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ELOA Online (Elite Lord of Alliance online) is a Korean 3D Action MMORPG with main purpose of online intense fighting between players and guild members.

In order to promote the player’s growth, ELOA Online offers a variety of perspectives to players who can choose the right one according to their personal habits. That means they can play both using mouse or keyboard.  In addition, to help Newbies or beginners fast get started on the game, the developers come up with the ideas that players are able to borrow other player’s characters to join the newbie’s rank. This borrowing service is free of charge and you can use your borrowed characters to do everything you want to do. What is even moer, players can rent the other player’s characters via the game store. This feature will come in an unprecedented way.










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  • Experience exciting and thrilling action combat mechanics.
  • Classic point & click as well as pure keyboard action controls can used in order to satisfy both old and new school players.
  • Easy and simple controls combined with multiple camera angles allow you to enjoy the game the way you want.
  • No race or gender locks will allow you to design and play any class without having imposed restrictions.
  • Venture through a gorgeous wide open world of towns, fields, dungeons and raids.
  • Never be bored again with our class system which allows you to carry 3 different weapons (battle styles/skills) per class at all time.
  • Get rewarded for discovering and hunting enemies through the Monster Encyclopedia and confuse enemies by disguising yourself as one of them.
  • Collect, level and combine pets which can also become mounts and be your travel companions.
  • Complete hundreds of available achievements in all kinds of mischievous adventures and get hefty rewards for each one of them.
  • Unlock powerful and special skills by becoming an Elite Lord.
  • Show your tactical fighting and strategic thinking skills in the Battlefields against other challengers.


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