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Developed by X-Legend, creators of perennial fan-favorites Eden Eternal and Grand Fantasia, Aura Kingdom promises an unparalleled journey illustrated in a rich, gorgeous anime art style.
Players in Aura Kingdom will encounter unique interactive companions that play an integral role in their journey. Far more than simple pets, these companions grow more formidable over the course of the game and gain powerful combat abilities—including joining with the player to initiate spectacular combo attacks. The companions can also go on errands and retain memories of all their adventures, frequently conversing with the player about their past exploits and battles.

Customization is also a major focus of Aura Kingdom, particularly when it comes to player abilities. Players initially choose from one of the eight classes available, but along the way they are able to select a secondary weapon normally wielded by one of the remaining classes. They can also freely choose which skills to power up to suit their play style, and are encouraged to change those skills around frequently in order to meet any challenge they face.

State of the Kingdom (with GM Obspho) Episode 1 -- An Aura Kingdom Podcast

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Exclusive Interview
2P Ak Stream
Interview: From Art to Combat
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Aura Kingdom - NPC design
Aura Kingdom - fairy
Aura Kingdom - goblin
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Aura Kingdom - Mysterious Markings.jpg
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Aura Kingdom - Heroes
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