot
Guns of Icarus Online Screenshot
Guns of Icarus Online Screenshot
Guns of Icarus Online Screenshot
Guns of Icarus Online Screenshot
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Guns Of Icarus Online - origional design.jpg
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Guns Of Icarus Online - airship.jpg
Guns Of Icarus Online -sunset.jpg
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Guns of Icarus: Alliance

Guns of Icarus Alliance is a truly cooperative experience where you and your friends fight against AI controlled enemies. A single pilot can adventure alone. Two to four friends can crew a single ship, or up to 16 players in 4 airships can unite in their battle for the wasteland, completing objectives in all new PvE/Co-op game modes.

Defending your base, securing cargo, and assaulting strongholds will be met with heavy resistance. Enemies will fight back based on a dynamic tension systems that will keep the battle tough and exciting.

Since Alliance is Player vs. Environment, you just need to grab your friends and go. You’ll quickly find yourself fending off waves of aeroplanes, airships, and even massive boss ships! Choose a faction to join and unlock their special costumes, weapons, and airships; but most importantly, to move your faction one step closer to their ultimate goal and reshape the world of Guns of Icarus.



  • Player vs. AI—1 ship to 4 ships = 1 to 16 players.
  • Entirely new game modes focused on objective, teamwork oriented goals.
  • Unique enemy types that includes, brawlers, snipers, aeroplanes, and huge terrifying boss ships.
  • New maps teeming with danger.
  • New ships and weapons designed with large scale combat in mind.
  • Intelligent AI that adjusts to your skill level.
  • Player skill upgrades and progression, including new tools for the engineer class.
  • Joinable factions that can influence the events of the world.
  • Permanent player driven game history that changes the story of the world.



New Faction Ships

(From left to right)

  • Anglean Corsair - Anglean Republic battleship with powerful broadside guns, robust hull, and layout that tests engineer's platforming skills.
  • Chaladonian Shrike - Heavy armament on a small frame, the ship is highly maneuverable but more fragile.

(From left to right)

  • Fjord Baronies Crusader - An unique ship that rewards an well oiled crew to maximize pain by going and forth from starboard to port.
  • Mercantile Magnate - A maneuverable ship designed for fire coverage on all sides. Nothing can flank this ship.


New Weapons

(From left to right)

  • Charybdis Gas Mortar - Creates cover and disables enemies in corrosive gas.
  • Heyoka Guided Missiles - The closest a weapon comes to a spectacle in the skies. The erratic path of the missiles is designed to deceive.


(From left to right)

  • Apollo Lens Array - If trained on an enemy continuously, the concentrated light beam would amplify and roast the enemy to a crisp.
  • Zeus Weaponized Coil - Tesla weapon inflicting more damage the larger the charge. Its bolts hit a primary target then ripples on, clearing the sky of planes.


New Maps

6 new maps are already complete, with objectives such as running down cargo, defending giant bases, and raiding enemy outposts and strongholds.


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